Linux learning path

After graduating to the present for more than a year, it is basically a Linux entry from zero. From the previous ones to the present, there is a slight success. On this road, all the ups and downs are only known to you.

I have always known in my heart that as an ordinary person, you must work hard to make it seem effortless.

So how should Linux learn?

First of all, we must be clear about the following things:

  1. The purpose of learning linux is your own interest, or to learn embedded, or to be able to simply understand the deployment and operation of the server. Your learning goals determine how far you can go, without aiming at the goal and aiming forward, and generally not far.
  2. How much time and energy you can pay for this study. The goal also needs time and energy to support it. The goal of not having time and energy to support is nothing more than a piece of paper.

(In the past 9 months, I found out that I still have so many articles written at the beginning, even the semi-finished products are not counted, only ten minutes of impulsiveness. And the real warriors dare to fill in the pits left before. )

Looking back at this topic now, think about yourself, over the past six months, the understanding of linux can be deepened. The answer is of course yes, because I have been dealing with it all the time. The more problems I encounter, the more I know about Linux. I used to have a glimpse of it. Now it is a complete picture. The entire knowledge system can be built.

The best way to understand the same thing is to do it, to do it hard, to feel it with your own heart, to understand, is also a step of the so-called unity of knowledge and action. The same is true for linux learning. If you don’t really try it out and go to the pit, the knowledge will not be automatically written into your mind.

In the past six months, I have mastered the linux knowledge that I have not mastered before.

  1. The fancy usage of curl, when I used curl myself, would only be the easiest way to access a web page, without various custom headers, custom parameters, and observing the request process.
  2. The server’s scheduled tasks, crond knowledge, was previously only a simple understanding, and now you can use and troubleshoot problems very well, and understand its internal principles.
  3. The intermediary role of shell scripts. Now I am proficient in using shell scripts to do various glue work, such as calling java programs in php, or to decompress, or to do what weird operations.
  4. Server performance analysis, in addition to top, and understand the IOSTAT command, is the most profound when exposed to ignorance.
  5. The use of debug, the use of debugging tools under Linux. I have correctly solved the problem of the graphical interface of the capture software on my kali.
  6. The server captures packets. Things that I used to feel unreachable, now I feel so sparse
  7. The integration of some previous commands, such as regular matching in linux commands, is becoming more and more proficient.

The so-called learning is actually a process of continuous summarization and continuous improvement. For me, there seems to be no shortcut research. No matter how long it takes, I hope that I don’t forget my initial heart for learning.