Looking at the things of Shichen and Gilgamesh


1. This article is one of the derivative + completion of the “How to evaluate the vision of the distant minister”, which will be written casually, including FZ and FZ derivative, FSN and FSN related derivatives.

2. Shichen black or brush the “when the fault of the minister”, sorry, delete the reply, severe shielding.

3. Some of the official Chinese texts used in this article are invaded.

4. Sparkling is the sparkle of Zero and Zero. Yes, although compared to the OOC of FHA and FSN, the sparkle in Zero is the spark of the intersection with the distant minister. Of course, I will also mention a few words in the FSN and CCC (the image in Zero is not much contradictory), but not the focus.

Speaking of it, the relationship between Shining and Shichen is a starting point for me to think that this person is “very interesting”. I take this opportunity to pay attention to FZ novels and related derivatives, and then pay attention to FSN, FHA, FEX. Waiting for the work, now think about it, it has been a long time ago.


With this opportunity, let me first talk about the tactics of the four wars.

In fact, every time I see someone saying that the four battles are more fierce than the five wars, how tactics are so fierce, and how fierce the battle is, I will smile softly. Excluding the peculiarities of the Five Wars (servant summons servant, true holy grail and pseudo-Grail), even if you only watch the four wars, you can be called tactical people from beginning to end, only the Weigong cut嗣 坂 坂 坂 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The “Wang Zhicai” that others see is not willing to let the sparkle be exposed. It is too careful to be too careful. Therefore, “self-righteousness” is nothing more than a superficial phenomenon based on preparation. In fact, there is absolutely no conceit in real combat. “What about it?”

However, even if it is analyzed, if you analyze it, the tactics of Yuanchen can’t be said to be “poor”. In fact, even if it is not so good with the sparkling, the tactics of Shichen are realized in stages:

The strategy is like this.

First, let Assassin of the ritual run back and forth, thoroughly investigate the other Master’s operational guidelines and Servant’s weaknesses. In this way, we grasped the winning method for each enemy and then used the Servant of Shichen to carry out various breaks.

When the Three Kings Club was reached, Yuan Shichen could already do this analysis:

Compared with the other four Servant, only Rider makes them most uneasy.
The Master who dominates Berserker has consumed a lot of power, and Caster faces threats from all sides and even the studio has been destroyed. These two groups of people wait for them to fend for themselves.
Gilgamesh will not be lost to the injured Saber. Although Lancer is still unscathed, his original Master has withdrawn due to serious injuries. He was under fear by a subordinate magician.
In other words, four groups of people other than Rider have no need to send Assassin surveillance.

(So ​​the time of the minister made the decision to use the spell to cause the assassin to attack. In fact, at that time, apart from the treasure of the rider, the other groups of people had not paid much attention to it. Of course, after the asssin one did not Left, this guy is again licking his own “idiot” in the workshop. “It’s just a distant whimsy.” Assassin said, you have a whim, our holy grail war is over~~ (even at this point) , ordinary attributes still do not change the owner …))

(And, Sparks doesn’t like this tactic, as can be seen from his own complaints:

“Now it’s the state of the battle for the first level of Caster, and the last one to make a decisive blow – Archer should be you. Now you don’t have such a leisurely and slow time to taste wine.”
It is my turn to play early on with the practice of the time. Now I can only find something else during this time. To send boring – 绮礼, just said that Assassin has completed all his tasks? ”

Um… what I’m grinding, I’m really disgusted. After all, even throwing treasures on the poles is blocked.~ In the early days of the war, I could only go boring to find rituals and bends. After four days of this, it was hard, Gilgamesh.

In addition, when it comes to interesting things, in addition to the magic, Shichen is also good at playing chess, and is also good at playing chess. This is not the point. The point is, what does Sparkling say in CCC? “Chess should not predict the opponent’s next action, but should overlook the whole situation.” Recalling the way that Shichen was predicting a piece of chess in four games, well, I know that you don’t like my family, don’t say AUO~ ~)

Well, let’s talk back to the minister.

In any case, although a small family, but at least, this “first to listen to intelligence, and then each broken” tactics, can be said to be the most secure to achieve. If you haven’t played, you won’t reveal the cards, and you will wait until the other teams fight for both losses (saber’s hand is an example). The worst case is that the distant enchantment is attacked (……. …cut cruise missiles……..).

Honestly, there is no problem in the general direction of the tactics of the four wars. Even if the servant is the case of Gilgamesh, it is not a good thing to be too casual in the early stage of the war. After eating too early, the treasures exposed too early, and the loss of the master, the cut was almost the first to target Kenneth, and the hotel was blown up. Later, the director became provocative and provocative. The victim of the origin of the bomb.

