(LPL Spring Games) 1.19 WEvsOMG FPXvsSS Event Summary and Analysis

Today’s game is very cool.

WE is the mad night of the carry, looking very stunning, thinking about his peak period, but did not expect the progress so big.

Don’t blow, don’t blow.

In fact, even more amazing is FPX, the three factors on their team are very bright, united, brave, and hard. What’s more important is that it is very brainy, which is a very good news for a new team.

Don’t blow, don’t blow.

A very explosive team.

Let’s talk about the game directly. SS and OMG I think that their strategy is not a big problem. The OMG problem is the strength of the team and the strength of some players.

What about SS?

Still, the words are a little bit timid, once bitten by the dragon, ten years afraid of the rope.


first round

On BP, OMG’s mind was very deep. They grabbed the EZ in one hand, and the Tsar and Zuo Yi were released. The second hand grabbed the combination of the scorpion and the kidney.

From the known intelligence point of view, the core of WE is currently in the middle, a bit short is the newcomers playing wild and the next road. Therefore, they use caution to help, let their middle-point more powerful point to go to the night, and then assist with the scorpion crazy military training 957.

This is also the best solution for playing the current WE.

However, terrible things have happened.

The OMG’s wilderness killed the opposite single, and from then on, the tsar was infinitely suppressed.

The Tsar plays Zuoy, and does not say whether you can complete the developmental suppression. At the very least, this version can be opened on the line, and of course it is a test of the position.

The Tsar’s fault tolerance rate is bigger than that of Zuoy.

Under the premise of a bit of collapse in the middle of the road, the OMG tactics remain unchanged, and the basic tactics of military training are still maintained. They are not worried about the suppression of the Tsar.

As long as the Tsar can develop and equip, the big tree will come to fight on its own side.

However, they neglected one thing, that is, if Zuoyi is well developed, he can do all the things.

If it is not left Yiyi, the second time, the scorpion and the tsar’s combination, leaving two people no problem, can stay two people Tsar development will not fall too much.

Unfortunately, no.

When the scorpion died, the tsar applauded and the pursuit was stopped.

The original WE was a bit lossy, but the result turned into a favorable cross tower because of the death of the nephew.

No matter, no matter what, I will catch the road, I want to wait for our strong time to fight with you.

Because we have tsars and big trees, this powerfully controlled hero.

Strong control, if it doesn’t stand, it doesn’t make sense. Because of the ineffective control of OMG, the Tsar went up and ordered a few seconds to be opposite AD.

There is a strong left-handedness to win the prize, and there is a rise of Xia, OMG, as long as a core output lineup has been bankrupt here.

If the Tsar can stabilize and help the tree grow faster, it will be fine.

If it is not stabilized, then the team will be harvested on the edge of EZ, and the win is basically impossible to win.

Therefore, after the late night classmates touched the first prize, OMG completely GG.

Second inning

There are too many people who want BAN and too few people to put them.

How many teams in WE’s grasshopper system are clear? Left Yi? Just finished. Big mouth? One of the big sign heroes.

The emperor did not dare to let go.

Therefore, in the end, OMG had a tragedy on BP, and the anti-pressure vampire on the road, skateboard shoes were also given to WE.

WE can play too many cards in hand, and OMG is still a team battle system.

A picture can illustrate a lot of problems.

It is basically impossible for a vampire to eat Nal alone. If you catch it, you can’t kill it. The emperor has to give Nal pressure.

At this point in time, the wandering is dead again. It is the only good thing that the head is not a Casa. The upper and lower roads of WE in this game are the dominant roads, and you can press the line to attract the attention of the opposite side.

Let your family’s middle orders develop better and faster.

If the wilderness is in the process of arresting people, it will do its best.

That WE can build an economic gap from the fact that the tower is slowly pushing the tower. Once the Casa is up, the OMG is unstoppable.

Playing the economic difference, control the vision to use the skate shoes to get the dragon, in one go.

The last four kills of staying up late is a icing on the cake after the success of this tactic, and the root cause of the tactical success is the strength of the middle is enough.

If the middle road is broken, and the wilderness is pinned down, the emperor can keep going to work, and the WE is not good in the middle.


Summary comments: I can only say that the progress of X Huang is beyond my imagination. It may also be that the single kill king icon is a bit bad, in short, WE won.

The OMG lost.

OMG has a lot of tactical tactics this season, the first round of tactics is very good.

I hope that the icon will be retrieved as soon as possible and lead the OMG back into the finals.

that’s it.



first round

Both sides have their own choices, whether it is a vampire or a cautious admission. Or FPX is to play a strong single point system, as long as you have a good time, you will have your own medium-term situation.

There is also a problem, FPX can consider not doing anything in the early stage, but SS can’t.

Once in the real post, the SS system faces the FPX’s bald head and small cannon, and this kind of thing will not go smoothly.


The scorpion started to rhythm, then the tower, the snowball and the killing. Mainly, I have lost the operating space in the wild area from now on.

This version of the scorpion is strong for a few minutes, you let him catch it.


No way, SS also tried to fight back, but it was just a fight.

Second inning

What’s worse is that FPX’s group control is less, and it’s a bit too dependent on the rhythm of the previous period. If you can’t open the situation in the early stage.

That FPX is likely to be GG.

However, the lineup of both sides is remarkable, and there are explosions and harvests.

Nine people broke out in about 10 minutes, while the grasshopper had only two assists.

The single game in the SSG is not ideal. In theory, he should cooperate with the emperor to fight against the enemy or other roads, but the first ten minutes is a little confused.

Let’s put the lens in front.

This head of people broke out in a short time.

SS does not want to let the dragon, tough to pick up the group, followed by FPX to get the dragon, exchanged on the road. Both sides want to play faster, but FPX is significantly faster and more proactive.

SS is passively taking over this move at this time.

FPX made a mistake and sent all the firepower to Bron. After the people behind it entered the FPX, they had lost the ability to pick up the group. In this process, it is always FPX that occupies the dominance of the group.

The mistake is the mistake.

Courage is courage.

One yard owned by a yard.

Really, I can’t always understand what the logic of this dragon is, the captain has TP, and SS has vision.

It is very passive, although the final SS won, but SS just won the young FPX, the SS is far behind in courage.

Third game



I don’t know what to say, a system that no tank has, and the king of the river is released. Who are you going to open? This year really, there are very good teams and a particularly good BP, but there are also very devil BP.

Let’s just say this.

You have spent so much effort to catch people, to play the output, and the king of the river has swallowed up your efforts.

And, because of the lack of control, the vampires can only run around.

Vampire data will be fine, although this game is relatively long, but it is almost FPX unilateral crushing victory. Why do you want to choose such a Muggle lineup at home?

There is really nothing to say.

The legendary home buff.

On the other hand, FPX is very good.

The new team with more potential today can continue to observe.

Summary Comments: The snake team opened its doors, not much to say.

Great luck.

Great luck.

Great luck.

Who is the commander of FPX, I am very curious, their team in the ancient dragon’s emergency dragon change, decisively blocking the SS face to take the big dragon.

The performance is very eye-catching.

Look forward to their confrontation with a stronger team.


Too sleepy.

Got to sleep.