No Schengen sign! Where can I go to hold a Chinese passport?

The babies who have just arrived in the UK have not been able to do the Schengen sign for their own reasons. The holidays do not know where to go. Here is a summary of the places where only Chinese visas can be played~

Science time

First of all, our science is free of visas, free landing, and landing visas are all 啥~

Free of charge: As the name suggests, you do not need a visa. You only need to show your passport when you enter the country, you can enter the country smoothly!

Landing sign: The airport or terminal in the country has a visa window. When you arrive at the border, you can apply for a visa as long as you submit the relevant information prepared in advance, but if you do not submit the visa materials that meet the requirements, you must go the same way. Return, so if you choose to travel in this way, you must carefully check the materials and go out again~

Free landing visa: This visa is still required to submit information that meets the requirements, but it is free.

The point to be mentioned here is that there are many kinds of landing visas. The requirements of each country are different. There are free and charged fees. Basically, the following conditions must be met:

1. Make sure you have a regular passport for more than 6 months

2. There is a round-trip ticket

3. Cash, the cash requirements are generally not very high, as long as you can guarantee the basic needs of your time during the trip.

Exemption country


Visa-free country

The materials that need to be prepared are the passport and a valid round-trip ticket.

Countries that can go are:


2. Ecuador

3. Fiji

4. Grenada

5. Mauritius

6. Serbia

7. Tonga

8. Seychelles

9. San Marino


Unilateral visa-free country

There are 11 regular unilateral visa-free, 2 conditional visa-free and 4 team visa-free.


2. Antigua and Barbuda

3. Dominic

4. French Polynesia (requires the Chinese Tourism Administration to approve travel, family travel or group tours with the qualification to organize outbound tourism, and visa-free entry is allowed.)

5. French Reunion Island (requires the Chinese Tourism Administration to approve travel, family travel or group tours with the qualification of organizing outbound tourism, exempt from visa entry.)

6. Haiti

7. South Korea [Jeju Island] (Personal and tourist groups with valid passports, direct international flights or ships to Jeju Island can be exempted from entry for a stay of 30 days.)

8. Morocco

9. US Northern Mariana Islands [Saipan, etc.] (The following three conditions are required: 1. Individuals who go to the Northern Mariana Islands for business activities and travel can be exempted from entry; 2. Effective compliance ICAO standard machine-readable travel passport; 3. A round-trip airfare with a fixed seat. The maximum stay period is no more than 45 days.)

10. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands [UK Overseas Territories] (for visitors over 16 years of age, staying no more than 72 hours for a fee of 110 pounds, more than 72 hours for a fee of 160 pounds)

11. Samoa

12. Saint Kitts and Nevis

13. Turks and Caicos Islands (UK Overseas Territories)

14. Tunisia (requires a hotel order with a pre-paid time and a round-trip ticket)

15. Jamaica

16. Indonesia

17. Peru


Unilateral landing sign


2. Egypt (applicable to all types of passports valid for more than 6 months, you can apply for a visa on arrival, but you need to be registered by the Egyptian inviter or travel agency before the departure and file with the Egyptian Immigration Bureau. Here you need to pay attention! The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt Chinese tourists are exempt from visas, but visitors without visas cannot go to the Pyramids and the location of the Sphinx.)


4. East Timor

5. Togo

6. Cape Verde

7. Guyana (with a valid passport valid for more than 6 months, you can apply for an entry visa at Georgetown Chedi Jagan International Airport and Og International Airport.)

8. Guinea-Bissau

9. Cambodia

10. Comodo

11. Côte d’Ivoire

12. Laos

13. Lebanon

14. Madagascar

15. Maldives

16. Malawi

17. Mauritania

18. Bangladesh

19. Myanmar

20. Nepal


22. St. Helena (UK Overseas Territory)

23. Sri Lanka

24. Suriname

25. Thailand

26. Tanzania

27. Tuvalu

28. Turkmenistan

29. Ukraine

30. Vanuatu

31. Brunei

32. Uganda

33. Iran

34. Indonesia

35. Jordan

36. Armenia

37. Vietnam

38. Tajikistan

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Indonesia ↓

United Arab Emirates

Moroccan ↓


Jeju Island

French Polynesia


Quickly pack up and go to travel~