However, if you think about it carefully, you will find that because of his own personality, Yuanchen has sacrificed one of his most important advantages, that is, the cooperative relationship with the supervisor.

That’s right, when the glass is correct, Shichen has opened some backdoors. For example, every time a servant is summoned, it will notify the minister, such as the later caster event, the newly formulated rule.

But these are all small things. The most important value of Yan Fengli is the one-armed curse in his hand, and this man who gives him the curse to whom he wants to give it is really important, and when he is far away, Chen is so in need of a curse and victory.

Therefore, I have thought about it. It is clearly the relationship of “collusion” in the eyes of outsiders. Why do you have to worry so much? ————Look at how the priests and geese nights cooperated. The geese used two spells. The rituals will be added to him in an instant, so that it is “cooperation”, and the time of the glass is the supervisor. The length, even if there are a few spells, it will be more difficult to explain to the church afterwards.

However, there is no such thing as a distant minister. Even if you want to make a curse, you must make a “rule,” and that rule cannot be said to be biased toward yourself.

“I can transfer these preparations to anyone in my personal judgment. For those who now control Servant, should you know the importance and value of these engravings?”
Although facing the enchanters who only conveyed what they heard to the master, the priest of the glaze gradually entered the state of preaching and began to stir up.
“All the Masters have stopped all the battles now, and everyone has tried their best to annihilate Caster first. Moreover, I will choose the person who will destroy Caster and his Master and give him a special spell to increase it as a special measure.
If it is a single person, it will only be given to that person, and if it is done by multiple people, the person who gives the strength will be given. When it is confirmed that Caster is destroyed, the Holy Grail War will begin again. ”

It’s just a matter of letting people vomit: “If it’s a multi-person cooperation, everyone who gives strength will give it.” So many people have a chance, even if Archer’s last blow, other people can If you get the curse, what is the advantage of “Yuan Yuchen”? (If anyone adds a curse, there is no relative advantage compared to no one who increases!)

Therefore, even if such a rule is formulated, it is still not very biased towards oneself. This is what people say. If you want to win, just say “Only the camp that solves the life of the caster can give a spell.” “Isn’t it?” ?

In addition, it is obviously such a thing, even if you want to open directly to the glass, what about? Glass has also said that “you can transfer these preparations to anyone with personal judgment”, and think of the situation of later rituals and geese, even if it is really secretly given to the ministers.

Or directly and more simply, use the glass to trust yourself, transfer the curse to yourself, and then kill the glass like the director, do not let the priest know that he is the murderer, Yanfeng glass is far and wide The relationship between the family is so good, and it has been three generations. If you really want to defraud the trust and say “preserving it for me temporarily,” it is not difficult.

However, in the novel, when I was thinking about it, I didn’t even think about such a thing. I can only say…

Even if the word “collusion” is the biggest benefit, it doesn’t make sense. (laugh), what is it to say that he is good? Even if you want to play a little smart, there is no unscrupulous mind, only to this extent.

Every time I think of such a thing, I feel that it is incredible that people like Shichen will be blacked out as “hypocrites”.

And some say that the distant ministers have no means to reach the root cause, no humanity… honestly saying no means, no humanity is not seen, no mind is to see a few points……… Later, after the glass was dying, the first time was not to ask the ritual that the arm had gone to the curse, but to comfort the ritual. “In this case, the priest is lost, you must be very lost. In my case, it is another father” (BD added content), such a person, really is… (I want to touch Mao, who is more sad than you, it is really difficult to say…. …..)

In the end, this guy forgot the glass of the curse, but instead went to see his wife and children… so that this kind of person is not suitable for war! It must not be suitable! !

(In addition, the same thing about the rituals, after the destruction of theassasin, although the use value of the rituals is still there, it has been greatly discounted, and it is known that 绮 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经 曾经In the case of the case, there is nothing to kill the ritual. After all, the glass is dead at that time, and the guardian of the scorpion is not the only thing that can be done. It has already been said, “I will give it to the adult before giving it up. The association took care of it. Well, just in case, at least after the meeting of Einz Belen, I was a little wary when I learned that I was carrying those things.~~~)

This kind of saying that “the killer between the mentor and the apprentice is also a commonplace”, but trusts his character in this way; obviously has cooperated with the supervisor, but it does not deviate from the character, even if it is a magician and a taboo of victory, I like this kind of time.

