Moore Elite – Zhang Jingyang: Gathering the Power of Semiconductor People

Hardware Revival Dream

“I never believe in hardware uselessness,” said the Internet in the booming and the giant wheel of semiconductors in the Red Sea. The founder and CEO of Moore Elite Zhang Jingyang is not without emotion: “Today’s people, more than ever before In those years, we were all eager to truly change the hardware products of the world.In the past 40 years, we have made great progress in the bit world, but there is nothing in the atomic world. The success of the capital market is not a business, or even the entire industry. The only measure of success. Just as Tesla turned on the era of AC, Bell invented the phone, making long-distance real-time communication possible. These have affected the great achievements of human history. It is not the capital but the world. Determination and dreams.”

Zhang Jingyang admits that a person’s way of thinking often has a deep imprint on personal experience. “As a person from the chip industry, I set up an Internet company and grew up with it, constantly learning the way of thinking and operating the Internet, but frankly speaking, I am a “hardcore” person. For the semiconductor industry I am too emotional.”

Moore Elite: Semiconductor + Internet

Moore Elite, as the first domestic platform dedicated to semiconductor talent recruitment, adopts the “Semiconductor + Internet” model and renews the core competitiveness of “professional assessment, accurate recommendation, post-paid model, crowdsourcing, and user data value mining”. Define vertical recruitment of human resources. On a traditional online recruitment website, only one interview will be produced for every 40 resumes. On the vertical recruitment platform, an average of 5 resumes will generate an interview. Through the Internet+, the efficiency can be improved, and higher quality and lower prices can be provided. service.

“50 years ago, the founder of Intel Corporation in the United States, 36-year-old Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors in semiconductors will double every 18 months, while the price will be reduced by half. The legendary law of the semiconductor industry – ‘Moore’ The law ‘was born. Our company’s name ‘Moore Elite’ is precisely to pay tribute to this legendary law.” Zhang Jing Yang said.

“We have caught up with the good opportunity of the domestic semiconductor industry to explode.”

In the past two years, China Semiconductor has become the brightest star in the global semiconductor industry. As the Chinese government has increased its support for the IC industry, it has already formed a group effect. Currently, under the stimulation of the 138 billion China National Fund, all parts of China The government also has a support fund of 160 billion yuan, making the total size of integrated circuit support funds reach 300 billion. This scale is rare in the world, and last year, under the background of negative global semiconductor growth, the Chinese semiconductor market still maintained a 20% growth rate. In the first quarter of this year, it still maintained a good momentum of growth. Such development will play an active role in promoting the global semiconductor industry.

Bill Gross once said that comparing the differences between successful and failed companies, the timing factor accounts for 42%. “We have caught up with the good news of the outbreak of the domestic semiconductor industry,” Zhang Jingyang said. “Enterprises are willing to pay for recruiting talents. The Moore elite chooses to take advantage of the trend. People rush for gold, I will sell water, but seek to solve some problems for enterprises. The actual problem makes it possible to focus more on your own products and move forward.”

The birth of the Moore elite

In the traditional industry of semiconductors, Zhang Jingyang is not an “elderly person”; but all those who are familiar with him are amazed at his wide range of friends and friends in this industry.

“In fact, making friends is very simple, more sincere, less routine. There may be, I prefer to invite people to eat.” Zhang Jingyang said.

When studying for a master’s degree in radio science at Southeast University, Zhang Jingyang majored in analog and RF circuit design. He is an authentic semiconductor man. It can be said that since then, his body has been infused with a “hard core” gene. After graduation, he worked at IBM Microelectronics, SEMI (International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association) and Shanghai Microtechnical Research Institute.

The chip industry is the upstream and core of the entire hardware industry. Zhang Jingyang witnessed the ups and downs of the chip industry following the turbulence of smartphones in the past 10 years. After the smartphone market became saturated, almost all industries were guessing that the semiconductor industry would be the next one. Where is the tuyere? In 2013, he began to engage with the chip’s application end. After he started working with friends in the industry to organize the Wearable Industry Alliance, he made a lot of VR/AR, smart glasses, smart wristband watches, and drones. The entrepreneurs of intelligent hardware companies such as robots also see more trends in the semiconductor industry from these terminal applications.

