“My wife bought 4000 pairs of shoes”

A person does not earn much, but spends a lot. As her partner, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to it in any case. It is totally inappropriate.

At the entrance of a shopping mall, encountering a man and a woman is in conflict.

Passing by, I listened to the content of the dispute:

The wife loves to buy, not much money, her husband is not good, she said she lost. A woman rumors – making money by herself, why do you say that I am defeated?

My friend also echoed a sentence at the time, that is! The money that our women make themselves, of course, has the right to use it. The small pattern man can’t marry.

The same thing happened to the home of a male colleague.

His monthly salary is 10,000, his wife is 6K. If there is no big living pressure, this kind of income can be a little moisturizing day in the third-tier cities.

However, male colleagues often complained bitterly because their wives especially loved to buy noble products. A bottle of essence should be more than 2,000, a pair of shoes should be three or four thousand, and one year to buy a bag of tens of thousands.

To put it bluntly, his wife is indeed saving money and buying luxury goods. It is also the money that she has earned hard to earn. The credit card and flower basket are not enough.

When a male colleague said this, there was a young female colleague who criticized him. Your wife looked so good. To maintain this good-looking, isn’t it a self-contained property? What you should think about is how to make more money, not how your wife spends less.

In this case, the male colleague only said half of the trouble, and the other half bothered me to replace him: although his wife bought these luxury goods and did not spend his salary, but because he did not earn much, he had to buy such high-priced goods. Invisible will pass the pressure on to the partner.

If it is occasional, it does not matter, if it is often, then the pressure is big.

Obviously, the above two incidents are all due to different consumption views, and the contradictions caused by them are not directly related to men and women.

The paradox is quite strange, but when it comes to similar topics, some people are inexplicably rhythmical.

Not only the two scenes I visited, but the reaction of eating melons next to them was strikingly similar. Even on similar posts on the Internet, the comments received by netizens were often one-sided, and there was a small pattern of my men’s Diss. With a woman’s shopping cart, it’s better to think about how to make money.

Some chicken soup bloggers are so powerful that she can use the case you can’t refute in the whole article to demonstrate her conclusion, but the conclusion that she is under is not rigorous, and can’t afford to scrutinize.

No wonder there is a saying like this – the best lies are nine points, only one minute.

Our common rhetoric is that a woman who will spend money will make money. Spending money and making money are two actions, they can be connected, or they can be completely unconnected.

There are women who make money on their own, why do you want to say that I am defeated.

For a gender, the problem of this sentence is exposed – the husband’s salary is not high, but he can spend thousands of dollars every month to buy his favorite digital products, clothes, you still justifiably comment, The money that people make themselves has the right to decide how to spend it?

A lot of things are not divided between men and women, okay?

A person does not earn much, but spends a lot. As her partner, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to it in any case. It is totally inappropriate.

I have not experienced the kind of bag that wants to carry the best, to wear the most flashing shoes, in order to become a beloved princess, I have always liked and can afford, then buy, like and can not afford, Then don’t buy it, wait until you can afford it.

Let me first talk about what I think is the concept of “available”.

It is not because you want to buy this product, you have to reduce other expenses, so you can afford it.

My friend asked me, when I could afford it, what kind of dress I used to like, the bag I liked, I couldn’t find the feeling of what I used to do?

This expression is quite familiar, oh, yes, it is Liu Yu’s classic phrase in “Send You a Bullet” – when I was 15 years old, I got the rag doll that I loved when I was 5 years old. When I was 65, I finally got it. What is the meaning of the dress that I love when I bought it at the age of 25?

I don’t know if it’s too difficult for me to brainwash, or I have too much love. I think the problem with this sentence is that the days are going forward. People are also moving forward. When they are 15 years old, they don’t like rag dolls, but they can like them. The hairpin bracelet, when I was 65, didn’t like the skirt, but I like to read the travel… What’s the big deal?

What I want must be obtained at the moment, I am afraid that there are not many people in China who can do it. Everyone’s life, what consumer goods are absolutely not to be missed?

I have lived for so many years and I have never encountered it.

I didn’t get sick because I bought one of my favorite bags, but I didn’t die because my shopping cart didn’t empty. I was so poor because I was anxious.

Of course, I also understand that young girls want to have more psychology in this era of rapid material development. Like the female lord in the Tokyo Women’s Picture Book, she hopes to be an enviable person, so from the age of 20 By the age of 40, she is ramping up by upgrading her consumption.

However, this Japanese drama also uses very realistic content to disintegrate the magazine-style life that the nightmare is eagerly awaiting.

The most expensive house, not that she lived in, she was superior; she did not become a winner in the high-end restaurant mentioned in the magazine; even in the end, she became a junior and married to an old one. Ugly but with a luxury apartment and a man who is 9 million yen a year, she still has not become an enviable person.

It is ridiculous to use consumerism to realize the value of life and to complete self-satisfaction.

Because this society never looks at what you wear and what you use, but what you have contributed and what you have produced.

I asked a girl who is keen to buy and buy, what prompted you to keep trying to stop?

She said that buying can make her feel happy, she is obsessed with this happiness.

I don’t know if she has seen “Desperate Housewives”. Some of the female lords in the play have their own troubles from love, family, children and career. Even so, they can still agree to play cards every Tuesday afternoon, or organize A book sharing session.

When they were studying and relaxing, their faces were filled with happiness.

It can be seen that happiness can be diversified. It does not necessarily come from material, it can be stolen for half a day, or it can be gathered with a lover to eat a meal. Some people are happy and some are supervised and happy. If you think that a woman’s happiness is only support and connivance, it is completely unreasonable. It is also a weak thinking.

Happiness inherently includes an introspection of self-control ability, which is an ability called “anti-instinct.”

Don’t be fooled by the poisoned chicken soup after packaging. They say that men are responsible for making money and raising a family. Women are responsible for beauty. They say that women should be better for themselves and women should be favored.

How many girls earning thousands of dollars a month, spending a lot of money, living the life of the East Wall to make up the Western Wall, but also knowing how to love themselves. In the end, they really bought a few expensive bags, more expensive coats, and more layers of precious essence, and harvested a better life?

This is not the case. This society looks very realistic and actually more realistic. Luxury, can’t define who you are, only what you have done.

What is the value of a woman?

Shouldn’t it be no matter how old, we are the same as men, have the mind, will reflect, not afraid of suffering, understand growth, not only be kind to their bodies and faces, but also try to make the world a little better, more gentle A little?

I sincerely hope that when it comes to basic responsibilities and obligations, everyone can no longer distinguish between genders.

Author: Yan speech, there are a lot of fairy own truth, I do not love to do housework, do not want to have children, but it is also a good wife. May not be with you, bravely go to the end of the world. Weibo: @颜酱酱儿, public number: Yan Ci (id: yancisaid).

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