No matter the Emperor or the tea, but do the job well.

The attention of the Academy Awards has been low, and no one is discussing whether “Hong Kong movies are not falling,” because everyone seems to have defaulted and is down.

Because the Academy Awards are designed to encourage film creation in Hong Kong, there are many nominee barriers. In recent years, too many outstanding Hong Kong directors and actors have gone north to enter the Mainland, and the talents who are going down are a bit broken, leading to Hong Kong local films. It’s already worse than before, so in fact, from this nomination list, the influence and attention will not be enough.

The final result is not a big upset. The overall situation is relatively smooth and relatively smooth, and it seems to be the most reasonable choice.

Best Actress, Mao Zedong, “Golden Flower”

For example, the best male and female.

The best supporting actress is Ye Dejun, who has already won three gold awards. She is very reasonable in her role and performance in “Make a few months”.

The best supporting actor is Jiang Yuwen. He has two finalists in this award, and he won the award for the “Bombing Expert”. He debuted for thirty-three years and can be regarded as a gold male match. The golden image.

The award itself seems to be slightly lacking. This is one of the many factors. One of them may be that the Academy Awards have always adhered to its principles and only played in local Hong Kong films. The overall quality and influence of Hong Kong films is not good. The awards naturally do not have the excitement of the Hong Kong film boom.

But at the same time, there are some other aspects of “holding” and there are many moving meanings.

For example, the professional spirit award of this award was presented to the staff of the tea post, Pauline, who is known as the “tea sister”.

It’s very human to choose to give the “Professional Spirit Award” to this position behind the scenes. It’s very human, and at the same time, it’s working hard to convey some great values, like What kind of profession is worthy of respect, such as down-to-earth work, life will give you a return.

It was Jackie Chan who gave her the award. Jackie Chan said that she heard that the award was to be awarded to Pauline, and she was obliged to come back to help her stand.

When the admission took the trophy, the audience stood up and applauded.

Introducing the short film, Zhang Daming, who is not short-lived, said that Pauline was already there when he entered the business.

Yuan Yuyi said that Pauline will take care of you very well.

Wu Zhenyu even said that he once thought that every tea is called Pauline, what is the concept, this is a synonym for a person to make his name into a profession.

In that short film, there are a lot of photos of Ms. Yang Ronglian and the stars of the era of the star-studded era. He joined the Hong Kong film industry in the 1980s and has been in the business for more than 30 years. He has participated in more than 100 Hong Kong films. Basically, since the establishment of the Golden Award, she is already there. From this perspective, she is also one of the most important witnesses of Hong Kong movies.

In her acceptance speech, she also said, “Thank you for watching Hong Kong movies.” In addition, most of them are simple and practical.

For example, if you earn this money, you must respect the job:

My position is tea. I don’t know how to get a salary. I earn money. Of course I have to respect this job.

In my own work, it’s not just the rules, but the hard work behind the scenes, and the other behind the hard work:

The bad rules are actually me. In the past, tea was very easy, but I found that after the scenes were very hard, I opened a few more cups. The more I opened, the more I opened.

For example, remember the principle of entering the line:

Finally, I would like to thank one person, Ping Jie (sound), Tang Ping (sound) took me into the business, she told me that to do things is to do things, you are good to others, others will be good to you.

It is a lot of people who don’t believe in life now. If you work hard, you will gain something. If you make money, you have to be worthy of your own conscience. If you do your job well, you will have a reward. If you live a serious life, you will be able to get happiness in life.

But this is the thirty-year-old tea aunt. The most important thing is that she can do so, and everyone else can really see it. Remember her, respect her, the highest authority award in Hong Kong film, and award her the professionalism award in the film industry.

On the professional level, this is the true embodiment of “every work deserves to be respected”; in the truth of life, this is a simple but rare truth, and can finally be realized. It’s really great.

