Laogangwei officially left, and together with a TVB drama, “Heartstorm” can’t go back.

“Heartstorm” is an inseparable memory of childhood. Seeing that they are too loud and slap, this is the correct way to open the TVB family drama. After selling abalone and moon cakes, today, this group of people began to sell milk tea.

The name of “Heartstorm 3” is very rude. Unlike the second part, which is called “Home Moon”, it directly hits the name of the classic sequel. Inheriting the previous TVB style, retaining most of the actor, “Heartstorm 3” officially launched.

From the style point of view, it is not much different from the past two, or the emotional entanglement of the group, but also the tearing method of the taste. In contrast, the carrier of the tea and tea restaurant adds more to the drama. More Hong Kong flavor. However, after 10 episodes, many TVB fans began to have some disappointment with the “Heartstorm”. The tearing is too dull, the lines are too old, and even the emotional disputes are nothing new. This seems to have nothing to do with the “heart storm” that once clashed.

The “heart storm” without tears is incomplete.

The most disappointing thing to say is the dull quarrel in the “Heartstorm 3”.

When I think about the first and second parts, the verbal quarrels are commonplace, the three episodes are a big tear, the aunt tears the little mother, and the hands can’t move, and the palms directly face the face, especially “Home Good Moon” Zhong Guanjuying The play of the sa姨 finally beaten Xu Zishan played Jiamei is simply a classic, the light can see the noise of the screen through the picture.

Although each episode is noisy, but the plot is still a pleasure, just a small abalone shop and moon cake shop, can be derived from the contradictions and disputes in Hong Kong families.

In “Heartstorm 3”, Huang Yongzheng, played by Xia Yu, is called Dad, and is also responsible for the whole drama. Ling Liying (Li Siqi) is called the fire sister. Although his temper is hot, he is still suffocated at the crucial time. I am calmly talking about things.

In contrast to the “Milk Tea King” family, it is the Hong Kong family of Xu family who has been doing British black tea business. The arrogant Alan (Li Guolin) and Emilia (Mi Xueshi) are in a tit-for-tat relationship with Huang Jia. dislike; despise.

The two families who had conflicts due to their origins had originally expected that there would be one after another, and all the tears would return to peace. Only the two brothers and sisters played by Guan Juying and Yan Zhaoxiang reappeared. Did not stop, the whole face was disgusted.

“Why do you come up with the merger? It is to save you! We are saving you!”

The fire sister couldn’t help but came up with two sentences. “You have sprayed a lot of brand-name perfumes on your body, and you can’t cover your stinky mouth.”

Looking at it this way, the picture that is completely in direct contact with the first and second parts is completely out of a dimension.

After the tears, the “Heartstorm” is like a lost soul. The rhythm is slow, and the reason for each argument is meaningless. What the audience wants to see is the painful tears. It’s not hello. Hello, everyone’s good, all are happy.

The era of “having money can do whatever you want” is gone forever

Compared to the important tearing plot, “Heartstorm 3” is even more disappointing and full of rotten and clichés.

As a co-production drama between TVB and the mainland, although Liu Jiahao still serves as the producer of the drama, the lines of “Heartstorm 3” seem to be more in the smile of the mainland audience, adding the “national quintessence” and “25,000 miles long march” “The power of the wild,” but the loss of the original Hong Kong-style humor, “the rich can really do what you want” is no longer a classic.

The only soul laugh of the whole drama is no longer Guan Xiying and Yan Zhaoxiang, but to Huang Zongze. Huang Zongze’s performance of Ajiu is not only romantic but also eager to exaggerate. What he said is a cynical look, which can be said to be invincible.

“Don’t be a male dog, don’t push forward.”

“Not active, no rejection, no responsibility”

“You don’t want to eat your face again, you have to rot Smecta”

If it wasn’t for Huang Zongze’s efforts to pretend that his mouth was very embarrassing, there might be no classic lines in the whole drama.

Even in the “Family Good Moon”, Li Siqi played the most classic sentence of “There is no need to be afraid, the mother is in the hall”, and it was replaced by “Fire Lady in the Hall” in “Heartstorm 3”. I heard that TVB is in the memory of classics, but in fact it is constantly “fried cold rice”, no new ideas.

The official departure of Laogangwei also made countless fans who were expecting the rise of TVB lose their confidence. They no longer struggled with the “Heartstorm 3” in the small family, and they danced so much in the social pattern. Although he abandoned the piecemeal love and hate, he focused on the class disparity between the two families.

The Xu family looked down on the teahouses that were developed by the tea restaurant. Although they also lived in luxury mountain villas, they also drove luxury cars. They also operated large listed companies, but in the hearts of the Xu family, the winners were honored. The concept of hierarchy still exists, even if they are sitting in Jinshan, they are also uncultured and uncultivated.

Xu’s arrogance is also the epitome of Hong Kong’s self-sufficiency. The failure of Xu’s entry into the Mainland is a mockery, coupled with the form of two quarrels to highlight social contradictions, which can be regarded as a new breakthrough in TVB’s intention. .

However, such a setting does not fundamentally change the discomfort caused by the details. Each of their quarrels is entangled in the high quality culture, or who is richer, and to a certain extent, the important part of “tearing” Become boring.

If the audience wants to see the times change, why not go to the earlier dramas such as Genesis and Giant Wheel?

What the audience wants is to release the pressure of resentment and resentment. It is a painful and rapid tear, not to lose the core family culture from Hong Kong.

The first episode of “The Heart of the Storm 3” was only two words, disappointing.

There are so many problems, but many fans still say that they will continue to pursue “Heartstorm 3”. Not only is Huang Zongze and Wang Haoxin who are struggling to hold their smiles, but also not only the long-awaited tears, but also the complex that TVB can’t afford.