Let me hate and hate the iPhone 7 design

Interests: This article contains a strong subjective color, the author only as an ordinary user to state the intuitive feeling.

As announced at the September 8th conference, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are more refined and include a surround wrap speaker. Performance continues to double, dust and water are sure to be as good as the show, and the new Inductive Home button is always looking forward to the results. Not to mention the 12 million wide-angle dual camera and brighter screen colors. The new jet black piano black is also a bright color released this time.

Thanks to the closed nature of IOS, the system update of the past generations can be quite “targeted”, and this time IOS 10 is no exception.

One of the most exciting things for the author is the more humane map changes. Compared to before, the convenience of the map has been greatly improved.

The achievements in industrial technology are remarkable and obvious to all.

However, in the eyes of the author, it is difficult to say optimism in other aspects.

The long-awaited dual camera appeared on the 7 plus. However, under the official website “this is 7.”, the picture is not 7 but 7 plus. Because of the 4.7-inch iPhone7 continues the traditional single camera.

In other words, don’t want to buy plus to experience the charm of the dual camera, sorry, no, no money.

Technically speaking, dual camera technology on the iPhone7 is not difficult to achieve, and Apple does not give users the opportunity to choose, the so-called “either big, or single” violence logic.

As can be seen from the 5.2-inch Huawei P9 official map, the left side of Huawei’s single-sided dual camera still has a lot of space. Compared with setting a dual camera on a 4.7-inch mobile phone, it will not be too difficult on the cable, even if there are other Technical issues are not too difficult for Apple.

Compared to the 6 plus, the iPhone 6 has less optical image stabilization on the camera. This time the iPhone 7 is less than the 7 plus. The same lens has a wide angle on the 7 plus and is equipped with a telephoto lens.

In other words, the iPhone 7 has not yet started running on the imaging, it has already lost to the main product 7 plus, can only show off the optical anti-shake with 6 s, almost equal to the 6 s plus. If you wait a year, then it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to buy plus.

Making choices for the user is a tradition that Apple continued in the Steve Jobs era. However, when you can’t make the best choice for the user, or if you have compromised the market to make two sizes of mobile phones, why should you position the same? iPhone7 placed in such awkward situation.

As a small screen mobile phone control, I feel the deep maliciousness of the world.

“If you want to buy a big screen when you are tall, I will tell you clearly that the big screen is justice.” Apple said.

“Does this give people a feeling of imposing?” The author raised his hand and asked.

“I don’t mean you want to spend more money to buy plus, you guys, don’t listen to the wind is rain, always want to engage…”

In fact, the dual camera is not necessarily suitable for everyone. In fact, the author believes that the dual camera is unacceptable to the overall destruction of the back of the phone. But as a regular user, I still hope that I can choose the right to portable at the same time.

At the crossroads of technology and humanity, in my opinion, Apple chose technology after all, leaving a tombstone standing alone.

Let’s talk about this new product: wireless headphones.

I still remember the three legends that Steve Jobs published many years ago: oneiPod, a mobile phone, an internet communication device.

At that time Jobs said:

“They are no longer three separate devices.”

“They will be one”

“We call it the iPhone.”

At that time, Jobs proved to everyone that he changed the world.

After a long time, the iPhone finally changed the world again and turned into three separate devices: a mobile phone, a headphone charger, a left earphone, and a right earphone.

You said that I should be four wrong? I am right, don’t believe that you will buy it back, and after a week of touching the pocket, you have a few left.

That’s right, a Bluetooth headset with no fixed and non-slip, in “find”Before the sale of my pods” app, looking for headphones on the ground will become a new sport.

You ask me “findWhy is my pods” available for sale? Friends, the previous headphones are also equipped with a conscience for each machine. Now a pair of children 159The dollar’s Bluetooth headset, the price is not so fixed.

Do you say that you have a headset? Well, share the interface with the power cord and grow the ear on the mouth.

