Laser myopia surgery for the whole process, real experience

Hello everyone, I am Sara, I am very honored to share the whole process of surgery and precautions on the 6th day after I finished myopia surgery.

The first is the choice of the hospital. I am from Xi’an, so I chose the more famous top three hospitals as follows, specifically the check made at No. 7.19 in 2017.

Before going to the hospital, you need to go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination. Generally, you must first register the number, then do a hospital card, recharge, so that if the inspection fee or medical expenses can be swiped directly, it is convenient to queue up everywhere. Registered words are the refractive department under the ophthalmology This piece must not be mistaken. It is the three-story single-family building in the right hand of the fourth hospital. After a series of inspections, if the indicators meet the requirements, laser surgery can be performed. If the principle is not clear, As well as the precautions, the following WeChat public account can check the specific things.

Through the above WeChat public account, you can basically meet the various questions of the average person.

I probably looked at it, regardless of the 3,721, I made an appointment for the operation of 2017.07.25. The price chosen is 12000 for both eyes. In fact, I don’t know the specific difference of these prices. Generally, the doctor will tell you when it is finished. Which position to do, I check the thickness of the cornea is medium and thick, so 9600 and 12000 can do it, see your choice, the doctor said that 12000 is personalized according to their own eyes, the technology is Half-flight seconds (completely do not understand, although the university is a physics major, Tianshu…), my left eye is about 400 degrees, and the right eye is about 550 degrees. After the appointment is finished, look at the precautions before surgery, and then match two Eye drops, dripping before surgery, about thirty dollars

It is best to arrive before 7:00 on the day of surgery. If you drive, it must be around 6:30, because the four hospitals are too hot. If it is late, you will find that all the parking spaces are gone, or the parking spaces that are difficult to stop, potholes, one hour five. From the block to the six-block parking fee, the fourth hospital is the surgery day every Tuesday and Friday. The operation time is from 8:00 to 12:00. Basically, the individual is finished. At the beginning, the nose is covered with disinfectant. Then decided not to use the manual face to prevent surgical infection, and then to the eye with the instrument injection of anesthetic, there will be about 20 seconds of time need to eyes wide, eyeballs can not move, which is about ten seconds is not visible but can not move I said that there is no pain, but I feel that I feel zezezeze, a bit thorny, but it can be tolerated. The next step is to wait for about half an hour to go in for surgery. At the time of surgery, the eyeballs are always staring at it. The green aperture, about ten seconds, can’t move. At this time, I heard the sound of the knife rubbing and turning. The thief is terrible, the sound is very loud, but there is no feeling at all. After a second, I can smell a burning smell, that is, the laser thins the retina, the whole process is painless, but it is still the feeling of the chainsaw, but now it is still a feeling of fear, and,,,,, the whole operation The process will take a minute to two minutes, just go out and drop the eye drops, then take a break and send a sunglasses to leave.

The whole sunglasses who wear a feeling of blindness hahahaha, a row of people with sunglasses will go home, this day can be lying in bed, it is best not to blink your eyes, the day after the surgery does not know how others, my eyes A little bit of pain, foreign body sensation is very serious, I always feel that there is something slag eyelids, always keep tears, but did not dare to wipe with a paper towel, but after sleeping, the next day is completely good, vision has also recovered to about 1.2, I went to the next day to review it. I didn’t have any big problems. I opened two eye drops, about 65 RMB.

Today is the sixth day of surgery. Everything about the eyes is normal. If you use your eyes for a long time, you will feel a little foreign body sensation. So you should pay attention to your eyes. Go back to the next Wednesday and rebuild it. It will continue to update~~

Finally remind the majority of friends who want to do myopia:

1. Don’t choose to take a winter vacation to do it. My time is just a bunch of 95,99 after the summer vacation. I am a 26-year-old aunt, plus last week was really hot,

2, must go early, parking is really difficult to find,

3, practice the eyeballs in advance, try to keep the eyeballs for 20 seconds or so.

4, adjust the mentality, must take the family to go, because it is a little dizzy when coming out, a little can not see clearly

5, if it is not myopia, the baby must start to pay attention to protect the eyes, don’t always stare at the mobile computer, and, must not,,,,, must not,,, important things, say three times, wear The eyes are really really troublesome,,,