Norah Travel Notes – To the world Amway Morocco (Landscape)

Cover image: Stars of the Sahara Desert (Sahara, Merzugon, Morocco)

The visa-free visa in Morocco just made my first trip abroad, 2016.8.6~9.4.

When I returned to China, I entered Shanghai and the prosecutor looked at my passport. “Morocco is not very small. How can I stay for a month?”

I thought, if I can, I am willing to stay in Morocco for a lifetime – beautiful scenery, low prices, profound history, the unique customs of the Arab countries coupled with the slow and elegant modernization and the old days of European nobility.

The scenery of Morocco is roughly half of humanity and nature. Perhaps the first time I went abroad, I was very touched. During the trip, I wrote a large section of text almost every day with countless pictures to “show off” my own feelings, and I wished to give Amway this land in Africa.

So now, I want to take all the cities I have been to (Marrakech, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, Mezurka, Fez, Meknes, Volubilis, Evenet, Shev Shawan, Tetouan, Tangier, Aishira, Casablanca), all the scenery I encountered along the way (Hawthorn, Sahara, valley, forest, lake, sea, beach, village, town, grassland, field, starry sky, wilderness , caves, and all the nature I experienced (dust storms, tornadoes, low tides, light rain, hot sun, cold nights, seabirds, sunsets, galaxy, meteors) and humanities (medina, mosques, churches, dances, music, painting, weaving , mosaics, clay sculptures, palaces, tombs, Roman ruins, herders, rich people, crickets, food, markets, homestays, languages, bookstores, galleries, etc., all written in this article, with a lot of thoughts in the brain, and finally only one One enumeration. //The cover image is a small partner with a single-reverse shot. All other pictures are taken with iphone5. I am afraid that I will be taken without a camera.//

Marrakech Marrakech

Marrakech is very hot, and the deep red walls of the city undoubtedly make it even hotter.

When walking down the street in the medina, I often meet some quiet museums, quiet old houses, grand palaces, intro, or a little English introduction to the accent, or look at the colorful mosaic tiles on the walls, or It is a history of reading some French and Arabic in a guess. It can also relieve a little heat.

Even when I went to YSL’s former residence Jardin Majorelle, I first indulged in the dark blue wall and the shady garden, and then I was shocked by the designer’s control over color, structure, light and shadow. It was only two or three laps before I left. . The ticket here is slightly more expensive, that is, using the original student ID card to make a half discount, it is still the most expensive visit ticket I have purchased.

The nights in Marrakech are more lively than other cities, “hot” and noisy. The lights of Dejima Square are bright, the smoke of the food stalls, the smashing of the monkey dance, the scent of the African dance on the edge of the square, and the scent of the carriage on the edge of the square. Either pick up a bottle of iced soda on the terrace surrounded by the square, or be confused by this strange atmosphere in the crowds.

I thought this heat was due to the fact that Marrakech was too close to the desert, and it was unbelievable that Marrakech had gone through many cool river valleys and clear forests on the way to the desert.

It is worth mentioning that Marrakech takes tourism as its primary industry, and there is always a sense of “people’s heart” in the traders here. The shopping routine is quite deep: buy things in the store, the price should start from 40%, and if you don’t agree, you should make a gesture of not buying people; continue to greet in Japanese, Thai or some strange and quirky Asian. Men have to ignore them, not to be physically injured, it is very possible to be pulled into the store for a while; if you get lost in medina, try to ask the owner of the grocery store or fruit stand or restaurant, and talk less about Arabic. Most of the men who lead the way are unemployed and have a small tip.

I have never strolled in the medina of Marrakech for safety, and my shoulder bag is always in front of me. Friends of my friends often go very late. It is reported that one night, he was robbed of his mobile phone from his neck, everyone was scared; but the second night, he once again called friends to go to the medina to go shopping, stay up all night, continue to explore with high spirits The corner of this ancient city.

The city is a bit of a magical, unique dream of a thousand and one nights.

Essaouira Es Saouira

Essaouira was very cold, and the salty wet sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean did not stop for a moment.