Moreover, when the battery life is only five hours, the charging cannot be compressed to the technical level within five minutes, forcibly canceling 3.5.The mm headphone jack can be said to be an impulse. For ordinary users (of course, first of all), even if the performance of the battery is OK, it will inevitably lead to unnecessary trouble. If there is a special situation, how can a headset that can only be used when it is fully charged?

Yes, this situation is very special, but isn’t the development of technology not to make life easier? You see, there is one less line. Every day, you need to worry about the power of the headset and the headphone charger. You can divide the problem solved by one device into three. With such high cost and countless potential troubles, do you need to think about the original intention?

Do you still remember the picture above? this one:

The headset lasts for five hours, and it takes 15 minutes to charge for three hours, which means that it takes about half an hour to fully charge. This box can bring twenty-four hours of battery life to the headset.

Slightly higher than the wireless charging used, one minute or so of fast charging technology, should we first reach one, and then use wireless headphones as an ordinary lifestyle to decide for the user?

Wireless headsets and dual cameras are more like a well-planned marketing, selling headphones and selling big phones than technical breakthroughs.

After so many years, Apple came out of a garage and walked to the world’s number one market value. Such dazzling achievements also took away the courage to grow up with the lifeblood of the daring, not to get involved in the unknown, but to consolidate the existing The market is then consolidated. Even the industrial design that has always been proud of it is mediocre. Personally, the wireless headset is a failure. As a wireless headset, the property has changed and the appearance is still copied.

Is this changing life with technology?

When the power of the two headphones is different, the technology can kill the Virgo first.

Fortunately, when Apple introduced flattening, I had no hope for them.

Of course, this decisive cut off the 3.5 mm interface that has been with us since the Sony Walkman era and shared the lightning interface with the power supply, the leader’s discouragement is extraordinary. It is foreseeable that this revolutionary change will inevitably have a great impact on the younger brother Samsung and even the entire electronic audio technology.

After removing the earphone hole, the dustproof and waterproof capacity of the body is greatly improved, and the audio signal using the lightning interface will have a qualitative leap. The improvement in sound quality determines that 3.5mm is eliminated only a matter of time. Actually as early as Android 5.0, Google has begun to use USB as an audio output means, and the industry giant Microsoft’s win 10 system also supports USB transmission.

The seeds of change have already been buried, and the apples have blossomed.

It can be said that the conversion of traditional analog signals into digital signals is an inevitable trend of development, witnessing a technological innovation, although it will cause trouble when charging while listening to songs (that is, it can’t be done), but at least from here, we see There are infinite possibilities in the future.

In fact, when Cook was elected as Apple CEO, it meant that Apple’s strategy changed from a pioneer to a conservative. I know that it is difficult to change the world, but at least not to be changed too much by the world. In those years, Apple was only because of this belief. to here. iPhoneThe release of 7 is quite satisfactory, the only bright spot, wireless headphones, dual cameras, even if the slot is thrown away, it is really not a big surprise.

The cancellation of the earphone hole is considered to be a heavy news in the industry, adding some surprises to some unpredictable press conferences. Maybe one day, the headset is no longer used as an accessory, but a part of the smart wearable device. At that time, it was the seed of today’s apple shower, and it was fruitful.

However, the real problems have begun to emerge. Compare iPhone 5 with iPhone 6:

(The picture shows the SE that is almost the same as the appearance of 5)

From the beginning of six, the camera suddenly protrudes from the back, the three-stage design splits the entire back, and the flat application is even more stupid on the personal phone. The iPhone 7 with a dual camera is slightly bloated on the back. These problems are not well resolved.

The camera has been compressed to the limit and can only be thinner than the thin body, so that the antenna signal can only be used in three-stage design, and the dual-camera imaging effect is significantly improved. I know all these technical limitations.

As for the flattening, USA today, Jonathan Jony Ive explained:

“Before, the shadowing effect we used was a great way to distract from the limitations of the display. But with a display that’s this precise, there’s nowhere to hide. So we wanted a clear typography.”

I am too lazy to translate what the buddy said, this is what you put one:

Changed to a bunch of bright color blocks laid on the ground?

