Knowing this, it is not difficult to decorate the tiles.

It’s a pleasure to buy a new house, but it’s very tiring when it comes to decoration. It’s hard to get a lot of people to choose a single tile, not to mention the wide variety of tiles, so many brands are enough to cause headaches. So what kind of tiles should I choose to best meet my needs?

First of all, starting from the category, although the tiles look almost the same, the different types of tiles have different functions, uses and visual effects.

1 Polished brick

Polished brick is a kind of bright brick which has been polished by the surface of the whole body brick. After the oozing technique, it also has various imitation stone and imitation wood grain effect.

Features: Hard, wearable, bright

Applicable space: Living room, washroom, kitchen, balcony, exterior decoration

2 Glazed brick

The glazed tile is the tile whose surface is treated by glazing at high temperature and high pressure.

Features: Anti-seepage, anti-slip, anti-dirty, easy to clean, wear-resistant, slightly worse than polished tiles, rich in color patterns, and many specifications

Applicable space: Kitchen, bathroom

3 Vitrified brick

Vitrified brick is a kind of bright brick which is polished by the surface of the whole body brick. It is different from the polished brick in water absorption. The ceramic tiles with water absorption less than 0.5% are called vitrified bricks. A rate of less than 0.5% is also a vitrified brick.

Features: Wear-resistant, anti-seepage, bright, anti-folding, stable performance, acid and alkali resistance, small color difference

Applicable space: Living room, door court

4 Wood grain brick

Wood grain brick refers to the brick with natural wood texture on the surface, divided into original edge and hardcover edge.

Features: Long service life, no fading, abrasion resistance, easy to lay

Applicable space: Living room, balcony, outdoor

5 Antique tile

Antique brick refers to the glazed porcelain brick made of antique effect, also called retro brick, with slate and rock texture as the main.

Features: Absorbs condensed water vapor, slips, and wears

Applicable space: Living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The function determines the purpose, and the function of the tile is different for different space requirements, so when selecting the tile, it is necessary to match the tile according to the space used. The living room has high requirements for wear resistance and dirt resistance. Polished bricks, antique bricks and wood grain bricks are all good choices. On the one hand, it has a long service life, on the other hand, it is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance work. More glazed tiles or antique bricks are used in kitchen and bathroom, which are more resistant to dirt and slip. The balcony can be made of wood grain, which is not easy to fade and has a long service life.

After talking about the types and their functional characteristics, but there are so many brands in the market, how to choose? Let’s review the products and features of several major brands.

1 Marco Polo: Mark Polo now takes a single route, focusing on antique bricks, and the product price and quality are relatively stable.

2 Simple one: At present, it is also focused on one product, but unlike Marco Polo, Jane is doing marble tiles, and the price of the products is relatively high.

3 Crown beads: New Pearl covers a large number of products, including almost all categories, such as polished tiles, antique bricks, microcrystalline stone, etc., but its price is relatively high, the advantage is not big.

4 , Mei Tao: More strengths are in polished tiles and interior wall tiles, but the price of microcrystalline stone and full throwing pomelo is relatively poor.

5 Mona Lisa: Its emphasis is on glazed tiles, which are more diverse in color, but the cost performance is more general.

6 Dongpeng: Dongpeng is the opposite of Jane and Marco Polo. It takes the whole family to install the route. In addition to the polished tiles that have been at the forefront of the industry, the tile products also cover: marble tiles, antique tiles, imitation wood, and vitrified tiles. Wood floors, walls and bathrooms have also been introduced. Not only products are diverse, but also the quality and stability of the products are always higher than other manufacturers.

to sum up:

Regardless of the performance of the tile itself or the brand, different products have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before understanding the different tiles and brand characteristics, we can better purchase according to their own needs and decorative style. Nowadays, the network is so advanced. Many tile brands also have online stores. Even big brands such as Dongpeng and Marco Polo have promoted the O2O practice. They set up an experience store in the store and use space decoration to show the effect of the product. Tiles are more intuitive.