The professional award of the Golden Awards includes a lot of occupations that most viewers can hardly pay attention to. The last time was awarded to the poster of the Hong Kong film, the father of the poster, and the posters of the early years were all hand-painted. He contracted For a long time, the movie posters produced more than 200 copies in one stroke. Nowadays, computer graphics are extremely developed, and the craftsmen of that year are still remembered.

Further forward, there are props designer setters, hair stylists, hair stylists, martial arts directors, research experts in film history, and professional film processors. If you want to get the unexpected, you have won the award on the stage of the Golden Award.

In fact, there is no need for a professional spirit award. One of the most popular awards for the Academy Awards can actually reflect this.

This year’s film emperor is Louis Koo, and many people say that Gu Tianle finally got the film emperor. What is the meaning of this “final”? Is he talented but never taken? Or is it a good work to be seen by the awards?

A little bit of understanding can be known, of course not. Gu Tianle has a particularly outstanding face, but it is not the kind of actor who can’t cover his talents. He is not the kind of actor who is very good at picking up the ministry. Even the opposite is true. The title of “Wang”.

An artist picks up six or seven films in a year, and it is difficult to think about the environment of Chinese-language movies.

This one “at last” In fact, it is more like a person who has been working diligently for many years and finally ran into a good opportunity. He finally became the person who is prepared, so everything is logical.

One of the awards of Gu Tianle’s award-winning speech was:

Chu Yuanshu, who just won the Lifetime Achievement Award, taught me a word, I learned today. Remember, always, forever, every play, every dialogue, don’t give up, think again. Because a good movie can’t give up.

In the Academy Awards, there are too many winners of this type. Andy Lau, who has been treated as a vase in his early career, has been a supporter of Lin Jiadong for n years, including Jiang Yanwen mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In fact, this kind of vulgarity is summarized, that is, he really works hard. But this effort is not the effort of the fans to blow up “Do you know how hard he works?” It is not the effort of “I know how hard he works” in the irony of passers-by. The efforts here are the efforts in the Chinese dictionary, which is active, hard, and down-to-earth.

In fact, compared to the star model in the Mainland, for most Hong Kong actors, actors are closer to being a profession. Different from the nature of the work of tea, the salary is different, the stage is different, but it is a profession.

It’s just to make the money and respect the job.

Finally, I want to end this article with the acceptance speech of Mr. Chu Yuan, the famous Hong Kong director who won the Lifetime Achievement Award yesterday. Because it is really wide, this kind of spaciousness and a solid foundation should be a better life method. .

Please sit down and thank my great disciple, Feng Qufan, for his loyalty and award this award to me from Taiwan.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded to Chu Yuan, who has not achieved his life, just forced me to say: I am embarrassed. In the long life, when I am happy, there are many difficulties, my life is probably more frustrated, I want to be less, I broke the sales record in Hong Kong, the boss immediately told me that the salary is ten times, each said me. It is the luckiest director in Hong Kong.

Ten years later, my play didn’t sell money, I took a few shots and wanted to shoot “Dragon”. Before the boot, Fang Yihua tore the notice and refused to shoot. I went to the office and asked me: Who told you to shoot Tianlong Eight, lose money, can you pay? Chu Yuan, you will not make a movie at all! At that time, I said that I was the most embarrassing director of Shaw Brothers.

However, the words “life” are the words “happy” and “tears”. Nothing strange, no matter how much you have yesterday, no matter how frustrated you were yesterday, when you get up tomorrow, you must To be an individual, to live, tomorrow is better than yesterday, this is life.

I don’t know if I know that life is like playing mahjong. There is a wind in the southeast and northwest. When you hit the north wind, it is another life. If you are like me, I am as old as I am, and the Life Achievement Award is won by this old man. Should “manage him thousands of things in the world, idle to laugh two or three sounds”, when he was old, no matter what happened, he was angry and sorrowful, all of them were when he was Bodhi Mirror, how many things in ancient and modern times, they all laughed . Finally, I will give you a few words that I like:

When you look back on the past, don’t repent because of inaction, don’t be ashamed by the vain, then you can proudly say that you live this life.