(The things in the set are also very interesting. The things that the hateers hate are accidents, and the violations of the rules. (Sure enough…..what is the time.), natural enemies/people who are not good at coping It’s not the Guardian’s cut, it’s not a sparkle, but Alice Phil (I still want to say that it’s the case, so I like to follow the direction of the opposite of Alice…))


Then there is the story of Yuanchen and Gilgamesh.

The two people’s affairs really talked about it, which made me laugh a bite—some people took this thing black and sparked, saying, “Sparkling betray the master, Shichen summoned a beggar” (In addition, actually someone actually took it Sparkling the phrase “Yuedao is the righteousness” to say things…); the other part of the person took this thing black time, said he was jealous (…) and black he rebelled, no matter That makes me more speechless — because In any case, the relationship between the two people can’t be the word “betrayal”, it’s like who’s really loyal to whoever . In addition, Yuan Shichen did not fear Gilgamesh, and public opinion regarded him as a beggar (…), and Gilgamesh’s attitude towards Shichen was gradually well-understood— –

At the first time, Yuanzheng convinced Gilgamesh to attack assassin. At that time, the war began, and Shichen gave a gift to Gilgamesh, and he accepted it, but even so, for this matter. The gleaming evaluation is also “it is really annoying me with some trivial things, Shichen”, posing with dissatisfaction with such a strategy.

The second time, Yuan Shichen used the curse by his own judgment, and the screaming anger was also obvious — whether it was for the benefit of the war, it was a face problem, and he just put the words to the other side. Killing the film does not stay,” and the result is “retired” in the next second. What did you say at the time? ————“You are getting bolder, Shichen.”

The third time, the three kings, overlooking the time to test the rider’s treasures, let assassin spoiled, and at that time the sparkling belongs to the state of drinking high and just tuned saber, did not expect that the minister came to such a hand What is the sparkling mood? The novels are written clearly:

Although the feast was initiated by Rider, the wine was provided by Archer. Sending a killer in such a banquet, what is the intention of Shichen. This is tantamount to smearing the face of the hero king, does he know?

——————When the Yuanchen has been monitoring the Three Kings, how could he not know? But he doesn’t care.

Although Gilgamesh is second-handed, but it is transparent inside, I want to go through this, and Wang must understand it.

This person, although apparently can call himself “the king of the king”, can also bow down to himself and behave in a humble manner, but once it involves strategic matters, he will certainly perform as he personally thinks, and all things are not. Will discuss with himself, although even the curse is carried out in an “exhortation” way, but the core is still his personal heart.

In this way, the face is called “king”, the back is called “Archer”, the face is called “the courtier”, the guy who owns the initiative behind himself, until the Three Kings will execute his plan smoothly, can’t do it anyway. It’s called “summoning a slap” (laughs), even before the singer’s report, the mind is more obvious~~

Therefore, when the sea magic war, the sparks broke out, although this paragraph is ooc (after all, FSN is playing black cherry, FHA is very active in the wreckage), but the sparkling anger is also genuine: “Speak to the king about such rumors, It is to be self-satisfied!” (Have a few times, the anger is full) ——————Translated, it is love, I will not listen to you!

(And the same thing, if other masters say, I am afraid that the flashes will start early (automatic brain repair shore wave white and Tini). So, what ooc, or too hate the time of the minister?!)

Fortunately, the berserker group pulled hatred, and Gilgamesh was also willing to give him a face. He opened the boat to the top of the roof where Yutongyan night was located, and lowered the height appropriately, which made the Yuanshichen elegant. Landing instead of falling in front of the enemy (so the spark is not completely out of sight, the general FE, FSF, etc., he still has the “master” cognition), this matter has come to an end, Before Shichen left, his mouth was not idle, and he said “I wish you good luck”————————————————————————————————————————— This phase and the full crow mouth is also dead!

(Insert a sentence, many people have a wrong perception of Shichen, that is, he thinks that he will “fly”, “light power float”, “can jump the plane” or something, in fact, he will only drop the gravity, and there is The height limit, the reason why the sea magic warfare can be made there is because he helped him to drive the boat to the top of the destination and landed the height.)

And finally, the truth is the truth told by the ceremony.

He does have a heartfelt reverence for the “heroic king Gilgamesh”, but your servant is not the deity.
You are the embodiment of the hero king in the world, just the same as the statue or portrait.
He should be decorated in the most glamorous position in the gallery, and will be respectful and respectful when passing through the front. However, once the room has been remodeled and there is no room for it to be placed, it is of course solemnly destroyed.
In the end, Shichen is an out-and-out “magician”.
After all, he can still calmly recognize that the so-called servant is just a prop.
Even if you worship the spirit, you will not a statue Hold any fantasies.

