New retail new model, complete understanding of the operation of “flash shop”

From 2003 to the recent days, a large number of brands in the United States and Europe have adopted the flash shop mode. Each time they open, they only have a week to a month. The meaning of the name Pop-up Shop or Temporary Store is a sudden The meaning of “short-lived” ceases before the attraction falls, but becomes a charm.

Whether it is millennials (1984-1995), baby boomers (1946-1964) or X-generation (1965-1979), 41% of consumers tend to “showrooming” shopping, that is, first to the nearby store experience Products, then go online to find lower prices.

Therefore, different brands of brands also have different purposes when operating a flash shop: use flash shops to get closer to consumers, and at the same time enter the high-end shopping venues with higher thresholds to test their sales in different locations. Provide a reference for the location of the physical store. Some brands are looking at this special property of “providing limited products within a limited time” as a response.

In addition, the release and promotion time of new products of various types of flash shops can also make up for the peak season of shopping centers, just in time.

The flash shop is essentially an operational approach, first initiated by Patrick Courrielche. Later, it was introduced to the fashion industry by the fashion godmother Kawakubo, and became a means for fashion brands to promote, sell, and shop.

The flash shop will lead the shopping mall’s operational thinking, from static to dynamic innovation.

After being absorbed into the Internet field, following the extension of LINE Friends “Flash Shop+IP”, there has been a gameplay of Grandpa’s “Flash Shop+Star”. It is expected that the flash store will be expanded in both directions in terms of category and operation mode, and more interesting gameplay will be played out, and the types tend to be diversified.

Achieving traffic changes is now a common phenomenon. The topic bonus mode of “Star + Flash Shop” further magnifies this fan effect. In 2016, American rapper Kanye West opened The Life of Pablo in New York. In a few days, nearly $2 million in sales revenue shocked four, which is expected to lead to a wave of imitation. If the shopping center can grasp the outbreak of the super flash shop, it can become a business highlight.

In the future, brand liquidity will increase, consumers’ attention will tend to be dispersed, and purchase behavior will be further fragmented. Shopping center operators will face a faster-changing consumer market. The key to success is the shift from operational thinking to dynamic thinking, from brand-led gatherings to two-way matching and multi-channel push between consumers and passengers on the basis of big data.

During the opening of each flash shop, there will only be one theme refinement and refinement.

Through the launch of new products (or limited editions), combined with creativity, or artists’ cross-border cooperation, expressing a concept, a novel point of view or a fresh experience, it is a surprise to the quality of goods, the pursuit of lifestyle improvement. And approval, this is the spiritual core of the flash shop.

Some of the abandoned factories, museums, shopping malls, short-term rentals, forests, seaside, plazas, cafes and other venues will also be exhibited as concerts, or like the dress platform Everlane, which only focuses on the Internet. Some are very simple in decoration, some are very creative and design taste, not limited to a fixed form.

H&M Beach Flash Shop

CHANEL Cafe Flash Shop

French footwear brand J.M.Weston Cinema Flash Shop

Uniqlo Rubik’s Cube, a flash shop in New York

(On the surface, it seems that how come love comes, as long as it can clearly express temperament and theme, as well as purpose)

The flash shop’s business methods are endless, some brands will work together with customers to open a business, or invite specific customers to participate in marketing activities, and even face-to-face with customers through the call of stars. As a result of the many brands taking turns from time to time, every time the news of the opening of the flash shop is out, they will feel that they are full of experience and experience.

To put it simply, I hope that if you come, you will immediately feel the theme of each publication, or a different service, and then hope that you will like it, look forward to the future, and continue to support as always.

In the United States, it also extends the “one-stop shop” service.

For example, The Lionesque Group negotiates with a dedicated real estate partner, chooses where to open the store, and then completes various procedures and renovations. After the final flash store is completed, The Lionesque Group will co-host opening events and other marketing activities with customers.

The service of another San Francisco-based startup, Storefront, is not limited to the United States. The website lists partners in major international cities. Owners can choose a location and then talk about the design and activities that follow.

Of course, rents will not be cheaper, and rentals will be higher than long-term leases because of the short rental time. Compared with the ten-year lease offer, the rental price for the flash shop may be 25-40% higher, similar to a “carefully calculated bet”.

In China, according to the report of RET Ruiyide, 2012-2014 The flash shop is in its infancy in China. It has been growing at a rate since 2015. The average annual compound growth rate is over 100%. It is estimated that there will be more than 3,000 flash shops in China in 2020.