At the same time, Zhang Jingyang noticed that many Chinese elites have returned to China to start their own businesses. The backbone of these teams is generally only 3 to 5 people. The problem they face when they return home to start a business is to recruit talent. At that time, Zhang Jingyang did a lot of talent recruitment for these teams. Services and supporting work have accumulated experience, opened up horizons, and gradually realized that there are many articles that can be done in the semiconductor vertical industry.

Since the market has such a demand, it should provide a systematic service, especially the use of the Internet. Achieve more efficient and professional talent recruitment services in the semiconductor industry. After the initial conception, Zhang Jingyang began to look for a technical partner. In May 2015, he met the current company CTO’s Li Lei and has more than 10 years of experience in the Internet industry. After a thorough discussion, the two men took the idea of ​​semiconductor + Internet development to the point and they started to build the “Moore Elite.”

In July 2015, the company was formally established and received an investment of 3 million yuan in the same month.

In the process of the company from scratch, Zhang Jingyang’s industry contacts have played a huge role. Before he worked, he accumulated a large number of chip design companies and network resources. “Moore Elite” began to promote the chip design from the front end of the semiconductor industry chain, because the chip design company has a large number in the industry, there are more than 600 in China, and the turnover rate is also large. Taking this as a starting point, it can play the role of faucet pulling, and drive the expansion of talent recruitment business such as EDA and IP, foundry, packaging and testing, equipment and materials, and program design.

Growing troubles

On September 20, 2015, the “Moore Elite” beta website was officially launched.

Before going online, the “Moore Elite” team worked overtime until midnight, and met with the company in dark circles the next morning. During that time, development resources were too limited. Everyone was overloaded and must determine the initial product focus. After the founding team discussed the decision: As a recruitment application, a web-side website that implements a complete job search process must be provided. For the mobile terminal, if it is done in the early stage, the cost of promoting the download for the audience in the vertical segmentation area is huge, while the number of Weixin monthly active users exceeds 700 million, of which more than half of the users open WeChat more than 10 times a day; so the earliest product plan is “ “Web site + WeChat service number”, and then on this basis, slowly increase the product line to further improve the user experience.

The team has a belief that it must be the industry leader in semiconductor vertical recruitment. Internet products themselves have no thresholds. A good business model will inevitably face the imitators and even plagiarism of the latter. However, the project’s own first-mover advantage will profoundly affect users, and industry awareness, experience accumulation, and talent database establishment. , customer accumulation, word of mouth, investment and financing, etc. can not be achieved overnight, so after the entrants want to break the industry barriers to catch up and complete beyond, must be difficult.

But to be first, there is also a price, it is to spend a long time, to cultivate user habits. No one knows when, when the explosion will come, there may be no explosion at all. User growth comes from every product iteration, every activity operation and marketing.

Everyone wants to pursue better career opportunities, but 85% of the people in the semiconductor industry are passive job seekers. They are more reliant on headhunting companies than job sites. Although there are thousands of real and effective high-paying positions on the website and a generous reward mechanism has been set up, the active delivery rate of C-end users has grown slowly, and the high growth of the Internet industry has not occurred here.

After recognizing the facts, the team did not feel depressed for a long time, but quickly changed their thinking.

Accumulate resources Stronger stronger

How to break through the predicament of C-end user growth? Soon there will be an answer. In November 2015, Zhang Jingyang met Dong Wei, the current COO of the company. At that time, Dong Wei had six years of pioneering operations and had a headhunting company in the semiconductor industry in good condition. For Moore Elite, this was really a lack of quality assets. Dong Wei also had a deep background in the semiconductor industry. ST Microelectronics and Freescale. Through his deep discussion with Zhang Jingyang, Dong Wei expressed his concern about the limited space for headhunter growth. He continued to operate this headhunting company with stable profitability, but limited development space, or transformed a new type of market with huge potential for development. What about business model? Dong Wei chose the latter, so he led the company’s two senior partners Wang Ruping, Yin Shuyun and more than 20 professional semiconductor search heads, has accumulated 400,000 semiconductor talent data for many years, joined the Moore elite.

The recruitment of the headhunting team not only expanded the C-end users, but also increased the company’s revenue by millions each month, and also filled up the other high-end payment needs of the enterprise users—director-level talents and other emergency recruitment requirements. In this way, “Moore Elite” has become a “one-stop” vertical recruitment website, and enterprise users are able to allocate recruitment budgets and recruitment plans more freely, and unwittingly enhance user stickiness. In this way, through the complementarity of online and offline advantages and effective integration of resources, a new vertical recruitment path for the semiconductor industry can be explored.