(A statue, a statue, like……… automatically forms an echo.)

Therefore, Gilgamesh finally understood ——————but it is such a relationship.

Not a monarch, not a master or a partner,

It’s just a game.

Therefore, there is no such relationship as “betrayal or not” and “who betrayed who”.

Because from the beginning, I didn’t really put Gilgamesh in my eyes. When he is far away, he can bow his head and obey, but his heart will never really obey. His eyes are always farther away.

But it is such a relationship.

So, Gilgamesh laughed,” Good time ”。

After that, what he said, the translation is just that,” Then he is awesome. ”。

————————Wang must feel angry and funny, so mediocre, small people, I really think about such a thing in my heart, even if I had pre-judgment against his yang yin, I did not expect him to actually come. This step, I think so.

And I just smile.

I think of the talksession, Xiaoli also said that the relationship between Shichen and Shining said that “there are people who treat him so respectfully,” but the Speed ​​Water Prize (Shichen) immediately added one sentence. “But there is definitely no heart.” In respect of his part.”, and in another type of moon radio, the Speed ​​Water Prize is also emphasized. “When dealing with the relationship, I flatter it a bit.” “Shichen is not very respectful to Archer.” Everyone knows that Archer knows what he wants in his heart.”

—————— (So, as I said before, before the slap in the small report, Spark is not unaware of this relationship like the King’s game, and, the Speed ​​Water Prize, how much maintenance you have. …….. In all kinds of talksession, it emphasizes “no respect for archer”. ~~)

As well as looking forward to the time, it is not very concerned with the interaction between the sparkling and the sparkling. Many passers-by have said that compared with the shoremasters such as Kano, Tini, and Ritley, it’s really different for Shinsuke, and the ministers are so poor (and others can’t be able to Servant has a good relationship….), but to be honest, When he is far from care, he really doesn’t care, he really doesn’t care. —————— Just because you don’t care, you will use the spell, use assassin, carry the sparkle and the church to make rules in the case of knowing that sparkling will be angry. Archer is in his eyes, as long as there is nothing in the big direction. The problem is ok. As for the emotional aspect, for example, the archer’s attitude towards himself is good, and the archer will not reprimand himself. For the distant minister, it is really too small to be small. Even he himself would not care about the “differential treatment” in the eyes of passers-by, and he did not really think about how close the relationship with the sparkling, So this kind of sympathy and criticism is very cheap and meaningless.

After all, I just want to gamble and lose. I saw that Shichen and Gilgamesh played such a game and finally lost. That’s it. There is nothing to betray, no regrets, nothing at all.


Nowadays, I have read many F/Z novels, and I often read and read them. I think through the lines of words, I really don’t like Shichen (laugh).

He doesn’t like the character of this person. He doesn’t like the tactics of this person. After the assassin is completely destroyed, he will say “the guy has no ability to get the Holy Grail”. The degree of hate can be described by “forced paper back”. The fate series of works seems to have no such people who have repeatedly resented him like this (…)

However, I still feel that even if the ability of the minister is stronger and the tactics are more sophisticated, even if the minister is not a boring person, even if the minister does not want to kill the sparkle, these two people will never be compatible ( No matter what else, people who want to kill the sparkling have more to go.)

After all, from the very beginning, in the eyes of the king, it seems that there is no point in the war of the Holy Grail.

“Ah, it’s just too boring. What do you want to reach the omnipotent whirlpool of the omnipotent wish machine? This is simply a wish that has no meaning at all.”

And what kind of person is Wang?–

“It turns out. Indeed, I am only interested in this universe as my courtyard.”
It seems that the whole world is a declaration of its own things. It is worthy of being a hero, with such an arrogant attitude.
“I don’t have any interest in the areas that I don’t control. So I’m not concerned about what’s rooted.”

Even the rites, I know that Gilgamesh is such a person —

“When the minister is a typical representative of the magician, he is also the most right-wing one among the magicians. In today’s era, people who are purely pursuing magic like him no longer exist. Other guys are pursuing the world. The glory of grace. Prestige, desire, rights… everything is a wish that can be achieved in the ‘inside’ of the world.”
“Is this not very good? It is all that I love.”
“You are just the king who is at the apex of these vulgars, Gilgamesh.”
Archer smiled uncontrollably and drank the wine from the glass. It seems that he did not feel any insult to the evaluation of the ceremony.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— He does not understand that people other than himself will kill human beings, nor will they give up their own gardens, and they will not be able to plunder others to plunder their own treasures.

