[Laughing live night talk] Xiaozie sister role (on)

This article is pure fart, please be sure to read when you are unconscious, and thank the fans of the group to provide valuable advice and ideas for this article ()

Today we are going to talk about my sister.
The reason why I suddenly started thinking about my sister at a time when I should sleep is not because I just looked at strange pictures and thought about it, but because – as I all know, in China, more than half of the university dorms, one likes to be quiet. People are unable to close their eyes before 1:30 in the morning.
Although it sounds like I am losing my temper (I think it is more interesting to describe it here with Tsundere), but today I also discussed the issue of my sister in the group during the day. If it is not for my generation, I can’t get it. Time to write this unintelligible article, so, be happy, human!
1 busty sister and poor sister
Going back to our topic, this afternoon, the discussion about my sister started with a question:
“If you remove the sister attribute of the sister role, then what is left.”
Do you see the problem clearly? Then announce the correct answer here: “Nothing is left.” Yes, my sister is nothing but her sister. Most of her attachments to her sister may include [housework omnipotence] [brother control] [love spoiled] Wait, but in fact in the light novels (not even mentioning the whole second element here) there are many homes, sisters, Lily sisters, and proud sisters.
Yes, the sister attribute is a basket, everything is loaded inside, even if it is a robot, or a tentacle (!) can also become a sister, looking at the role of the sister attribute in the entire light novel industry, you will find that they are scattered in Almost all of the attributes – from the conventional qi three no black long straight golden hair double ponytail big breasts poor milk big ass super power magician high school students home. Even in history, there have been older sisters older than the male lead! (You are not mistaken)
So many attributes can be absorbed by the role of “sister”, in other words, “sister” as the most important trait of a character, all other labels are like chocolate crumbs on the cream cake, no shake for the subject of the character Ability, as long as the sister is mentioned, most readers can understand her position. This has nothing to do with the role itself. It is like crossing the novel with dnd as the world base, just like a slime jumping out of the middle of the road. When people see Slime, they will think “ah, it is slime”, and when they see their sister, they will think “hey, it is a younger sister”, except for the works outside Fushimi, this is probably the case.
In general, if you want to discuss the sister group, it is impossible to take off the sister’s attribute. After the sister is excluded, everything is just empty talk. Not the sister’s sisters are nothing, the rest is just a group of cute women. The child is gone. The reason why we are excited about our sister is to remove the feeling of being a back-to-back (what is that thing?) or to break the taboo’s pleasure – and because the sister itself is very cute. Appearance may be the only common element of a full-secondary sister, and then it is said again – who is not.
2 party fights sister and invisible sister
Then some friends may have doubts. The number of hands-on works is not the number of hands. Why do you just bring Fushimi to come up, I am afraid that there is no such thing as a tout. This is not the case. It is better to say that I have never seen a sister at all (no, this is a lie)
Generally speaking, when it comes to “sister-controlled novels”, many people will come up with “Sisters” to say things, but what is interesting is that before the “Sisters”, the mainstream of the sisters in the industry is “Girls” and “Sisters”. Chinese characters, “popular sister”, “Kana sister” and even “super girl war”, this strange setting + a few female characters, and after the sister, the novel with the theme of the sister is actually less, except for the recent ” Sister, non-girl, “Fruit Girl”, “Huang Man”, “New Girl Devil”, and the stranger “Sister and the Day” “Sister Killer’s Home Delivery”… Nothing?
(*The two cohabitation plans of Fifty Fathoms are not sister-controlled, for similar reasons. “Don’t call my brother” is not)
Some friends can’t sit still, “I want you to be my brother!” Was it ignored by you? Regarding this issue, I am not able to confidently comment on the industry, but – from another perspective, “five beautiful girls earning their own sisters” and “opening a five-person harem” is also Not far from each other, it’s like the scorpion in “The Love Comedy of Scorpion and Me” (how is you, Suzuki Daisuke, your sister) is indeed the actor of the actor, but the reader will not notice this. This is an example of chocolate chipping over the cream cake. The sister attribute has turned into a restriction. There are many similar examples. The most obvious one is “Sister” – because it is a sister, it is impossible to get married, obviously it is brought The work of the illusion of the dead house is very realistic.
If the sister attribute itself is an unfavorable factor in its participation in the party struggle, then it will also bring some innate advantages – the blood-connected relationship, the common memories, and the … brother control attributes. This is what God said, and everyone can take notes and use them later.
Going back to the very beginning, I said that after “Sisters”, surprisingly, the light novels of the sister-controlled theme have become less – but this does not mean that the role of the sister system has become less, the author of the light novel They found a sister’s benchmark → arrogant, omnipotent, brother control. Light novel readers have discovered a new fantasy object.
So I started, from the time I first touched the light novel, I started already, from “You Shao” to “Bendan” to “Student Union”, to “dxd”, “Magic”, “Spring Festival”, “ngnl”, countless sisters There are endless streams, these are works that everyone knows. In the last three years, they have been translated (that means they can at least see). There are more and more works in the unattended work, super powers and wisdom, campus Love is also good, the club activities are to join a sister, as if the sister has become the standard of the male lead, this is really enviable… I mean, really silent for those sisters.
I am not arguing for those sisters who have become backgrounds. I just want to tell you that my sister has invaded the whole world of light novels without knowing it. They are just around the corner, just around the corner!

– The jokes are set aside, and the sisters who are the “affiliates of the protagonist” are appearing more and more, subtly, “sister” has changed from a character to a symbol, in some works, the sister Not as a living person, and the audience only needs her to sell a cute, healing, and nothing more.
Summarize the central idea of ​​this paragraph in one sentence: friends who bought shares than Qiuguomachi can jump off the building.

3 older sisters and sisters of the year
This is not to say that the book “Wake up my sister is bigger than me”, but to talk about the role of the sister’s role, such as guiding nature and purely selling those, but because I am too sleepy, so let’s go. If you have time, continue to write about the evolution of your sister, but the probability is awkward (there is no such thing as being blown up anyway, tactfully I deleted the client in an instant)

Ok, now your next sentence is “I have a sister, my sister is not as good as I thought!”