Luhan Guan Xiaoyu announces love: I feel OK

Lu Han said in an interview with the media that a girlfriend will be open to the public.

Today, on the last day of the National Day holiday, Luhan did it.

He posted his girlfriend to 39.09 million fans on Weibo, letting the world know his love.

Guan Xiaotong also responded sweetly.

However, the fans cried! ! ! I thought it was for the new drama “Sweet Crit”.

Sweet crit, sweet is ta, crit all gave millions of fans!

Why is she? Why is she? (It seems that it is not Guan Xiaoyu, you have a chance.)

Why not Di Lieba? Land powder has fallen to the wall.

I thought that Fat Di was also a fan of the fans. Now… how do you think about apologizing?

As soon as the news came out, the Weibo server collapsed, and a circle of deer smashed the circle of friends. Many people cried and shouted to take the clearance.

As a traffic flow, public love will usher in a wave of powder?


On the contrary, Luhan’s fans have been growing from 39.09 million at noon to 10:00 in the evening, 40.44 million, 40.55 million, 40.72 million…

Guan Xiaotong’s Weibo fans are also showing a growing trend and are expected to exceed 20 million.

This proves that after the spit, everyone is quite rational. Other star friends have also expressed their blessings on Weibo. Deng Chao calls Luhan: Do you still go home to eat at night?

Some people say that the value of Luhan is higher than that of Guan Xiaotong. Guan Xiaoyu has no representative works. Guan Xiaoyu is not worthy of Luhan…

But I think Luhan Guan Xiaoyu is quite OK for CP!

First of all, this is the boyfriend that Guan Xiaoyu has come to rely on his own skills.

In addition, one is a small fire, and the other is a national prostitute, which is a hot star in the entertainment industry.

Guan Xiaotong, born in 1997, is a child star, and he has a good family life. Young and white-looking and long-legged, Nortel’s sophomore year is relying on his own efforts to drive the family.

This has already taken a few streets for the same age.

When you get better, you may know what she is up to.

What’s more, two people fall in love by relying on two emotions, looking at the right eye, feeling coming, not what popularity, works, performance skills instead.

As for Guan Xiaotong, he said that he must not fall in love before graduating from college, and he must be a substitute for a kiss, and he only married Li Yifeng. Words, people set up collapse? Who hasn’t been naive? It can only be said that love is unprepared and unattended.

Finally, the idol’s girlfriend, blessing is the greatest support for idols.

Your idol should deserve better, but in fact, it is better, he feels good, even if you drop the powder, you have to tell people around the world.

blessing! ! !

Love is to confess to her in front of the world. Call for the deer’s actions!

Such a simple and straightforward disclosure, what we want when we fall in love is also the attitude of the other party.

How many times have you suffered or not? It is not because of the attitude of the other party that you cannot give proof of a love you want.

Some people talk about long-lasting love, but the world only has two of them who are lovers of each other.

Some people haven’t come together yet, and the love between each other’s eyes has already been seen in others.

If the other party tells you that we are just beginning to fall in love, the feelings are still unstable, let us not let you know.

Don’t send friends, don’t introduce to friends, don’t consider taking you to see parents…

Ready to disperse it.

How can you really love someone without even having the courage to open up?

My favorite person is a hero, I know that one day he will make me a thousand tenderness in a situation that is highly anticipated.

Publicity is not for showing off, but for the recognition of both sides in this love, giving a sense of security to the beloved.

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