“Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a male/female student.”

Earlier, I wrote an article article Discuss the failure of the feminist movement. Now, I want to start from a Christian standpoint and try to put forward a discourse and practice that establishes differences between men and women and gives them different responsibilities and obligations. I hope that when my daughter one day asks me, “Mom, what kind of woman I want to be when I grow up,” I can not only tell her to have honesty, integrity, kindness, courage, etc. All of the same qualities can also tell her pride, honor, prudence, responsibility, and obligation that are unique to women and are different from men.

In the last article, I wrote that the main reason for the failure of feminism was because of its de- sexification:

The reason why radical or left-wing feminism failed is that it erroneously and even brutally transformed men and women into an abstract, de-sexized “person” and distinguished the genders of “male” and “female” and that they were different. The content and meaning of the cultural context were completely erased, depriving people and women of the possibility of fundamentally establishing different identity attributes.

The left-wing feminists in the 1970s and the 1970s have realized that de-sexification (both men and women) has improved women’s status to a certain extent, but at the same time it has caused us to lose a set of effective discourse and practice to distinguish them. Bisexuality, which creates the illusion of gender-blind, loses identity and behavior patterns that are unique and different from each other as men and women. Especially in the Islamic countries, the spontaneous rise of the godly study of the Koran and the hijab is a huge rally for Western radical feminist rights. These Islamic girls want to say: ” We very much agree with and cherish the identity of women based on our culture and religion. Please do not take away our identity.

Interestingly, the Western countries that have realized that they are wrong, or China, have not established a set-back like the Islamic countries. New discourses and practices that give men and women differences and give each other different responsibilities and obligations . I think the main reason is to fear that the differences between men and women are essential (for example, boys are good at logical women who are good at nursing), which creates stereotypes and deepens the exploitation and oppression of women through stereotypes. I think this worry is quite reasonable. If you are not careful, for example in the Islamic godly movement, it is very likely that you will have new and even self-driven oppression.

So, I make two statements here:

First, as a Christian, I am not an anti-essentialist. I believe that people have certain essential qualities, and men and women have certain essential differences. However, the differentiation between intrinsicization and socialization, such as the fact that boys are good at logic girls and good at nursing is the result of socialization, is not an essential difference.

Second, the property analysis and behavioral models I’m trying to build are based on the Bible, so if you’re not a Christian you won’t necessarily recognize it, although I think that Christians can gain insight and wisdom from the Bible whether they are Christians or not. However, there is no need to force it. When I was writing, I imagined that I was talking to my daughter. I wanted to tell her how to tell the difference between men and women, how God taught us through the Bible, and what obligations and responsibilities we had to assume.

The first thing I want to tell my daughter: The status of men and women is completely equal

The Lord said: “The man alone not good I will create a spouse for him to help him. (Genesis 2:18)

The Bible has long been used as a basis for inequality between men and women. Common arguments are that men, for example, were made before women, but flowers, birds, and insects were first created before humans. How can we not say that the former rank higher than the latter? There was a woman who had first eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but the reproaches “The woman gave me to eat” was what Adam said in order to evade responsibility. It was not what God said. God’s reproof of men and women is as severe. No woman has committed a bigger mistake than a man. The position of a man higher than that of a woman is entirely a patriarchal society that substitutes his own values ​​into the misunderstanding of the Bible and thus rationalizes the man’s rule over women.

However, the truth is that the woman’s being created complements the defect of the man’s solitary life, and thus the person with the image of God can be fully completed.

This is a very interesting thing. In the entire process of creating God, it is good to look at everything that is created. However, when it comes to people, God said that the first “is not good.” The person who lives alone is not good. Why live alone, English is being alone? The answer is in chapter 1 verses 26 and 27, where it says: “God said, we have to follow we The image of the we The style of the creation of mankind… God created man in his own image, but created man and woman according to his image.” You see, God is the plural God and will be made in the image of plural Gods. Adam was created at the beginning of the creation of a singular man, so God said that being alone is not good and cannot completely reflect God’s image, but because man is not God, he cannot have The attributes of singularity and pluralism can only truly reflect the image of God when they are combined and must also be combined into a single form when they are combined into two.

In this way, the creation of men and women actually reflects the attributes of God’s Trinity (this is not to presume the marriage relationship between Christ and the church). The Trinity relationship is embodied in the unity of the three Gods who are completely equal but have different attributes and functions. Men and women are completely equal before God but have different attributes and functions. The Bible is based on this.

