Old days (16)

for him:

Linda Helshiman hung up the newsletter. The reason is that the signal in the communication loop has gradually weakened. The learned line is transferred by the repeater on the ring equator orbit. The communication is blocked. The entire Israel and surrounding areas are covered by some types of full-band interference fields. IDF’s navy collectively moved to the Red Coast, while the fast-reaction forces were placed in the Sinai Peninsula. Even the army that maintained order in Jaffa Old Town could not get it.

A gunshot, the people in the square rushed into the intercourse, and the shrill voice was disturbing. Linda fixed the mind and bridged the marked map with the implanted chip near the posterior brain stem. The implanted chip stimulated the Z potential of certain brain regions, which enabled people to generate autonomous sense of direction and data planning. Of course, this concept of ALLIN has been protested by private conspiracy theorists since its release.

“The Nazi Society of the 赛博格 era has to control all human beings through information control.” The Christian Society was almost forced to disband the technology company that sells civilian products. But people with a little common sense know that database management after quantum communication is completely decentralized and open. In accordance with several provisions of the Maastricht Treaty on scientific ethics, the Chrisch headquarters must submit Source code and give up technical control. These provisions have also been emphasized by the history of the rule of law, because he broke the intellectual property rights and patent incentive system derived from private property rights, and the technological innovation itself was taken over by the public system as power and public information.

The distrust of the technical production mechanism and the scientific community seems to be a value in the post-industrial era, similar to the definition of democracy and freedom that was unclear centuries ago.

Linda crossed from a residential building to the back door, and a spiral staircase could move from the heights of the city of Jaffa to the next level. The steep stairs almost made her fall, and the nearly seventy-degree steep stairs made the backs cool. Linda, who has a fear of height, in the brain, the whole body carries out a stimulation sequence controlled by the metrology model, and evenly secretes pineal voxels, allowing Linda to settle down.

After walking down the stairs, Linda tried to reconnect the encrypted cloud database at the public communication desk on the stairs, which is the real-time data of the detection station–although only a few hours later, due to professional ethics, Linda’s self-defeating duties were Obvious sensation.

“Xichang’s encrypted mail?” Linda exclaimed. The Republic of the Fifth Plenary Session is holding. Most of the special researchers of the aerospace science and technology and the first-level professors with administrative titles in the Xichang base go to the Central Administrative Region of the Republic (formerly the Beijing Metropolitan Area) to conduct a leadership of the Politburo to the academic and military industries. In the special meeting, the project in Xichang should have been in a stagnant state.

“Hurry up, hurry up…” Because of the use of public Internet transport cloud data, Linda needs to re-download a quantum communication corresponding decryption model from the public interface and the public protocol, because the repeater transmits The signal is not a universal bb84 code, re-establishing an emergency environment suitable for public networks, and maximally preventing the leakage of communication lines.

This decryption model is actually a quantum annealing machine, but after eliminating the quantum perturbation to the ground state, the Hamiltonian amount of the ground state and any two qubits can be connected, and each qubit is the upper layer of the monoatomic binding layer. A small photonic loop is used to simulate, which means that there is no concept of traditional computer 0-1 at all, and no civilian quantum computer uses superconducting ring current to simulate the traditional model of left and right.

The violent gunshots seemed to be by the ear. Linda looked back and saw that several Israeli ultra-rightists apparently discovered her and shouted at her in a Hebrew with a very heavy accent. Ask her what she is doing.

Obviously, the Jewish people who grew up in Israel made these nativists have to look at the problems of the enemy and the political consciousness.

Linda had a message to see the completion of the mail reception, and then ran with the communication loop, and even had no time to dispose of the line connected to the public platform.

Linda ran to the old tunnel of the Jaffa subway, hoping to meet the Argentinean forces that were gathering there. The far right molecule at the back began to shoot at the sky.

However, they soon gave up. Start shooting directly on Linda’s back. ALLIN quickly assisted Linda with his knees, rolling to the side and slowly curling up to the corner of the old underground arcade.

At this time, an armored ring car flew over and seemed to have just ran from the safe area.

“Get on the bus, I am a comrade of the Industrial Party Alliance.”

Linda jumped into the car without thinking. The driver rushed directly at the extreme rightists.

The opponent’s apparently trained armed personnel, with the modification of the Galilean IV gun family and the Elbit VI’s individual combat system, set the aiming point and began to accurately shoot the electromagnetic pulse furnace below the ring car. . The other is holding the AGTM to prepare for a direct attack.

The other party is a full-featured combat team, and even a Himars device for team operations can be assembled for rocket delivery immediately, and the drone force can be directly called.

“Mom, it seems that it is not a general rabble.” The driver drove to the right and turned directly from the unsealed bridge deck on the left overpass to the first floor lift, then drove off the ladder to avoid Open the ATGM’s direct lock and start driving the car to the levee on the beach.

“Is this road not a dead end?” Linda exclaimed.

“Their goal is not a safe area and security forces. It seems that they have reached an agreement.” She handed Linda a cigarette, “Do you smoke?”

Linda didn’t want to reject it, because the taste was obviously an electronic cigarette with a cannabis component.

“I introduce myself, my name is Rama Sidwick, the Republic, the head of the Propaganda Department of the Industrial Party Group here.”

Linda didn’t know what to respond to. The other party continued to linger. “The other party is obviously a prepared professional army.”

The woman who “coughs” seems to have been smashed by marijuana. “If it was not properly monitored by the information technology department, no one escaped from the entire industrial party’s Jaffa station.”

