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The following Marvel movie universe history is not limited to the content of the film produced by Marvel Pictures, but also includes the TV works that Marvel now holds copyright and the comics that complement the film and TV works.

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Ten years ago, the manpower of reselling comic characters went to the brink of bankruptcy. That year, the Disney company took the opportunity to acquire Marvel, and the Marvel, who was supported by the gold master, immediately began to brew how to turn over. That year, Marvel launched the negative news-ridden Robert Downey in “Iron Man” and threw out the concept of the Marvel movie universe.

Ten years later, Marvel Film’s third stage of the film universe has been closed, and the collection of the work “Avengers: Infinite War” detonated the global box office, has achieved a global box office of 1.971 billion US dollars, ranking fourth in the history of film, The top three are “Avatar”, “Titanic”, “Star Wars 7”. More worthy of Marvel’s pride is that in the history of the top ten box office records, Marvel produced four seats.

I have to admit that Marvel spent ten years completing his own nirvana. However, due to the long time span of viewing, and the foundation of the Marvel movie universe, Marvel’s intricate plot and character relationship. Today, we will work with you to comprehensively sort out the history of Marvel’s film universe.

The dark stage before the creation

The Marvel movie universe defines the universe as a cycle, that is, the universe is in endless destruction and rebirth. The collector once told the members of the Galaxy Guard that the roots of the infinite gems are in the last universe.

At the time of the chaos of the universe, six singularities appeared, followed by the Big Bang, which produced the present universe, and the shards of the six singularities gradually merged to form six infinite gems.

Also coming from the chaos to the universe are the dark elves, who live on darkness and attempt to use the power of etheric particles (realistic gems) to put the universe in the dark forever.

Source of the story: “Galaxy Guard”, “Raytheon 2: The Dark World”

Tianshen Group era

At the beginning of the universe, a powerful race, the Cosmic Gods group, appeared. They can manipulate any substance and even change the logic concept at will. The collector once showed the images of the Tenjin group when introducing the infinite gems. Later, what happened to the Tianshen group was not known. It is likely that it was gradually ruined in wars of other races, leaving only huge body debris floating in the universe. The most famous one is the formation of a huge skull. Space base Knowhere. According to the collector, some people used the power of the gemstone to defeat the Tenjin group, but they were also countered by the power gemstones. From then on, the power gem will be hidden from the planet Morag.

In addition, Star’s father Ego is also a member of the Tenjin group. Although domestic fans have a strict distinction between the Tenjin group and the Tenjin people, they think that Ego is only a god god, but in the movie, the original English texts of these two expressions are Celestials. .

Source of the story: “Galaxy Guard”, “Galaxy Guard 2”

Wakanda established

2.5 million years ago, a vibrating gold meteorite fell on the continent of East Africa. Since then, the energy of the gold has led the animals and plants here to evolve in a unique way. About 10,000 years ago, humans began to settle here. In the wars of the five major tribes, the first black panther was born. He united the tribal forces and established the world’s first civilization, Wakanda. And began to study the mysterious power of Zhenjin. In order to ensure that Zhenjin does not flow out, Wakanda has a strong isolationism, and the two ears do not smell the window, but the technology has been able to rely on Zhenjin for a long-term development.

Source of the story: “Black Panther”

The origin of the alien and the Hydra

Thousands of years ago, the blue-skinned Cree family emerged as a militant empire. They began to walk through the universe, experimenting with the races they encountered to create superheroes and use them as weapons. Although most of these experiments were unsuccessful, the Cree succeeded in transforming a hunter on Earth to form the first alien, Alves, the hive.

But the hive did not become a weapon of the Cree. Instead, it joined other aliens to drive the Cree out of the earth. But because of the power of the hives, the rest of the aliens, together with humans, banished him to a planet called Maveth. There, the hive had its own admirers and formed its own organization, the Hydra.

The relationship between aliens and humans who remain on Earth is also becoming increasingly tense. Under the circumstance, the aliens chose to migrate to the outposts established by the Cree on the moon and control their own population through a strict caste system.