I want my daughter to know:

Every child, regardless of his gender, skin color, ethnicity, whether born in a wealthy family or a poor family, whether ta is healthy or ill, whether ta is a noble or a civilian, ta is the god of war. Made. Ta is in the mother’s womb, God has covered ta. Ta’s creation is wonderfully awe-inspiring. Ta was created in the dark and was connected in the depths of the earth. The unformed constitution that God has seen. The day God has set, ta hasn’t been for one day, and God has written it in his book. God’s thoughts are so precious to ta. How many are their numbers!

The second thing I want to tell my daughter: the different attributes of men and women

If you are husbands, you also need to live with your wife as you see fit. Because she is weaker than you (Become weaker than your weak original), and bear the grace of life with you, so respect her. (1 Peter 3:7)

I said that the “liberation” of the feminist movement abolished the gender difference and considered that all differences are essentialism. All of them are prejudices, and they are all for the oppression and restraint of the patriarchal society against women. I admit that this argument was established at many times, but at the same time we should not deny that men and women do have different attributes, and that denying these attributes would instead create oppression. I wrote in the first two days of the article: When men and women

To engage in a new, “equality” way is actually unnatural and oppressive. . Because such “liberation” completely ignores the huge differences between men and women. For example, it is very clear that men’s strength/violence, sexual desire, and reproductive mechanism are completely different from women. If there is no special restriction and discipline, Men are not an equal person for women, but a huge threat.

God has repeatedly emphasized the different attributes of men and women in the Bible. No, women are not more stupid than men, less logical, emotional, and short of insights… These are the prejudices of men against women and there is no biblical basis. What God emphasizes is that Women are weaker than men. Weak, often translated as weak, I think a more appropriate translation is vulnerable, vulnerable . There is no difference in intelligence, temperament, insight, and character between women and men, but only one point is that anyone who really cares about the rights of women should face it squarely. That is, women are more vulnerable to men than men. This attribute does not point to the superiority or inferiority of any gender. It merely points to the objective differences between male and female physiology and social construction:

The physical characteristics of women are to withstand the physiological effects of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, which weaken the power, point to the strength and violence of men, and point to the special risks and pressures of women in men’s and women’s relationships, pointing to men as opposed to women in politics. Privilege in economics, education, and education…

Whether in the “Old Testament” or the “New Testament,” God’s commandments show its anti-culture, without exception, or to transcend the characteristics of current values, especially when dealing with vulnerable groups and women. In the universal patriarchal history of mankind, there is no culture, no religion, no god as much as God in the Bible pays attention to and helps disadvantaged groups, such as the law of wheat, the laws of the Sabbath year, the laws to help orphans and widows, and the reception of foreigners. The law stipulates that the law of borrowing money for forgiveness cannot be read by reading the “Deuteronomy” through the law of usury. It is to know how the God of the Old Testament is loving. There is also a law of special love, that is, if a soldier is newly married, he will be exempted from military service for one year to fulfill his husband’s duty to accompany his wife and make his newlywed wife happy. (This is in Deuteronomy 24: 5).

Therefore, based on the different attributes of man and woman, I want my child to know:

For boys, you need to restrain your strength. You can’t hurt the weak.
For girls, you want to acknowledge as a vulnerable aspect, and you must know how to protect your body, dignity, and pride.
For boys, you have a responsibility to protect women. Being a gentlemen is not based on prejudice against women. Instead, it is understanding and respect for women.
For girls, you can choose not to force yourself to be tough, respect the sound of your own body, physiological period, pregnancy, menopause should be conservative. You don’t have to be offended because men make gentlemen’s moves based on respect, but you must bravely say NO to real offenses.
At the social level, differences in the attributes of men and women should be reflected in various aspects such as policy formulation, distribution of opportunities, and public health management. Women should not be given the same labor but get less paid, they should not be forced to leave because of pregnancy, and should not tolerate bullying, violence, and insults because they are more vulnerable than men.
For husband and wife, you are “bearing the grace of life together” and it is also a concept that transcends the times. “Bearing the grace of life” means “inheritance”-“inheritance.” In many patriarchal societies, It is the men who inherited the family business, but in the kingdom of God, men and women must inherit God’s property together, and thus enjoy equal status. At the same time, men should have special responsibilities for women in marriage, and women must pay special attention to men. The two responsibilities should be different but complementary. This is the different roles of men and women in marriage and will be discussed below.