The domestic flash shop is still in the 1.0 stage, which is mainly divided into sales and brand promotion. Due to different business models and different focuses, the main focus is on customized services, rather than using IP cooperation. Add multiplier effect.

This has also led to the model of self-built flash stores by major brands, and the related flash shop business is also biased towards the role of commercial real estate media, rather than the role of IP media.

After the science is over, let’s talk about some other interesting things.

It’s good to be out of stock, but “selling things” is not the most important purpose. The flash shop pays more attention to “please try it, if you really like it”, if it is, the special style of this event (product ) is yours.

The reason why the flash shop has a kind of unconsciousness is to use various attractive forms (discounts, gifts, trials, performances), as well as enthusiastic explanations, so that people can get in the participation: Oh~ it turned out to be like this. “Inspired, understand the true value of the price” worth it “Where is the place.”

These are the real reasons for accepting and accepting.

However, the new products, every detail improvement, or every fast fashion, every kind of light luxury, sometimes have a vague understanding of incompetence. It’s not that the goods are not good. Just, there are too many choices between big names and ordinary goods. Not everyone can understand them, and not everyone thinks it is appropriate.

If the market reacts well, there may be a chance to launch again next time. What you get is early buy and enjoy. Because the stocking quantity is sometimes gone, it is really gone. This is a return to life.

In the future, there will be a lot of flash shops like flowers, and there will be media that reports on flash shop information. When a news of a flash shop is opened, people will want to know about it first. What new and interesting activities will happen in the end, and everyone will be looking for excitement.

In addition to the sensationalism, there is also a spirit

The preferences have been changing, and the concept of consumption is changing. More and more people are anti-logo and anti-big-name. In fact, they all say that only by hiding a lot of force can others seem to be effortless. Just like the nude makeup, it is not for anyone who knows the hardships of getting up an hour early, but for the beauty that people feel unpretentious.

To put it simply: I am noble but low-key, even if I buy a Hermès bag, I also want a low-key spirit that people can’t see. Therefore, starting some brands, we began to pay attention to the spiritual indicators of “do not follow the trend, to be more appropriate.”

You need to experience, explain, and demonstrate to know what they value. The more you know, the more you like it, but you don’t have to work hard to have it. Only the used people and the familiar people know the superiority. .

For example, in our impression, white towels are the kind of cheap goods that are offered as gifts and free of charge when the New Year is opened or opened. Few people are interested in this monotonous thing. However, in an old-fashioned Japanese Imaji, the towel with a high cost is not a good way to go out of the way.

(If I just said that it is very comfortable to use, you may not understand it at all)

Imabari Towel Factory hired Sato Keshi and conducted overall marketing planning. In the 100%-design exhibition in London, the booth of a large white towel was designed with the concept of silence. The sink with white sand on the booth looked elegant and clean.

Then, through the experience of “wiping hands”, the buyers can feel the water absorption and lightness and softness of Imabari towels. Through the actual touch, coupled with the annotation of strict production methods, I strongly understand the difference with the general towel, attracting the purchase of many European heavyweight buyers and successfully entering the international market.

Also, the Normcore style, which has recently been blown up, is a style created by a large number of niche brands that continue to hold a flash shop.

The literal meaning carries the concept of “no name, niche”, does not pursue the feeling of being abused by the media, and does not catch up with the popular trend of big-name propaganda, but at the glance, it looks plain and faint, with simple leisure as the everyday style. Hardly cause you to pay special attention.

(If I just said that it is very convenient to mix, you may not understand at all. Yes, they occasionally open the flash shop in someone else’s office)

No longer deliberately let others know what brand they are wearing, seemingly random fabrics, in fact, there are many hidden ideas. Even if you don’t turn on the lights, you can just grab a few pieces and build them up. People can save a lot of trouble while taking care of the taste.

In order to express this spirit, they will try their best to remove the complicated extras and specialize in some comfortable materials or tailoring, so that only those who pass through can understand the superiority of the fans.

simply put
Flash shop is to build a kind Choose What You Pay Pay for a certain value.

It doesn’t matter if you are online or online, or if you combine them, this is the future trend.

This is a borrowing of time.

O2O still has a good chance. Through packaging and mobilization, the drainage on the line concentrates on one force and harvests online and offline.

If it doesn’t work, it can reduce the fixed cost and save time. If it is, then continue to prepare for the effort, it is a very good calculation of the account.

If you are thinking about business cooperation in a flash shop, welcome like-minded friends to know about private letters.

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