“What? The Industrial Party’s old wolf in the Middle East was taken over?” Linda suddenly burst into swearing, trying to use Allin to check if there was any monitoring device in the car and avoiding the other side of the line—fortunately, this century’s car design All the mirrors used for observation were banned. Linda in the back seat wants to quickly check the mail of Xichang.

“So, what does the woman call?” Rama said inadvertently. “It seems that they will not follow up.” So the car was changed to autonomous driving, the seat was adjusted, and the marijuana was enjoyed.

Linda, a reporter for the Straits Times of the Republic. “Linda said in Chinese.

“Oh, it turns out that I am very happy to meet you, Ms. Linda.” Westwick Wick continued to smoke marijuana slowly, the gas burned by the electric heating rod and the exhaust gas that she swallowed and swallowed in the car. The taste is especially bad.

Linda squinted eagerly. Xichang seems to have to quickly confirm the return of the Shunchuan, because it has lost contact, and the Guanzhong base has not directly responded. Of course, Xichang has already notified the Shunchuan and other conditions that it may have been hijacked through the general platform a few hours ago, but there are further details. All the operation records of the Shunchuan have almost filled the entire package of the mail package.

“Where are we going?” This is obviously not the path to the safe area.

“Since I have saved you, I think if I wait for me to complete the task and then send the lady back, it should not be unacceptable.” The woman grinned and cast a deep look back.


“Tune three ZBCTs (full-featured brigade) to sneak in from the joint of the other side of the contraction, split from the middle, and move to the east in the direction of the Red Sea. Try to send all the firepower to the second one after the contraction. The line of defense of the remaining armored division and the stepper.”

“The main force is aimed at the northern base of the place for full fire coverage. The rocket projection system strives to end the opponent’s frontline troops in the first wave of strikes. One of the middle steps is a motorbike division, and the division retains the original station by the division’s direct troops. A sturdy position, guaranteed to send drones and build electronic countermeasures units on the spot. The remaining four LBCTs (light full-featured brigade), one to the west, cut off the contraction position of the first line of defense. The other three are V-shaped interspersed in the south, trying to break the current long and narrow arc-shaped battle surface with a complicated battle face in an enemy arrangement that still has strategic depth and ladder defense, and make a beautiful left hook.”

Stopped and continued to preach, “The Army Air Corps used three armed helicopters to form a fire drill for the enemy’s original third-party line of armored reserve teams. The naval aviation’s ground attack formations sent precision-guided bombs to the coast. All nearby roads and flat desert surfaces that can be used for armor travel are delivered, ensuring that all road surfaces are covered by a gelatinized oil film of a single atomic adsorption layer.”

The division unit of the joint travel system immediately disposed of the rebel station that had been eliminated, formed a broad front to the east, and positively suppressed the enemy from the southwest, and strived to encircle the last three divisions of the local area within two hours.

You Jiazi looked at the theater surveillance map pushed by the staff.

Added: “One principle is to avoid the current intention of the enemy to contract, and to break through the narrow warfare caused by the enemy, to gather superior forces to make advances, and to prevent the reserve team and the ladder from being deployed to our military headquarters. The danger of being surrounded.”

Yu Jiazi read the latest report and whispered in the ear of the sly. “In addition to the Jiangsu aircraft carrier formation that has already carried out the Red Sea combat area, the Israeli navy seems to have formed a confrontation with the Izmir Republic fleet. It seems that we do not want to enter the theater. .”

“Nothing, the theater monitoring equipment has been re-tuned successfully. Does the technical department have a clear idea of ​​the other party’s interference in the whole theater?”

“No, no, sorry, sir.” You Jiazi said. “In addition, the Special Commissioner of the National Security Council has arrived in Israel and is ready to engage with the Israel Defense Forces, mainly on the qualitative nature of the campaign and the takeover of the theater.”

“So, the National Security Commission means that we quickly eliminate the remnants and then return to Cairo. Wait for the news of the negotiations.” You Jiazi considered the term. “But the military chief of the Israeli Navy has already found the door.”

Hey, silenced.

Less than two hours later, a broad frontal advancement and a left uppercut attacked the enemy like a fly, and the enemy lost the support of the technical force, such as the same dead water, but most of the enemy’s formations fought. The last person.

However, it is usually disgusting to eat dozens of flies in my heart.

“About what we saw on the battlefield… The enemy’s body… This… Need to report?” You Jiazi said with a sigh.

“Not for the time being. I ordered the troops to quickly clean up the battlefield. The main force immediately returned to the Cairo base. Leave a ZBCT as the fast-reverse unit and keep it in place. The ZBCT’s division is not to be revoked.”

“Call a helicopter. We will go to the Jiangsu number and will be the guy of the Israel Defense Forces.”

“This war is going on, the enemy forces on the Red Sea landing, even the body forces that are being pulled by the exoskeleton, are not likely to emerge silently from the area where Israel is defending. At least Israel is only open to the public. The combat system is for us. Secretly, I think they are transporting a lot of things along the Nile River in the Upper Egypt Theater through the domestic trade and business, thus avoiding the marking of our theater surveillance system.”

“What do you mean is that… Israel is thinking of a higher transport route in the green space of our two armed forces (military protected areas)? This is technically too difficult.”

“Who do you think interferes with our theater surveillance?” The gimmick did not return.

“That is, the special commissioner of the National Security Commission is probably dead in Israel?”

“I am worried about the attitude of the National Security Committee.” The whole army coat was smashed.

“Go, let’s go to the feast.”