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Guan Yu descended to the King’s Canyon on June 28 last year. The King’s Glory Champion Cup is 100% banned. The King’s Glory Professional League is 94% ban. Many people think that Guan Yu has no ability to stay at T1. Guan Yu is a hero with two skill states. Therefore, if you want to play a high amount of explosives and control, you must master the skill connection. Guan Yu as a hero with control, short distance displacement, high moving speed, high explosion, and multiple control can also destroy the enemy formation. Strike, a powerful Guan Yu should know when he should do what he should, who should go to hit instead of JB

Skill analysis

Guan Yu has 2 different skill states and a total of 6 different skills. Guan Yu’s passiveness is the core of his two states. First, I will post the official website’s introduction of Guan Yu’s 4 skills:

[One ride as a thousand] Passive skill: Guan Yu will increase the speed of each active movement for a distance, and enter the charge posture when moving to a greater distance. The attack will cause general damage and additional physical damage with its own maximum health. When the feather is decelerated or controlled in the assault position and its speed is lower than a certain value, the charge will stop. The attacking attitude can defeat the enemy and face the enemy will gain the moving speed bonus.

[Single knife to go to the meeting] Guan Yu rotating the knife to cause physical damage to nearby enemies. In the assault posture, the charge will be launched, and at the end, the slash will be cut forward, causing physical damage. During the charge, Guan Yu is in a hegemonic state.

[Qinglong Haoyue] Guan Yu screams, greatly increasing his own speed and releasing his control effect. In the assault posture, the enemy is defeated in front of the enemy, causing physical damage and increasing the speed of the movement to release the control effect. Guan Yu is in a hegemonic state during the jump.

[Blade Iron Rider] Guan Yu stimulates the potential, shortens the preparation distance of the charge for 10 seconds, and releases the control effect. In the assault posture, summon the iron ride to slam the enemy. Guan Yu was in a hegemonic state during the charge.

Guan Yu will stop charging immediately when he receives the deceleration effect during the movement. He must restart the movement. Guan Yu can get the charge status even if he is in the original circle. Here, let’s talk about the normal state of Guan Yu:

The normal state of the feather can be moved into the assault state through the passive effect

A skill has a range of AOE damage, you can use the big gesture of the charge attitude plus normal posture and a skill to make a high burst.

The second skill has a “purification” effect, which can release the control of the body and increase the movement speed. This skill can make Guan Yu move quickly. At the same time, it can also use the second skill to accelerate the escape after using a skill in the assault posture.

The three skills can make Guan Yu quickly enter the assault posture under normal conditions. It is true that the three skills of the assault posture are very high, but when you are caught or unable to enter the charge posture for a short time, you can use the normal three skills to get yourself into the charge. attitude

Now, let’s talk about Guan Yu, who is the attitude of the assault. The Guan Yu of the assault posture is definitely the highest hero in the glory of the king.

Guan Yu’s passive skills can make Guan Yu’s general attack become a small control skill, sometimes it will make the enemy’s backhand power, specifically think about Guan Yu’s big move to push you back and continue to use the general attack to bring you back. feel

A skill has a slashing effect. This slashing effect hits the enemy with a high level of damage. There are two ends of the damage, but it is very fine.

The second skill has a stepping forward effect that can control the enemy for a short time. This skill can both retain and escape. It is also the skill of Guan Yu’s displacement to overturn the wall.

The three skills are Guan Yu’s most horrible skills. In the group battle, this skill can make the team turn defeat into victory, and can also let the teammates die. This skill has a horizontal push effect must be released properly. The impact of an appropriate big move on the opposite side is very high

Recommended summoner skills: kill, purify

The killing Guan Yu is more inclined to flow with a wave, and the purification can make Guan Yu’s continuous output

Rune recommendation

Red: Variant X10 – physical attack +20, physical penetration +36

Green: Hawkeye X10 – physical attack +9, physical penetration +64

Blue: Hidden X10 – physical attack +16, speed +10%

Total attributes: physical attack +45, physical penetration +100, speed +10%

Hundreds of speed-shifting runes, the previous period of Guan Yu-a skill burst is very high, so I chose to wear a hundred runes, blue to choose to hide the speed of Guan Yu, and also attack power bonus.

Equipment selection

There are many ways to play Guan Yu. The two types listed here are one wave, one is continuous flow.

The so-called one-wave stream is the output that only enters the group and plays a wave.

Outfit: Resistance Boots Sunder Armor Broken Army Shadow Tomahawk violent armor

This is a wave of flow, this set of equipment tests Guan Yu’s timing of entering the group, only need a big move to rush in with a skill to kill, you can hit a high burst, but such Guan Yu is very brittle, so be sure to pay attention to your own progress Group timing

Continuous flow is a relatively normal game of Guan Yu. Guan Yu can go in and play a wave of output, and then withdraw through the big move effect to quickly superimpose the assault posture and enter the group again.

Outfit: Boots of Resistance violent armor Shadow Tomahawk Ominous Signs Witch’s Cloaks

Team battle

Previous period: Guan Yu of this time period has a very high number of outbreaks. In this period of time, the team can use a skill to cut the front row to the back row and cause high output at the same time, or you can turn the back row to the opposite side. Go to the front row, match teammates to collect fire spikes

Medium term: Guan Yu equipment is gradually formed. When the team battle breaks out, Guan Yu can use the three-skilled horizontal propulsion field to play the formation of the opponent. If it is controlled to use the two skills to disarm and match the three skills to superimpose the assault posture, use the skill and general attack of the assault posture. The enemy formations collided with the output, completely breaking the enemy formation.

Late: After Guan Yu equipment is formed, the damage is very horrible. The skill of a skill can even kill the crispy skin. At this time, Guan Yu and the middle of the same year choose the big move to enter the game, or the same purpose to disrupt the formation of the other side to output, the difference is, Guan Yu In the later stage, you can choose to zoning, so that there is no pressure on our line, and at the same time use the line to suppress each other. Guan Yu, who has pushed the line, can quickly reach the battlefield with high speed, and directly open the group around the front or the front.

Guan Yu is not a hero in the early stage. In the early stage, he was suitable for walking through the passive displacement of passive and one skill, frequently harassing other routes and heroes in the wild area. Such Guan Yu will make the enemy very headache, and later can take the line. There is no pressure on the home line and the defensive tower.

I hope this hero analysis can help everyone, and hope that the majority of players who like Guan Yu go further, let beginners like heroes, I wish you all the king, thank you for your support.

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