Essaouira is a small town bordering the Atlantic Ocean, just a half-hour walk from the super@tour bus stop to the wall at the end of medina. I have been in the rain for two days. I bought a thick Essaouira commemorative hood sweater, and the owner’s grandfather used the numbers, body language, sign language, and smile to bargain for a long time. Arabic in rap (God bless you, thank you, no thanks, God bless you).

Living in the excellent location of Dar loulema, next door is a terrace bar, packed every night, all for tourists who chat and drink. The terrace of the residence overlooks the stage where the bar band sings, and the folk songs of all languages ​​are accompanied by the sound of the Atlantic Ocean. The white reclining chair leaned against the short wall. I held a cup of hot mint sweet tea in the cold sea breeze at night, sitting on the leg, and the leg of the landlord, the fat cat Big John, who was losing weight, had a fluffy tail. There are seabirds flying over the wings.

Visiting Essaouira is a fascinating thing.

The gallery and the small bar have the artist’s high taste, the centuries-old dessert shop and the café have a tempting aroma; the roast chicken oven is dressed with a savory roast chicken (poulet routi), packed and taken away, The chef wrapped it in a layer of aluminum foil and handed it to me, or it was hot.

The surf club is in and out of the handsome guy with a surfboard and wet curly hair. The smile and skin color are the smell of the sun. Now I want to come and regret that I have not reported 400 dirhams for 2 hours of surfing training.

When I sniffed the lemon leaves at the door of the spice shop, I was dragged into the shop by the enthusiastic shopkeeper. Facing the forage of the bottles and jars, I refused to try anything at the beginning, and sat down with the owner, the locals and the children chatting. For an hour, I drank two pots of mint tea and tasted all the spices I got. I spent 20 dirhams to buy a large bag of mint tea leaves, and I was willing to be pitted.

The morning fish market is worth a visit, fresh and cheap. After eating three oysters and two sea urchins on the spot, I also bought 200 dirham octopus, king crab, shark meat, green mouth, sea snail, oyster, sea shrimp, The squid, the amount is too much, noon water boiled with soy sauce and lemon juice, evening seafood stewed in the porridge with coriander and sea salt, night licking two fat cats divided a large pot of shrimp.


San Mao: I miss you, the sky will drop a grain of sand, and the Sahara will be formed.

Reported to the local FIT group, about 60 euros / person, three days and two nights, Marrakesh’s medina casually pick a travel agency to bargain for a while to write a list can be done.

The friendly and gentle driver uncle drove us for a full three days, all the way through many places: the walls and smoked paintings of Ait Ben Huddou village, the dazzling valley of the beautiful scenery, Mengana, one of the three major regions of the world’s rose oil In the town, the Grand Canyon, which is more than 300 meters apart, is a child who smiles and smiles at me in the stream. On the first night, I lived in a European country old hotel on the edge of a cliff. I could walk barefoot on a clean carpet. The kind waiter tasted the old godmother (:-D) that we brought with you. At night, on the balcony of the room, watching the dense star river is speechless, and there are springs in the valley.

Before the sun went down, the camel team, which was swaying and swaying, entered the Sahara. The storm, the dust and the dust rolled up the road, and finally hit us in front of the camp. With a muddy bird’s head, wipe the neck and arms with a wet towel, and the two friends killed the two pots of Moroccan Chicken Tajine, and the plates were clean. Half-deadly climbed up the sand dunes to eat, the sand dunes of 100 meters high rested at least three times before they reached the top, sitting in the lights of the distant city, lying down and singing, and then sliding back to the camp in a sneak peek; deserted in the middle of the night Innocent scenery and time-lapse of meteors from time to time, several people admire, posing while taking pictures, and finally a white cat in the camp, lying on the open-air mattress outside the tent, slowly fell asleep.

I couldn’t catch the sunrise on the third morning, and I was riding on a camel that could just pull out my internal organs and leave the Sahara desert from a little bit hot.

Shock is hard to say.

(The cover and the two desert maps above are all small partners.)



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