Let’s talk about those suppliers at the Shanghai Auto Show~

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These days, the Shanghai Auto Show has been in full swing, and the 4.2, 5.2 auto parts hall on the second floor is a bit colder than the first floor luxury car park. There are several large museums such as the mainland, Schaeffler and other “local tyrants” exhibition halls with large areas, staff are also adequate, and some small museums are much deserted. If you don’t talk about gossip, then let’s take a look at this auto show, some of the suppliers of electronic and electrical have brought what “press the bottom of the box” stuff!

1 Schaeffler Schaeffler

Schaeffler’s sales in 2016 were impressive, with sales reaching 13.3 billion, an increase of 3.4% and a profit before interest and taxes of 12.7%. And just a few days ago, Schaeffler and Geely reached an electronic clutch project. The electronic clutch is also the main exhibit they brought this time, in addition to the P2 hybrid module.


Schaeffler’s P2 Hybrid Module is an efficient transmission system electrification that matches many modular-based drive concepts (in the P2 installation, the motor is placed between the internal combustion engine and the transmission). The P2 Hybrid Module offers high variability and a wide torque range for use in 48V construction and high performance, high voltage drive concepts.

P2 high pressure mixing


2 Continental Continental

The exhibits brought by the mainland include the Internet of Vehicles, electrified 48V, including the intelligent driving of the millimeter wave radar, 3D instrument panel and other exhibits. Not long ago, the mainland just established a joint venture with China Unicom. In the future, the joint venture will focus on building a world-class ITS platform to provide mobile travel services for the rapidly changing Chinese market.

Biometric entry system

Instrument and smart watch communication

48V motor + DCDC + BMS

Post-treatment emission controller

3 Bosch Bosch

There is actually a bit of disappointment with this Bosch exhibition. This Shanghai Auto Show did not bring something particularly new. The main ones are the two concept cars and some controllers including the GDI engine parts of the National Sixth, as well as the motor controller.

Intelligent electric two-wheeler

Electrified integration solution

5 Other exhibits

48/12 volt belt type power generation machine (Valeo)

LED high-definition lighting technology (Valeo)

Matrix HD84 Headlight Module (HELA)

The HD84 module has 84 LEDs distributed in a matrix, which are divided into three rows. Each LED chip accurately controls the light intensity from 0% to 100%. When other vehicles enter the light distribution area of ​​the lamp, the module will Selectively dynamically mask the area of ​​the other vehicle to prevent glare.

GDI Engine Solutions (Marelli)

Aisin Transmission Zone

Front Precursor CVT (Jatco)

Variable cycle cross section turbocharger (Honeywell)


Due to the large number of spare parts booths, it is impossible to display them one by one. In general, the suppliers at the Shanghai Auto Show did not bring their own black technology. It is obvious that the Shanghai Auto Show is only a small and very small platform in the eyes of suppliers. For example, the booth of the world’s third largest Denso company has nothing new to say; it is really regrettable that Delphi simply did not exhibit at all.

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