Li Shutong: My first half of life, my second half of life

The first half of the life was extremely beautiful, not lonely, and the latter half of the life concealed the mountain forest and returned to the plain;

In the first half of the life, Zhong Ming Ding Shi, the name is four, the latter half of the rough tea, and the Buddha to listen to Zen;

In the first half of the life, Yan Yan, honing the gold powder, the latter half of the gongs and drums, the blue light accompanied.

For the first half of his life, he was an unscrupulous rich man;

For the rest of his life, he was a sacred Buddhist monk.

For the first half of his life, he was called Li Shutong.

For the rest of his life, he was called Master Hong Yi.

His first half of life, called Li Shutong, is ” Outside the pavilion, the ancient road, the grass and the sky The author is a genius of music, art, poetry, calligraphy, and so on.

music He was hailed as the enlightener of modern Chinese music, the first to spread Western piano music. He was the first person to compose music in China, and founded the first music publication in China, Music Little Magazine.

painting He is the pioneer of modern Chinese art and the first teacher to study oil painting and create nude sketches;

drama He was the founder of the earliest drama group “Chun Liu Society” in China. He was the pioneer of the 20th century drama reform and also personally played “La Traviata”;

calligraphy He is a famous calligrapher of modern times. The literati and the literati have won him a word for no glory;

Engraving He is an early member of the West Cold Seal Society;

Study He was one of the first students to study abroad;

education He has trained a large number of famous artists, such as Feng Zikai and musician Liu Zhiping, a cultural celebrity who is his disciple.

According to Feng Zikai’s description, “The garden of literature and art has been almost gone by him.”

He is not only omnipotent in poetry, painting, calligraphy, etc., but also in Chinese and Western, the drama piano is also a strong point, and he is also handsome, is a beautiful boy, velvet bowl cap, Qufu vest, satin robes, block The handsome young man in the residence.

If there are people who want money and money, they must be talented and look good. His life is like opening a hang.

(Li Shutong’s paintings)

When he was young, he accepted very systematic Confucianism, and his life was smooth and widely sought after. Before the age of 20, he was keen on imperial examinations and worshiped Kang Youwei, admiring Guangxu Emperor and reforming the Fa.

At the age of 21, his political enthusiasm had a big turn from the reformist to the revolutionary.

He accepted a lot of modern ideas, and he is passionate about democracy, freedom, and nationalism. Sitting in the vested interests of a ruling class, he actually raised the banner of anti-organization, writing the sentence of “freedom to bloom eight thousand springs, is true freedom can not die.”

Like Li Shutong, a person with great talents, the ultimate pursuit of life will not be like ordinary people. It is the enjoyment of spiritual art and the ultimate realization of self-worth.

From his works such as poetry and music, music painting, calligraphy and calligraphy, he can see his great stretch, frivolity, big chic and great comfort. His chest is filled with Lang Lang, the heroic instrument, and his talents are unveiled, and it has become the ultimate genius.

From his love, he can also be seen that his passionate and passionate, and love is the ultimate.

Suddenly, Li Shutong, who is full of enthusiasm, and Li Shutong, who is very talented, and Li Shutong, who is so happy, turned around and bid farewell to the world. Break into the empty door and convert from then on.

He has enjoyed a rich material life in his youth, and he has a rich artistic spirit in his youth. If he pursues it, he can only pursue the purity and purity of the soul.

Before the age of 25, he enjoyed a rich material life in his youth.

Between the ages of 25 and 39, he enjoyed a rich artistic life in his youth.

39 years old, after seeing the world, after the red dust, he can only continue to search for the soul.

There is a very deep sentence: Only those who have experienced the red dust in a deep way can resolutely give up the red dust.

As Feng Zikai said He is too weak in art and can’t live his addiction to his spiritual life.”

For the rest of his life, he was called Master Hong Yi. It is one of the most famous monks in the Republic of China. His influence is far-reaching. Many of his quotations are still famous by many people.

When he was an artist, he was a radiant singer. When a mans shoes Buna, the monks of the ruthless law, can also become sorghum.

Is Zhang Ailing proud enough? But she said: “Don’t think that I am a proud person, I have never been, At least, outside the walls of the Hongyi Master Temple, I was so humble.

Zhu Guangqian is enough to learn, right? But he said: “Mr. Hongyi is one of the most admired in China. He used his spirit of birth to become a career in the WTO.

Master Hong Yi made a vow before the Buddhist monk in Shangfa, and wanted to carry forward the Nanshan Law School, which was lost for seven hundred years. He acted in unison and carried forward the law, received the love and admiration of the Buddhist community in the country, and was called “the first in China’s Sangha.”

(Hong Yi Master’s work: wisdom)

Since he left home, he has set up October: Improper abbot, not to shave for others, not to be a teacher or a confeder, but to become a scholarly philosopher. He refined Jing Tu Zong and Hua Yan Zong, and was guided by friends such as Ma Yifu to study the Nanshan Law, which has been lost for seven or eight hundred years. He walked out of a unique bright road in the world and finally became the eleventh generation of Zhongxing Lawyer of Nanshan Law.

After he became a monk, he wrote ” Still though “The four words, think that “the monk is not a matter of food and clothing, but a matter of life and death.” “The past no longer exists. From then on, I will die from death, get rid of uneasiness and fear, and seek the safe return of “Hua Zhi Chun Man, Tian Xin Yue Yuan”.

(Hong Yi Master’s Works: Honest Buddha)

He teaches: Things bogey to win, things to avoid the whole United States, people bogey full of tolerance, tolerance to treat people, bleak to the world.

He taught that if you like people, you might as well love yourself. It’s good to be happy, why is it good to be good.

He teaches that the most unfortunate part of life is the occasional ignorance, but the misfortune; even the misunderstanding, and the fortunes are fortunate; After that, it is regarded as usual, and I don’t care. Then there is a great problem, and it is born.

(Hong Yi Master’s work: taking the ring as a teacher)

In his later years, he described himself in “The Dream of Nanzhao Ten Years”. “My character is very special. I only hope that my things will fail. Because things fail to be perfect, this is what I often make, I know.” If my own virtues are lacking and my cultivation is not enough, then I can work hard and try to change the good.”

Before the death of Master Hong Yi, four large characters were left: the intersection of sadness and joy, and the innumerable people. Sadly, leaving this miserable world of sorrow, Xin is going to the land of bliss that he yearns for.

(The last piece of Master Hong Yi: sad and happy intersection)

Lin Yutang once commented: ” Li Shutong is one of the most talented geniuses of our time, and one of the most peculiar and most unique and independent. ”

From the peak of life to everything, he has lived two extreme lives and has become the ultimate legend that has been sung to this day.

For the first half of his life, he was Li Shu at the same time, his words, obeying the ancient meaning, rigorous and dignified, and a strong monument.

In the latter half of his life, he was a prosecutor, his words, fairy, self-sufficient, and childish.

The first half is exquisite and the last half is pure and transparent.

There have been articles describing Li Shutong: ” He is a human being. Everyone is surrounded by the torrent of the times, and they are involuntarily. But he is like a boat in the torrent, going upstream, brave, and doing himself seriously.

Deeply thought.

Only have The spirit of independence, the idea of ​​freedom The person must control his own destiny and not change the rules and decisions in his heart because of the world. In the times, those who are brave and earnest to be their own will not be burdened with this one.


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