“Semiconductors still have to be intensively cultivated.”

“Initially, we only wanted to do semiconductor vertical recruitment. For this goal, we invested a lot of market resources to win C-end users. As the number of users increased, we suddenly found out: In fact, ‘recruitment’ is an excellent traffic portal. Once you have accumulated high-quality users, there are too many things you can do, “Zhang Jingyang said.

With the steady development of the business, “Moore Elite” ushered in the Pre-A round of investment of 20 million yuan in April 2016. The company began to plan more things, in addition to recruitment, opened up two new lines of business: First, the semiconductor industry media, and second, online activity platform – Moore live APP. Zhang Jingyang said that we want to be a technical, time-sensitive semiconductor professional vertical media to serve professionals in the industry. Therefore, “Moore Elite” acquired a leading semiconductor industry-owned media, the “semiconductor industry observation.”

At present, the “semiconductor industry observation” has become the industry’s first vertical media, WeChat focuses on more than 300,000 fans, real-time, professional, original, focusing on providing the latest semiconductor industry information, technological frontiers, development trends and in-depth analysis. Because the Moore Elite has no profit requirements for its media business department, the media can fully open its hands and feet, report industry information more fairly, neutrally and professionally, reflect the views of professional media vertical media, and make good content.

Moore Live is a professional live APP platform that provides enterprises with online lectures, training, recruitment channels and professional audiences in global fields. Companies can break through time and venue constraints, and an online event can simultaneously cover 300,000 semiconductor professionals around the globe. They can also directly interact with participating elites in real time to easily find more suitable talents, such as the current Moore. The Live App platform brings together more than 12,000 graduate students in semiconductor-related majors and 18,000 undergraduates in more than 60 colleges and universities across the country. An online job fair for the company, an executive presentation can unprecedentedly cover the 30,000 accurate target users at the same time. People can communicate and interact with companies more intuitively through activities, and corporate information can also be presented to users through multi-dimensional platforms.

In this way, the use of industry vertical media and Moore Live APP, can be used for low-frequency recruitment applications, open up a steady flow of fresh traffic, but also activated 85% of passive job seekers to discover new opportunities.

Better in the future

On July 1st of this year, the “Moore Elite” team spent their first birthday. At present, the team size exceeds 50 people, and it has opened branches in Shenzhen and Beijing, serving more than 500 semiconductor companies and more than 300,000 semiconductor industry users. In retrospect, these seem to be just a blink of an eye. “When it comes to this, Zhang Jingyang is not without emotion.” The goal of ‘Moore Elite’ is to create a semiconductor industry ecosystem and provide quality of ‘recruitment, news, marketing.’ service:

Taking the vertical recruitment platform as a starting point, the goal is to serve the semiconductor talent recruitment market of the order of a million;
Operating the first vertical media in the semiconductor industry, the WeChat public number has more than 300,000 active fans;
Build Moore live APP platform to provide professional online activities, sharing, value-added services;

In the past, local chip design companies often won customers and orders through “cost reduction/cost-down”. However, such a model is becoming increasingly impracticable, and local companies with innovative strengths have begun to broaden their thinking and play a different style of play. Some excellent local chip design companies have begun to target emerging areas, grasp market demand, define new products, and not match any of the products already on the market. Five years ago, perhaps there was still a gap in technology. Perhaps the capital market has not yet been favored. There is very little chance of seeing companies that insist on defining new products and insisting on not playing a low price war. However, five years later, more than one Types of emerging companies are surprisingly emerging. Most of them are still keeping a low profile and are very rhythmic. They will bring products with high performance indicators and advanced application scenarios to the market.

“This is why I am full of confidence in this industry, especially local companies.” Zhang Jingyang said.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Zhang Jingyang stated that he enjoys the current status, even if it means working 7 days a week for more than 15 hours a day. The only entertainment in his life is to sweat in the gym. “The pressure is great and there are many things, but the speed of progress of the company and itself is also very fast, which is difficult to obtain in any previous experience.”

About six months ago, Zhang Jingyang began to learn boxing. He said that boxing can help him resolve a lot of emotions. He can enjoy a one-hour complete emptying and temporarily let go. Only one movement, punch, dodge… When you punch, you must go all out, and you must master your breathing and rhythm in order to be able to retract.

“Watching footwork, stressing the heart, breaking the limit, and starting a business are the same.”