More than Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Wonderland, Fuxian Lake

Leave Gushan Island and continue to return by boat. After receiving a heavy rain baptism on the lake, we returned to the beach smoothly. Coincidentally, the rain stopped at this point. Mr. Dog made a brave decision in an instant: swimming in Fuxian Lake and feeling the temperature of the autumn lake.

Although the rain has stopped, there is no sunshine. At this time, the fog on the lake is scattered, and the island is completely clear. It turned out to be the island we have been to by boat.

A real experience of Mr. Dog: The lake at this time is extremely cold. Therefore, please do more warm-up exercises before swimming.

The sun penetrated the clouds, I closed my eyes, took off my shoes and felt the temperature of the lake, and the faint warmth passed through the body.

Mr. Dog and me are always two styles of painting. At this moment, he also felt that the water was warming up and began to swim in the lake. Can you bring a sunglasses to the boss?

At this time, Fuxian Lake, the rich color of the layer lights up our vision, and the playful pink and blue is the most suitable for interpreting the girl’s heart. It seems that Fuxian Lake is really a lake that can live in my heart:)


1. Many places in Fuxian Lake are allowed to swim. There are signs on the riverside, and there are simple dressing rooms on the beach. The best swimming time is from July to August. Although the autumn climate in Yunnan is generally warm, we have personally experienced the conclusion that October is still not suitable for swimming.

2. There is no charge for beach play, but the boat needs to be billed. The pedal boat can be used for an unlimited time of 120 yuan per boat. There are also other boats to choose from. In addition, you can also choose the time charge; the ticket for the tour of Shanggushan Island is 15 yuan/person.

Tips: You must pay attention to your safety when swimming in open waters. There are no lifeguards by the lake.

Starting from the Gushan Mountain Scenic Area, we continue our journey around the lake. The road conditions along the way are very good, and it is totally different from driving in the Bohai Sea. There are many times when the lake road can directly see the lake and the scenery is beautiful. The most important thing is that there are very few tourists. It seems that the previous introduction is correct. Fuxian Lake is indeed a secret that only Yunnan talents are familiar with.

Star Fish Cave is an emerging leisure resort that combines RV holiday camps, sailing boats and diving bases. It was developed shortly and is unknown. Since our family is more interested in RV travel, when I want to visit and visit, the parking lot manager said that the parking lot will not be charged within 2 hours.

In addition to our family, there is no one in the star fish hole. It is also a place where the rhythm of the lake is clear and audible. The sailboat in the lake looks very new and seems to be rarely used.

At this moment, the lake is weaving a dream of pink and blue, and there is also my figure there;

It is a common dream of our family to drive on their own caravan. So let’s experience this leisure life in the star fish hole first. I hope that one day in the future, we can drive our own RVs and travel through thousands of mountains and rivers.

The bougainvillea is blooming brightly, and the powder is decorated with this small piece of heaven.

Standing on the railing, letting you breathe fresh air, I want to take a panoramic view of the star fish hole, so that after remembering it, the memory will not become empty.

Tips: You don’t need tickets for visiting the star fish hole. If you want to visit the RV camp or the sailing base, you can enjoy the free parking fee within 2 hours. Oh, I highly recommend the place worth visiting. The most important thing is the tourists. The air is good, the sandy beach is soft and delicate, the lakeshore has a 2km long landscape, and the lake view is excellent.

Now we arrive at the destination of Lu Chong, the most famous scenic spot in Fuxian Lake. At the end of the beach stands the steep mountain peak of Bijia Mountain, which is the first impression most people have on Fuxian Lake.

This is the main peak of Bijia Mountain. You can see that the mountain is very steep and steep. After standing at the top, you will stand in Lingyun Pavilion (the pavilion in the picture). No matter where you look or look at the distance, the scenery of the water and the sky is quite magnificent. It is unforgettable.

These three strangely shaped peaks form the Beacon Hill, named after the shape of the mountain that stretches like a pen holder. Of course, parents can also make up their own brains, hehe.

Climbing the main peak, the mountain road twists and turns steep, coupled with a heavy rain in the morning, some slippery. However, when the thousands of songs arrive at Lingyun Pavilion, 360-degree all-round cornerless landscape will make you forget all the hardships before.

The vastness and quietness of Fuxian Lake, overlooking Lingyun Pavilion, you will be able to deeply understand it. The small dots in the lower right corner of the screen are actually the pedal boats that we experienced in the lonely mountainous area in the morning. In fact, the ship is quite big, but the location of Lingyun Pavilion is too high, so…

Once again, I fell into a dream of pink and blue. The difference is that this time I stood in the clouds. The pink and blue memories brought by Fuxian Lake will never be forgotten. I want to return to Lingyun Pavilion in the future to relive the mood of the time. Then look again, will that memory change as the years go by.

For me, is Fuxian Lake a fairy tale, a poem, a dream or a long, melodious song? It should be said that all are.

Tips: 1 Tickets for Lu Chong Scenic Area are 30 yuan/person. For those over 60 years old, you can purchase preferential tickets (half tickets). Old people over 70 can enjoy free tickets.

2 The cost of the cruise ship is extra. Please refer to the ticket price for the cruise in the Gushan Scenic Area. The Luchong Scenic Area is relatively mature and has more tourists. The main peak of Beacon Hill is recommended to climb, and the top Lingyun Pavilion must go.

Tips: The road to Lingyun Pavilion is very difficult to find. Many tourists will feel no way to stop at Guanyin Temple (the temple on the top of the mountain). In fact, you don’t have to go to Guanyin Temple to go to the Guanyin Temple. There is a rather hidden corner outside the temple gate. There is a stone table and a tree shelter next to it. Going behind the trees, you can see a more dangerous path by turning a small bend. This is the road to Lingyunting.

Wanghai Park is a small place that is not easy to find on the map, and we ended the journey around the lake in Fuxian Lake. I didn’t expect this small, unremarkable little park to have prepared a nice little gift for us 🙂

Although Wanghai Park has the word “park”, it does not even have a door. It is indeed difficult to find it. But when we went through the twists and turns to the entrance of the park and turned to the corner of the building, we saw such a perfect scene in the setting sun.

The well-defined lake water shows a different style under the sun, and the wind is gone. Occasionally, even the half bridge will be surrounded by huge waves. The beauty of such a shock cannot be said.

In the sunset, and the people you love are wandering around the world, this is the scene.

Thank you, Fuxian Lake. When we finished the trip, we also sent the gift of Wanghai Park. Although it is not big, it is exquisite and beautiful, and the crystal-like memory adds a touch of color.

Tips: Wanghai Park is not easy to find, our hand-painted diagram shows the approximate location. Near that location, if you see a white fairy statue in a remote corner, just walk in the direction of the statue and you will find the location where we took the photo.

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