However, the distant ministers are not interested in the “inside” of the world. Gilgamesh wants to see the desires of human beings, wants to see a series of interesting things caused by this, and wants to see things that belong to “the common customs”, and these, I am sorry, Shichen can not give him completely. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Therefore, Wang must also ridicule: This guy has paid so much for things that are not in his own garden, but in the eyes of the king, it is completely meaningless.

And when he is far away, he will not compromise at all. He can be ridiculed, can be reprimanded, and even can give Gilgamesh a slap in the comics, but he can’t give up his own in order to satisfy the joy of Gilgamesh. Goal, after all, summoned to the world, just Archer.

So it can only be irreconcilable.

I often see passers-by, and when I look at the time, I use the words “the mediocrity” and “the commonplace”. But in fact, on the contrary, you can say that this person is very “ordinary” and “ordinary”, but you must not say that he is “vulgar”—-if the distant minister is really a vulgar person, Indulging in the enjoyment of the laity, then Gilgamesh really doesn’t necessarily hate him so much——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Chen’s ability and tactics, but Yuan Shichen did not even see his “garden”.

The ground is six pence, but some people only see the moon

Therefore, Wang will say that this person is really boring, that is really a desire that has no meaning at all.

It is ridicule and deep disappointment.

Even at the last moment, Wang still didn’t get what he wanted —

“Hey – it’s really disappointing.”
The red eyes showed a sly look, and Archer used his toes to point out the body of his former Master.
“I am still expecting him to come back with a counterattack before death. Look, his expression of stunned. Until the end, I didn’t realize my stupidity.”

—————— At the last moment, Wang must have thought of a different script in his mind. For example, he would see this person put down his trust in his disciples and come back with a counterattack; for example, he would see this person angry, Desperate, unstoppable expression —

But he did not see that Shichen was only “there was no understanding in the eyes, but with a lifeless, confused expression, fell on the carpet.”

Until the last moment, still letting people feel disappointed, I am really sorry, Gilgamesh (laughs).


In the end, even if it is said that the attitude of the minister to Gilgamesh is completely false, it is not entirely true, as the martyr knows —

Archer listened without saying a word, and asked the voice with a very cold expression.
“… Are you saying that the loyalty that Yuanshi Shichen showed to me is deceiving me?”
Yan Li understands the teacher’s personality. So, he slowly shook his head.

as well as,

The creed of Yuanchen is to respect the noble things. Even if you have the right to control the curse, or what kind of contract is made, you can’t reverse the expensive. Therefore, even as a Servant of his own, this golden youth in front of him should be crowned with the highest respect.

The attitude of treating Gilgamesh with “respect for noble things” is assigned to “Archer” when it is irrelevant (after all, no one will think that a prop is “noble”). It’s like no one thinks that their own tables and chairs are noble.) This is mostly emotional. It’s the only “loyalty” that Shichen gave to the sparkling.


Although the actual relationship is so bad, maybe there will be a better solution in the parallel world:

(Look, it doesn’t look very good…)



I found that I have habitually called it a “king”….. This is not good (laughs).

And, when it comes to sparkling, I will say a few more words. In fact, I have always wondered why the UBW line will become a black and concentrated area for passers-by. It is clear that the flash of the fate line is darker, similar to “No matter what kind of king, You are also a woman. Being overwhelmed and being desecrated is the woman’s blessing.” Ah, “Kick a man!? Looks like you have to be educated. Saberrrrr…………!” Ah, “I won’t be jealous of others.” Woman. Just grab it when you want it. “Oh, this kind of line is really too dark, shiny~~ (This kind of remark is really not discriminating against women…)

However, in the works that appeared later, there was no similar line. Anyway, it was really gratifying… (FUC faces the resurgence of the hair again….)

As for FZ? FZ’s sparkle, except that on the second floor, watching the geese collapse, holding the wine and laughing very happy, the other, nothing….. (teaching ritual? Don’t hit the sea magic? These two things Can be seen as ooc~~)

Let me say something interesting. In the starlight operetta, when the minister came back in a circle, he basically said things about 凛 and sakura, and also mentioned 绮礼 (what is trusted by the disciples to kill ~~), but Regarding the sparkling, I didn’t mention a word (the hero king without any sense of existence…)

So, I think he is real, I am willing to gamble and lose (laugh, so I am relieved).


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