Los Angeles & Osaka’s two major Universal Studios Raiders

This summer’s summer vacation is over. The magical high-temperature warning for two days can still see a lot of foreign tourists, they should all come to Disney. But today I don’t talk about Disney, let’s talk about Universal Studios that I prefer, and who makes their IP more worthy of my heart.

Let’s start with Universal Studios in California. I went in the summer and can see this iconic big ball as soon as I come in. It is not very hot to go in June and July, but you must do a good job of sun protection. Because there are a lot of wet items inside, it is recommended to go in the summer, and there are not many people. There are many channels for booking online, and you can find a more affordable one. I don’t think it is necessary to buy a VIP ticket for non-holiday holidays. Usually it is self-driving, and the parking fee seems to be about 20 knives with Shanghai Disney. After seeing the gate and scanning the code, it seems that there is no substantial ticket.

There is a pedestrian street between the entrance and the parking lot, which is basically for eating. The souvenir inside I looked like it was really expensive, and there were not many options. This is not comparable to Disney. After a round of turning, I think that their oversized gummy jelly is not bad, but I am afraid that it will melt or not buy when it is too hot…

This is the general map of the park. In fact, the project is not too much, basically based on ride. The most recommended is the water world and the Jurassic Park. The time of the various shows will be marked on the map, and you can arrange your own time. Since the Harry Potter Park is still under repair when I am going there, I will not show it here, and Osaka will go into detail later.

1.WaterWorld should be the most highly acclaimed project of the USLA. It has professional water stunts and blasting performances. It is definitely a must. Personally feel that you don’t lose the big show in Las Vegas, so it’s really worth lining up early to occupy a position. In the first few rows, there is a green soak zone (wet body area). If it is not convenient, you can sit a little bit backwards. If you are not afraid of wet, you can sit in the first row and interact with the actors.

2. The Xiaohuangren Park is not big, and the roller coaster facilities inside are not new, mainly for children. The theme is very new, first of all, after some training on the outside, after the “reform”, he will become a little yellow man.

3.Walking Dead is a haunted house. I didn’t dare to enter anyway…

4. The Simpsons (Simpsons) campus is very large, basically creating a mini version of Chuntian Town in the animation, many restaurants are here. The Moe’s bar and Luigi restaurant in the animation were highly restored, and I saw it as a very igniting iron powder. Simpson can be said to be a national animation in the United States, but unfortunately the popularity in the country is not high, so many aunts think that this is a child to play. The roller coaster is a spherical giant screen that is not very exciting, and the precision is not high. It feels that it is mainly played here.

5.Special Effects Show This is basically a teaching course. Osaka also has a similar venue but it is completely watching performances. The LA side is more about how to shoot various special effects, a bit like magic decryption, may be related to the Americans more creative, and interested in special effects production can be seen.

6. Universal’s Animal Actors (animal actors) are relatively unpopular projects, because there are not many people on the day and I have time to see them. Anyway, there are all kinds of small animal performances with stunts. If you don’t have time, you can’t go…

7. Jurassic Park is the second recommended, the first project to take the elevator down to the ground floor is it. It’s really cool to go to the water from the head to the feet in the summer. The dinosaurs are not very realistic, but they are really roller coasters, so they are very exciting. Finally, there will be a big weight loss, super invincible. The three Latin American girls who sat in the first row in front of me said that they had been sitting for three times and were still not addicted. They were soaked. The Jurassic Park in Osaka is still under construction, so don’t miss it here.

8. The mummies are also very exciting, and the inside is all black, so it is not clear how the orbit is constructed. The theme is good, according to the series of movies of the same name, all the way to see the projection of mummies, scarabs, graves, treasures. The effect is very realistic and the sound is also very good. The most exciting thing is that when you find that you are nearing the end, you will re-accelerate it again. The process is bumpy, it is recommended to store the mobile wallet before entering.

9. Transformers is the last park, and it feels very lively. There are bumblebees and Optimus Prime at the door to take pictures, this is very delicate, can’t squeeze in and look outside. Ride is also very popular. Later, I went to Osaka to find that the Harry Potter structure is exactly the same, but the new one is the 4K screen. This is also 3D, but I feel that the definition is not enough, so the immersion experience is general.

The final little suggestion is that you must be well-protected, and the California sunshine is too poisonous. There are many places in the park with water spray, plus the water poured by the project and the sweat of the self-flowing. Even if it is waterproof, the sunscreen should be sprayed several times. It can be imagined that the girl will be washed away without makeup. Finally The food and drinks inside are not too expensive, acceptable prices, and the mobile wallet can be put on the line or other things can be put on the car or stored.

Let’s talk about Universal Studios in Osaka, hereinafter referred to as USJ. It’s still the familiar big ball, but this time it’s winter and the weather is not good. Compared with LA, it is really necessary to buy a quick coupon. At that time, I just ate the loss of empiricism and just happened to run into a Japanese holiday. As a result, the team was still a long time. I don’t have a coupon, so I don’t know how to use it. It seems that many online Raiders are very clear and write something else~

The map is as above. Unlike LA, it should be taken by tram. I remember that I booked a nearby hotel for a night and it was very good. The hotel is especially warm and the price is not expensive. In general, USJ is relatively younger and less exciting.

When I went to Universal Studios in California, there was a pity that the Harry Potter Park, where the super highlight was over, had not yet been completed, so I came to Universal Studios Osaka, which became what I was most looking forward to.

The first thing to remind everyone is that don’t be ignorant of the hip-hop fans. The entire Harry Potter Park is crowded with fans from all over the world. The length and complexity of the queue are shocking.