Source of the story: The third season of The SHIELD Agent, The Alien

The history of Asgard

In 2988 BC, the nine stars were connected in a line, and the dark elf leader Malekith, who felt the opportunity to come, tried to use the power of realistic gems to bring the universe back into the darkness, but was led by Thunder’s grandfather Bohr to Asgard. The army defeated. Bohr realized the power of the real gem and hid it. The survivors of the Dark Elves sleep again under the leadership of Spicy Chicken, waiting for the next nine-star.

After Bohr, he was succeeded by his son Odin. Odin’s initial implementation was an iron-blood policy that ordered Asgard’s army to fight and plunder, and his most powerful battle was his daughter Hella. But despite the passage of time, Odin realized that he had made a mistake and began to adjust the policy to benevolent means, which was strongly opposed by Hella. In desperation, Odin decided to exile his daughter and erased all the imprints about her existence. After many years, Oden’s decision triggered the destruction of Asgard.

In 1000 AD, the chief of the Frost Giant, Laufi, led the army to invade the Earth. In order to protect the earth, Asgard’s army intervened and counterattacked. In the process, the Frost Giant was rushed back to his hometown. Odin also adopted a Frost Giant’s child as a adopted child in the war. He hopes this child In the future, it will serve as a link between the two races. This child is the god of lies and mischief – Loki.

Source of the story: “Raytheon” 1-3, “Shenzhen Agent” first season

The destruction of the Titans

Titan Star was once a colorful alien world. However, due to the long life of the Titans, the population of the Titans has grown geometrically upward. A philosopher on the Titan star, the tyrant, believes that a highly-populated population will consume the resources of the Titans and will eventually bring destruction. To this end, he proposed his own solution – the massacre, which killed half of the population immediately. In the eyes of the tyrants, this massacre is completely fair because it does not distinguish between rich and poor. But the rulers of Titan Star did not think so. They called the tyrant to be a madman and expelled him.

Unfortunately, the warning of tyranny became a reality, and the depletion of Titan’s resources led to a huge disaster. The Titans were extinct, leaving only a single seedling. At this time, the tyrant realized that if sitting and watching, then things happening in his hometown would be staged again and again in the universe, so he decided to bring balance to the universe through the power of infinite gems.

Source of the story: “The Avengers 3: Unlimited War”

Kunlun and Hand Club

In the distant past, human wise men discovered a multidimensional space, and in another dimension established a mysterious city – Kunlun. Every 15 years, the entrance to the multidimensional space will open and Kunlun City will appear. In order to protect the entrance and Kunlun City, Tekken became the guardian of Kunlun.

Five disciples of Kunlun Mountain, Alexandra, Mrs. Gao, Boss, Suwanda, and Murakami were expelled for trying to use keel fossils to achieve immortality. These five people are the founders of the hand-joining association. In the process of pursuing the keel, the hand-jointing has caused many tragedies. The most tragic one is that the 79th year of the volcano erupted in the volcano, causing the ancient city of Pompeii. destroy.

In order to deal with the evil hand-to-handy meeting, the elders of Kunlun Mountain decided to fight with it and sent the most powerful weapon – Tekken. Tekken chose to train the victims of the hand-joining, and these people formed another organization, the Holiness. Thus, the Holiness will begin a long millennial war with the hand.

Source of the story: The second season of “Super Hero”, the first season of “Tekken”, the first season of “Defender Alliance”

Hydra and the Nazi alliance

In the 1930s, Hydra used the rise of Nazi organizations to expand power and influence for itself. The most typical is the Hydra scientist John Schmidt, who believes that the legend of Asgard is the key to studying ancient science. He madly plucked the members of the SS and successfully seized control of the Nazi Weapons Research Program project on the long knife night of 1934.

Under the leadership of Schmidt, Hydra insisted on a two-pronged approach. The first is to develop advanced weapons through Dr. Anim Zola’s project and to carry out weapons verification in the Spanish Civil War; while Schmidt is more keen on the development of superhumans, especially for Dr. Enskan (R & D Team) The super serum scientist) is obsessed with theory. In 1935, when Dr. Enskan tried to escape from the oppression of the Jewish Germany, Schmidt held him and forced him to cooperate with the Hydra organization.

