My bag and sense of use

Time flies, my little rabbit has been born for more than two months. I always wanted to write an article about my birth, but after a delay, the symptoms of procrastination are on my body. The following is I bought a waiting bag at the time of the double eleven last year. To be honest, the things bought by the double eleven are really cheap, and they also give away a lot of small gifts. Overall, they are quite satisfied. I don’t have to pay for the order. O(∩_∩)O~

1, Xinbei rechargeable automatic breast pump

I think this is OK. At least when I am sitting on the moon, my chest is so hard that I can’t sleep. I use it to suck out excess milk and avoid mastitis. The disadvantage is that the sound is a bit big, and when sucking, the chest is still very painful, the charger is not durable, it should be charged frequently; the advantage is because it is charged, so it can be taken out at any time, even if there is no charging socket outside, it can still be used, And the pink is very beautiful.

2, postpartum abdomen belt

Because the little rabbit was born with a total of 8 pounds. At the time of the birth check, the hospital said that it might have a caesarean section. So I bought the abdomen in advance. I didn’t expect it to be a caesarean section. The postpartum nurse asked for it. I am the postpartum. Used in three days, so the wound is not so painful when walking down the ground. The disadvantage is that after a long time of use, it will roll up. I will not use it for more than half a month. It is really not very comfortable.

3, Mommy Baby Yunrou newborn diapers

I bought the S code and the M code. The little rabbit is now running out of the M code. The quality is generally the same, not leaking urine, but leaking. It is suitable for daytime use. If it is used at night, it will be changed in the middle of the night. The urine will be full twice. And there will still be red ass, the only advantage is that it is cheaper and cheaper than other brands of diapers.

4, fire rabbit early education machine story machine

This is bought for the little rabbit to listen to the song to listen to the story, once bought back the charging port is broken, the ear is made of silicone, can be bright, the current frequency of use is very small.

5, Vinda roll paper 4 layers of paper towels

Because considering that the confinement and the little rabbit usually use a lot of paper towels, they buy a box of 27 rolls of paper directly. I would like to strongly recommend this, four layers of paper and very soft, no dust, water absorption, if the 618 has activities, I will definitely buy back.

6, pigeon natural feel wide-diameter silicone sheath glass bottle three-piece

Pigeon’s bottle is really good, I bought a glass bottle, no matter what, I still don’t feel comfortable with the plastic bottle. The advantage of this bottle is that there is a layer of silicone cover on the surface of the glass, so that it can be slip-proof and shatter-resistant when holding the bottle. It is not bad, it is recommended.

7, You Nijia Moony baby diapers

I bought the M code, bought a total of four bags, the little rabbit is still useless, it looks good, I hope to be as breathable as the propaganda to avoid red butt.

8, Xinbei South Korea imported milk storage bags

This was bought with Xinbei’s breast pump. The plastic bag is very thin. I put the breast milk in the inside and put it in the frozen layer. In a few days, the milk inside has the smell of other frozen layer food inside. Does it mean that the seal is still not very good?

9. Sub-maternal maternity package (21 pieces)

This product is highly recommended. All the items can be used when the hospital is in hospital. Nursing pads, disposable underwear, sanitary napkins, anti-overflow breast pads, moon paper, wet wipes, umbilical stickers, etc. are very easy to use. There is also a non-woven hand bag, which goes to the hospital for delivery. It is a very good bag.

10, curious gold fitted close comfort baby diapers

I bought 3 boxes of L-code. I was planning to buy several different brands of diapers to see which brand of diapers are better. The friends around me recommend curious, so the double eleven will engage in activities once. I bought 3 boxes and I thought it would be for the little rabbits. It should not be difficult to use the diapers recommended by so many people.

11, Australian natural papaya cream

I bought a total of 3, and the little rabbit in the month got diaper rash several times. I used it to rub it on the red butt. It will be fine after a day. It can also be used as a lip balm. The price is very high. highly recommended.

12, Songda Baby Skin Care Camellia Oil Cream Package

The inside of the bottle is oil, the inside of the can is frost, the cream is mainly used to wipe the face of the little rabbit, the oil is used to wipe the nipple on the little rabbit and give him a body massage, two products They are very good, colorless and tasteless, and are very suitable for use by babies.