The first step is to enter the Universal Studios and queue up to reserve the time of the park.

The second step, when you make an appointment, you have to queue up for entry.

The third step, the roller coaster to go to the Forbidden Forest Lodge needs to line up (about 30 minutes)

The fourth step is to queue up inside the Hogwarts Castle (about 1 hour +)

The fifth step, to participate in the taboo tour needs to line up (this time is difficult to estimate, we saw the team length is 4 hours +, will be shorter in the evening)

So, if you don’t want to waste precious time on the queue, buy a quick coupon for this project in advance. There are very few people who buy fast coupons. Almost all projects can be played immediately, which is very cost-effective.

Universal Studios Osaka is outside the castle in Hogmund Village, with a pig’s head bar, Hogwarts Express, Wand Shop, Hagrid’s Cabin, Ron’s Dad’s car, and many other familiar scenes. And things, seeing is really moving and excited. Although we went in the winter, the snow on the roof is fake.

Going to the pig’s head bar, you have to have a cup of butter beer. In the original book, it is simply blown into a healing artifact. It is the favorite of the Iron Triangle. It is warm and sweet. It feels good to have a cup of drink. I have always been very curious about its taste. What about it.

But if you really drink it…

It feels very general, there is no alcohol, the warmth is really warm, the sweetness is sweet to a bit horrible, like drinking a big cup of hot honey cream syrup, it doesn’t feel very suitable for Chinese taste, just buy a cup as a souvenir ~

Hogwarts Castle built an identical in the park. I don’t know if it is 1:1, but the scale is really magnificent. It is difficult to take a panoramic view of the mobile phone lens. Let’s take a look.

Entering the castle is not restricted to tourists taking pictures. There are also many familiar scenes, such as the classroom of the potion class and the oil paintings that move. But the light is too dark, and it is difficult to shoot without long exposure. This is a bit too intimate.

However, when it comes to visiting the castle, there are some episodes. We didn’t know that the teams visiting the castle interior and the taboo tour were arranged separately. They went to the castle team and then rowed for N for a long time. After seeing it for ten minutes, we ended up thinking that we were on the wrong road, so we went into an elevator and saw if there were other floors.

(The focus here is. Because most of the staff in USJ are not very good at English, many of the logos are also in Japanese. The consultation is basically not to be considered. The main thing is to check by yourself. Don’t wait for the team to be like us…)

After the elevator door opened, we were forced. In front of it was a corridor full of silent ridge style. There was no one. The more we went forward, the more we didn’t have the bottom, but with the mentality of coming, we decided Still go ahead and explore where you are going.

After seven rounds and eight rounds, another door was opened and found to be in the background of the taboo tour. The staff on duty were caught on the spot. The staff was in a mess of English and it was difficult to communicate. The chicken and the duck talked for a long time and alerted their supervisor. Fortunately, the English is good. She asked us when we came in. We understood that when we entered Universal Studios, we said eight o’clock (at that time it was more than 12 o’clock), and she was scared after listening to her face. Then, let us tell you that if we go back and re-queue for four hours, this time we are scared.

Fortunately, the director is kind and responsible. She finally gave us a solution. If we go out for a stroll and come back at two in the afternoon, we can arrange for us to go in the fast lane. We were happy to tears on the spot. It was just a meal. We went out to have a meal and went shopping. It took more than an hour to pass, which is equivalent to saving us four hours! It is obvious that I have misplaced the team and went wrong. The result is also treated preferentially. I really appreciate the understanding of the other party.

As for the most exciting taboo tour, I said it was 4K3D, and the effect is very good. There is no way to take pictures, there is no way to say more, the main line is the process of fighting with the fire dragon in the flame cup. The whole process of high-energy, no-urine point, thrilling and exciting, is still full of lingering, and the sound is never lost. Our best personal experience, indescribable and wonderful journey, the world’s fans should be pilgrimage once and for all, will never be disappointed!

Other tours seem to have no bright spots. The great white shark is very casual to take a boat. Anyway, I don’t remember to play a little. Fortunately, when we went to Christmas Eve, the atmosphere of the entire park was good, and there were Christmas fireworks at night.

The only thing that is more exciting is the Hollywood roller coaster. It is very large. I feel that I can hear the screams from the roller coaster. We didn’t dare to play, but later I thought that other projects were a little boring and went to the queue. It was discovered that there are two kinds of roller coasters here. One is to sit down and sit down. We chose to follow it, but I didn’t expect it to be good. The music played was very Japanese in the second dimension. When you hit the highest air, you can see the night scene of Osaka. Don’t miss the students who are not afraid. .

The finale is coming! This should be the best of this trip, I did not expect to be able to find such a strong Donghaha in such a place where the old and the young are suitable: Godfather original film! The price is not a matter of course, but it is a bit of a hot hand, but in the category of collectibles, I think it is a big bargain. The shopping guide may look like my eyes are shining. I have been selling with not very good English. I was also moved. After I bought it, he still did not give up and continued to sell Al Pacino’s signature photo. Fortunately, my card was swept away. Resist the temptation. In Hollywood, I didn’t find such a weighty thing at all. It seems that the Japanese have a big cold for this. When I bought it, there is another one. I don’t know if I sold it.

I don’t know if it has aroused everyone’s innocence. Next stop, Singapore’s Universal Studios will walk!

This column is forbidden to reprint without permission!

This column is forbidden to reprint without permission!

This column is forbidden to reprint without permission!