Under the leadership of Schmidt, Minamata adhered to two research paths. Arnim Zola continued to develop advanced weapon systems, and during the Spanish Civil War, Hyra secretly tested. But Schmidt is more interested in trying to create a perfect human being and is fascinated by Dr. Abraham Erskine’s theory. In September 1935, when Oskin tried to escape from Germany, Schmidt intercepted him and forced him to cooperate with Hydra.

In 1940, the British intelligence agency obtained a video of the Nazi and Hydra weapons testing in Guernica, Spain, and shared this information with the United States. This evidence led the Strategic Science Corps (the predecessor of the SHIELD, hereinafter referred to as the SHIELD) to believe that the Hydra could no longer sit idly by and recruit the talented scientist Howard Stark to develop a counter-plan.

In November 1940, Schmidt forced Dr. Enskan to conduct a serum test of the super-warrior, and Schmidt was transformed into a red dragonfly. Before Hung Hom was preparing to kill Dr. Enskan, the British intelligence officers succeeded in saving him.

Time went to December 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and the United States officially joined the war. Three months later, the Hydra’s weapons program made great strides. Hung Hom discovered the space gem that Odin left on the earth and intended to use it as a source of energy for the weapon.

Source of the story: “Captain America 1”, comics “Captain America: First Revenge”

SHIELD’s fight against Hydra

The SHIELD Super Soldiers program proved to be a success, and despite being assassinated by agents sent by Hydra, Dr. Enskan was successful – Stilwell Rogers, a small man from Brooklyn, New York, successfully Super warrior. Although the original purpose of the US team was only propaganda tools, in October 1943, the US team successfully rescued prisoners of war in an unauthorized operation, which also led him to be recruited into SHIELD.

The Hydra continues to study supernatural phenomena. In 1945, Werner Reinhart discovered an obelisk left by the Cree in Portugal. He took the monument back to the Austrian laboratory and conducted a human test there. In the same year, the US Army’s Fifth Infantry Division encountered a supernatural phenomenon known as “zero matter”, which was also a test of Hydra.

After paying a heavy price, the good teammate of the US team, Baki Barnes, sacrificed (then considered a sacrifice), and the Justice Party captured Dr. Anim Zola, a scientist of Hydra, and used Dr. Zola’s The intelligence launched a fatal blow to the Hydra. In desperation, Hung Hom was driven by space gems-driven Valkyrie bombers ready to bomb the United States. Who expected the US team also boarded the plane, and after the fight, the two super soldiers were considered dead. But in reality, the US team was frozen in the polar regions of Greenland, and the red dragonfly was transmitted to the distant Wormy planet.

Subsequently, SHIELD destroyed the base of the last Hydra, where Reinhardt was located in the Austrian laboratory, where he obtained the obelisk and numbered it as item 84 (the mysterious item, the obelisk is The first, the mysterious item number after this is 084).

Source of the story: “Captain America 1”, “Self Shield Agent” second season, comics “Beauty Team and Raytheon Collection”, comics “Captain America: First Revenge”, comics “Avengers Alliance: The Avengers”

Tianshen group regression

In the deep universe, the only member of the Tenjin group, Ego, created a biological form for himself. Ego travels around the universe, hoping to meet the same people until he realizes that he is the only one remaining.

Ego, who felt lonely, decided to turn the whole universe into a part of himself, but found that he could not achieve this plan without the help of another god group. So he traveled the universe and planted it extensively, hoping that the DNA of certain races could be merged with the image of the gods. In 1980, Ego came to Earth and met Meredith Quill.

Ego is afraid that he really fell in love with Meredith, because living in the earth for a long time, Ego will become a mortal, and will gradually die. To get rid of this fear, Ego created a tumor in Meredith and left the earth. Since then, Meredith gave birth to a boy named Peter Quill. In 1988, Meredith died of cancer progress. Ego, who was informed of this situation, took the little boy Peter back, but he took the boy himself. This boy is also the star of the future.