The third thing I want to tell my daughter: Is the role of men and women really different?

God created man in his own image, but made men and women in his image. God blessed they And again they He said that there are many people to be born and raised, all over the ground, to govern the land. Also manage the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and the living things on the ground.

If the previous proposition – men and women have different attributes – is derived, probably many people will say that men and women should have different functions / divisions. But when I looked closely at the Bible, I found it was not the case. The existing division of labor based on gender differences is not always based on the special property that women are more vulnerable than men. It is largely a product of stereotypes and prejudices. Examining the long history of human society, the male lord is actually a new invention after humans entered the industrial revolutionary society. Until then, men and women have to work, men hunters, women picking, or male farmers in agricultural society. Weaving, and no strict man responsible for the economic source of women responsible for caring and nursing the distinction. In the Bible, it is not difficult to find that there are not many positions except priests that are strictly gender-specific. We have female prophets, women warriors, female leaders, deaconesses, female teachers, female shepherds, and women weaving tents. , rich girl, female philanthropist…

From this point of view, the different attributes of men and women do not seem to deduce that men and women are bound to engage in different occupations. What men do cannot be done by women, or what women do cannot be done by men. In fact, in Genesis 1:27-28, God said to men and women: you guys Many people need to be born and raised to govern this place and manage animals. You see, God said that men and women work together to do this work of birth, governance, and management. Who says that child care is definitely a woman’s job. Who says that governance can only be a man’s unique job? If you have the ability and talent, a woman can be a president, and a man can also be a nurse teacher. Apart from the fact that women are more vulnerable than men, I can’t see any inevitable and significant differences between men and women. There are men who are tender and affectionate, and there are vigorous and resolute women. The differences in men’s and women’s temperaments, abilities, and ways of thinking, I It is believed that it is a product of socialization. It is not the result of God’s creation of men and women’s implanted codes for men and women.

The Bible clearly mentions the different contexts of male and female characters, without exception, in marriage.

So, when we talk about the different functions of men and women, I don’t think that we should address the role of men and women in the society in general, but should specifically address the different functions/role of husbands and wives in marital relationships. This is because marriage is represented in the Bible as Christ and the church. It is specifically established by God. The relationship between the husband and the wife is the most unique relationship. It is even more akin to the direct blood relationship between parents and children. It is the combination of two singular individuals who are united into one singular and plural form, reflecting the relationship of God’s Trinity. Marriage is so important in the Christian faith that when Paul and Peter talked about male-female relations, they were almost always directed at the husband and wife. Relationships between men and women outside marriage were not so important.

In marriage, husbands love their wives and their wives obey their husbands (I discussed the meaning of obedience in detail in another article). This is the only principle. In addition to this, we have added many artificial ones, such as men’s work, women do not work, to be housewives, contraceptives are shameful, and the more students the better… These have no biblical basis. Sisters don’t be cheated!

Therefore, I think that for the role of men and women, my child needs only to know:

Knowing your own interests and talents, there is no job that girls (boys) can’t do or can’t do.
At the same time, it is necessary to understand the properties that women are more vulnerable to than men and consider the risks and costs that the pursuit of the business requires. If you can confirm that you can afford it, go ahead and do it.
Marriage has special symbolic meaning and must not be neglected.
Once you enter marriage, you enter the role of husband and wife. You should follow the principle of “husband loves his wife and his wife obeys her husband.” Outside of this principle, you can completely decide on your own way of division of labor. For example, if your wife has better In business, the husband is willing to bear the child’s 0-3 years of age, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is all right to decide whether you want to have children or not.

Compared with the devious movements of Islamic countries, the description and teaching of men and women in the Bible are relatively simple. The first and foremost is the complete equality of men and women. The second is that women are more vulnerable than men. In fact, this article There are many sub-details that can be derived, such as how men should treat women, how women should behave themselves, how public policies should be formulated, and there are many details in the Bible. It is entirely possible to write a single article. “Women are weaker than men?” The third thing is how men and women can get along as husbands and wives. Please note that the principles of marriage do not apply to men and women other than marriage! So, if you are a guy and a female boss, then ask you to work hard for your female boss. If these three principles can all be embodied in our society, if parents who are parents can teach our children, then I think that the future world in which my daughter wants to live may have hope.