Liu Ruoying’s “Later Us”, did not show the first fire

There has been such a movie recently, but it has not been fired! It is – “Late Us”, nearly 900,000 people have marked it as “want to see”, breaking the history of “want to see” the number of people. I really want to go to work, I hope I don’t want to cry, I can’t help myself…

Today, on April 28th, it is finally going to meet you at the cinema, greeting your past, present, and later. Directed by Liu Ruoying, Zhou Dongyu and Jing Boran starred. A whirlwind about the “later” must be blown up in the circle of friends…

After 19 years, the singer “white flowers of gardenia flowers, falling on my blue pleated skirt” milk tea. Now I took this “Late Us” with my heart.

She invited three good friends to sing a movie theme song:

Tian Fu Zhen Sang “Friends who have loved for a long time”: “The most painful breakup, there are always reasons for happiness.”

Mayday Sang “Late Us”: “Late us, still walking, just no longer shoulder to shoulder”

Eason Chan Sang “We”: “My biggest regret is your regret, related to me”

I didn’t understand the meaning of the song at first, but I heard it was already in the song. I am most afraid that you will understand a song at a certain age. Is there a lyric that makes you burst into tears at the moment you hear it? Perhaps, some people are only suitable to meet. Perhaps, later, we have everything, but we have no one.

It’s like the classic line:

One day, you have no reason to think of a person. He has made you expect something for tomorrow, but it does not appear in your tomorrow. Life is hard, but as long as you hold on to each other, you can rely on heating.

Later, some people stayed together until the end of time.

Later, some people from each other, to forget about the rivers and lakes, regret to miss.

Those who have loved you when you are young should, after all, teach you to grow and teach you how to love someone correctly.

The best ending is: I am fine, you are also good. I’ll remember you and fall in love with someone else.

Come, I will not go when you. When you leave, I will smile and bless.

Later, there is no more us. But please be comfortable.

Once, “there is a boy who loves a girl” is already a good start.

Later, “some people will not stop once they miss it”, it is already a good ending.

If you have learned how to love, you should know: Cherish the moment at this moment, and you will have no regrets for the rest of your life.

It is the most touching gift of this spring, worthy of everyone who believes in love.

Who are you thinking of at this moment?

Welcome to see you in this movie, to write your thoughts and feelings!

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