This is aesthetic? ? ?

At that time, Joe’s father did not swallow! ! !

Jonathan, the Dragon Revolution has not played for you. Losing you are all surnamed Joe. The gap is so big.

Compare the hammer horizontally and talk about UI design only:

Thumb swipe mode:

Weather app:

And mac os:

Compared to the flattening since IOS 7, the first two are more like putting the to-do items on the table.

Come back to an IOS 10 modern style:

Regarding Jonathan’s description of the flattening concept, since the app icons such as “iBooks”, “Wallet” and “Notes” are still simulating real objects, what is “we hope to replace people’s dependence on physical objects with good design”.

I want to say: Jonathan, you are happy.

To say this is not a discussion of what is wrong, flattening has many unique advantages.

However, the original intention of icon design, this is part of a company identity design, the emergence of flat, weakening the role of icons. Instead, they are a uniform color block.

At least every time I open the iPhone, those colorful bright spots are like scars, reminding me that Apple is hard to recover from the past.

The old rival Samsung started using the curved screen in the Round series, and the edge series became popular.

In contrast, Apple’s obscurity in the past two years has made me wonder if Apple can still come up with products that once again ignite the world.

I think of Jobs’s pat on the table, asking for the camera to be buried on the back, and leaving the team with a mac-book air that must fit into a kraft paper bag without ignoring technical limitations. Those impossible tasks have brought Apple unlimited brilliance.

Steve Jobs uses his keen insight and extraordinary imagination to tell everyone what the future looks like, rather than letting people who like big screens like flattening decide my future.

I am not questioning Apple’s bad work. I just thought that Apple should have done better.


Unified answer to the comment area question:

My entire article is evaluated solely from the perspective of design and use. As for industry and technology, I don’t understand, and naturally I dare not comment.

The flattening problem was expected to be criticized before writing. Apple’s designers are naturally taller than me and don’t know where to go. My complaints about flat design are just my personal and subjective feelings. However, I still wrote it up, because no matter how high or low I am, I still try to share my true ideas with everyone. At the same time, I have repeatedly stressed in the text that this is just my personal feeling.

Simply holding the apple seems to have become politically correct. With a little whisper, it will give people a “no brain black” “low-level black 5 years ago” and “black only gives 0 points”. What a ghost? Say that Apple is not good, just “with Weibo published”?

For “Standing and talking, it doesn’t hurt. Samsung ledge is not the embarrassment. It is useful to engage in curved mobile phones at least with flexible circuit technology. Is it a 2.5d edge curved glass?”

My answer is, yes, Samsung’s curved screen attracts eyeballs much better than the one that only bends the glass. However, unlike wireless headphones, the curved screen does not bring obvious, such as carrying easy to lose, battery life The ability to taste ribs, charging speed and other daily inevitable problems.

The whole article, I used to compare the differences: Huawei, Samsung, the old version of the iPhone and mac interface, the UI design with a hammer, so it became a hammer soft text. If I am wrong, it is not in the discussion of Apple’s article that the political position is a black hammer, as I did not mention the flammable and explosive explosion of Samsung note 7.

Luo Zixiong, the design director of the hammer, is an excellent designer that I really appreciate, although I am not hammer powder.

Thanks to Yang Li’s comments, “It’s not well written, it’s a bit blunt, and the level of discussion is superficial. In addition, I feel very comfortable with flatness.” I have to admit that the evaluation is very pertinent.

As for let me go to the hammer and Apple as the CEO, thank you for your appreciation, but you still have to ask for it!


I have tried my best to circumvent the technical problems of the dual cameras, or I am not rigorous, I believe. But take it all for granted? When do I discuss technical issues? As a normal user, even the dissident can not be lost?

I have been using the Apple phone, this release is lower than my default expectations, so write the questions and slots that I think, why should the good parts of Apple listen to me? I said that I am biased and I accept it. I don’t agree with what I wrote. After writing so much, I grabbed the flat yin and yang squirting spray, and said that my black apple wrote a soft text. May I ask you what?