Source of the story: “Galaxy Guard”, “Galaxy Guard 2”

The secret of immortality

In 1989, the agents of Hydra discovered the stranger Jia Ying. They realized that Jia Ying was an experimental product of Reinhardt during World War II, but it did not grow old after years of tempering. Stunned by this discovery, Hydra managed to rescue Reinhart, who is still serving his sentence, from prison. After being released from prison, Reinhardt’s pseudonym Daniel Whitehall dismembered Jia Ying and changed her organs to her body to regain her youth. Finally, Jia Ying’s husband, Mr. Haide (Calvin Zabo) discovered the body of Jia Ying in Austria.

In order to resurrect Jia Ying, the life of an entire village was drained. This terrorist act caused the vigilance of the SHIELD. A team of SHIELD agents took away Jia Ying’s daughter, Daisy, hoping she could stay away from her parents’ terrorist acts. In order to recapture his daughter, Jia Ying and Mr. Hyde went all the way to the members of the SHIELD. The last surviving SHIELD agent sent the child to the orphanage and named Skye. She is the future shock woman.

After experiencing Whitehall’s torture and loss of women, Jia Ying left her husband and chose to spend the rest of her life in a colony of aliens.

Source of the story: “The SHIELD Agent” first season, second season

Hydra’s Super Soldier Program

The Hydra shows interest in Pim particles, discovered by SHIELD consultant Hank Pim, who unlocks the size limit and can perform some special tasks through this technique. Of course, this also caused Hank Pim to pay a heavy price. His wife was killed in an attack on the intercontinental missile against the United States.

At the same time, Daniel Whitehall is working on a “particle infusion generator.” This research aims to inject specific particles into an object, giving the object the properties of the particles. Whitehall thinks that the most appropriate thing is nothing more than a person. He asked a Hydra student to undergo artificial insemination.

In the end, Pim particles proved to be a dead end; when Hank Pim learned that SHIELD tried to replicate his technique, he withdrew. Since then, Hydra has turned his attention to Dr. Franklin Hall, who studies gravity.

In December 1991, Hydra discovered that Howard Stark successfully copied the Super Warrior serum and ordered the Winter Soldier to assassinate the Stark and snatch the serum samples. Despite having serum, the Hydra experiment was not successful. The state of the experimenters was not stable, and they were forced to cry.

Source of the story: “Ant Man”, “Captain America 3: Civil War”, “Shenzhen Agent” Season 5

The betrayal of Prince Nibucho and the smuggling of Crow

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, in order to monitor potential threats, Wakanda’s King Techaca began sending spies around the world, including his younger brother, Prince Nipbu. Prince Nibucho, who came to the United States, fell in love with a black woman and gave birth to a child. On the day when his wife and children were hot-headed, Prince Nipbu also felt that black people were oppressed and discriminated against the world outside of Makanda. He hoped that Vukanda would intervene in this phenomenon and began to smuggle gold weapons and carry out revolutionary output.

Prince Nibucho and the smuggler Crow conspired to smuggle and smuggle, but Crow was captured but successfully escaped. King Techaka personally conducted an investigation and discovered his brother’s treason. In the process of preparing to bring his brother back to the country for trial, Techaka killed the brother who tried to resist and abandoned his brother’s illegitimate child in the United States. Crow is still doing the smuggling of gold, and has been successfully ridding the pursuit of Vakanda.

Source of the story: Black Panther

The fate of Zehbay

In the distant universe, people on the planet Zehberg are experiencing fear and demise. Upholding half of the people who came to kill is coming here for the sake of sustainable development, randomly killing half of the people here, and thinking that he is doing good things and reducing the burden for the entire universe. In Zehau Berry, the tyrants and the card magic acquaintance, and she was adopted as a foster daughter, followed by the left and right.

Source of the story: “The Avengers 3: Unlimited War”

To be continued! ! !