Liyang Huali rib cartilage nasal synthesis

Our advantage:

  1. Only Fuyang, our doctor can make full or ribbed comprehensive rhinoplasty
  2. This technique is the ultimate choice for people who need to be repaired by nasal plastic surgery. All requirements can be made at once.
  3. Can meet the star network red style, high straight and straight surgery effect, 360 degrees without dead ends
  4. At the end of the operation, the tip of the nose is still very strong, and there is no absorption that causes the tip of the nose to hang. The nasal column will become more and more natural after recovery.

Fuyang gorgeous costal cartilage nasal comprehensive technical features:

1. On the basis of the “integrated beauty nose”, the international advanced facial intelligent design system is adopted to emphasize the overall harmony between the nose height and the nasal roots, nose bridge, nose tip and nostrils.

2. Follow the concept of “smart and beautiful” in the three-dimensional art sculpture nose, according to the ideal nose shape of the Asian “Golden Triangle”. The nose angle is 120-130 degrees, the nasolabular angle is 90 degrees, and the nose tip angle is 85-90 degrees. It is designed with a golden ratio of nose width: nose length = 0.7.

3, the use of semi-costal cartilage, full costal cartilage, costal perichondrug, dermal film as a filling material, so that the nose and nose are raised, the nasal roots are moderately extended, the nose is moderately down, round and full, the overall line of the nose is smooth, more Petite and natural.

4, nasal septum deviation, nasal bone crushing caused by collapse, nasal back skew or facial obstruction and other nasal defects, improve all nasal problems at one time, so that the overall to local coordination and beauty.

5, a molding, life is beautiful, the shape is stable, the touch is real and natural, no trace of manual operation.

Fuyang Huamei carries out four major points of the operation of costal cartilage and nasal surgery

  1. Hope – Observing the defects of the facial form and the overall shape of the nose, examining the appearance and internal view of the nose of the subject, and the clinical experience of a large number of nasal plastic surgery by doctors, many people not only have a bad nose shape It is accompanied by the deviation of the nasal septum, the natural asymmetry of the face, and the natural inclination of the nose. It needs to be confirmed by CT film and specially designed. The finished product is not duplicated, and everyone is different.
  2. Smell – Communicate well with the subject, listen to the subject’s appeals and discuss with them, and strive to achieve the desired results of the surgery, rather than the same star.
  3. Q – Through various examinations and personal real nose defects, the doctor again informs the subject of the expected effect of the operation, asks the subject’s opinion, and performs final confirmation before the operation.
  4. Cut – the implementation of strict aseptic general anesthesia cartilage nasal surgery, preoperative problems are not the same, the time spent on solving nasal problems is also very different. The operation time is about 4 to 8 hours.

Surgery doctor background introduction:

Zhong Lei: Dean of Liyang Huamei Plastic Surgery Hospital

Member of the Board of Directors of the Precision and Digital Medicine Branch of the China Plastic Surgery Association

Going to Shanghai, South Korea and Beijing every month to study international cutting-edge technology

Discuss with the military doctor Professor Zhang Hui about nasal plastic surgery

The cumulative amount of general anesthesia combined surgery in Fuyang Huamei Plastics has exceeded 500 units.

Xiangyang Huamei – Doctor Zhong Lei works

(The real situation after 1 month of nasal comprehensive surgery recovery)

Xiangyang costal cartilage nose synthesis

(Surgical immediate nose formation)

Why take costal cartilage instead of ear cartilage alone?

The ear cartilage is like a soft girl, soft and not strong enough, with limited support and thickness. It is suitable for the beauty of the nose tip. The biggest role of the ear cartilage is to protect it at the tip of the nose.

The costal cartilage is like a strong young man with strong support strength, which can effectively prolong the nose and completely solve the pain of the nose (porcine nose) and short nose. And the repair of rhinoplasty surgery many times, due to excessive tissue defects in the nose, and psychological reluctance to accept prosthesis transplantation, can use the costal cartilage comprehensive rhinoplasty.

No light transmission after surgery, no redness and whiteness on the back of the nose

The nasal synthesis made by Liyang Huamei is a true nasal synthesis. When the costal cartilage is taken, the costal cartilage membrane is taken out, which is the membranous tissue of the surface layer of the costal cartilage. After reasonable treatment, it is placed on the nasal back to increase the skin thickness. To avoid the occurrence of red, white and light transmission on the back of the nose.

(Glorious employee real life case)

Liyang’s gorgeous plastic knowledge – the difference between the full rib and the half rib bone synthesis:

Full rib soft nose synthesis ——The whole rhinoplasty operation adopts costal cartilage, and the nose and nose are correspondingly raised and shaped, which is especially suitable for those who are psychologically and physiologically retreating the prosthesis. At the same time, because the amount of costal cartilage is too hard, it is used for the prolongation and elevation of the tip of the nose, especially in the nasal repair surgery with excessive defects, which plays a good reconstruction role.

Semi-ribbed nose synthesis ——The prosthetic material is used on the nose and the costal cartilage is adopted at the tip of the nose. In this way, the nasal back does not absorb the cartilage, and there is no risk of distortion. At the same time, the semi-costal cartilage only needs to be cut 3-4cm. The wound is small and the recovery is fast. “The use of semi-costal cartilage for rhinoplasty is suitable for those who exaggerate the aesthetic requirements, hope that the tip of the nose is high-pitched, the nose is high, and the European-American mixed-race style. The nose is raised as much as possible during surgery, and the degree of relaxation and relaxation according to the skin after surgery. At the discretion of the second adjustment, to further use the stored cartilage, fine-tipped the tip of the nose to achieve the aesthetic requirements of the beauty