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University course

IT and programming

Art and music

  • Kadenze – A MOOC platform dedicated to music and art courses.
  • Dave Conservatoire — A completely free music learning website with the slogan “Let everyone accept world-class music education”, with videos and exercises.
  • Drawspace — If you want to learn to paint, or improve your painting skills, come to Drawspace.
  • Justin Guitar — More than 800 free guitar lessons, own apps, and useful content such as e-books and DVDs.

Mathematics, Data Science and Engineering

Design, web design and development

  • HOW Design University — Mainly teaches image and interaction design.
  • HTML Dog — Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming skills.
  • Skillcrush — Provide professional web design and development courses.
  • Hack Design — The world’s top designers teach you web/app design, completely free.


  • Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share — Designed for kids, programming through gaming.
  • Udemy — You need to pay to teach you practical skills in life and work through instructional videos.
  • E-learning for kids — Provide a basic level curriculum for children aged 5-12.
  • Ed2go — Another online course website for learning skills, primarily for adults.
  • GCF Learn Free — Founded by Goodwill Community Foundation and Goodwill Industries to teach practical skills. (I have a poor word.)
  • Stack Exchange – Hey! A great question and answer website like the shell question and answer, the answer quality is super high.
  • HippoCampus – Mainly for middle school students.
  • Howcast — Learn small skills in everyday life through video.
  • Memrise — Learn the language with a gamified concept.
  • SchoolTube — For primary and secondary school students, there are 500,000 videos. .
  • Instructables — A DIY website.
  • creativeLIVE — Teach you skills in photography, music, design, etc., to pay.
  • Do It Yourself — Teach you to be a home improvementist.
  • Adafruit Learning System — Provide a free electronic device DIY tutorial.
  • Grovo — Learn how to use hundreds of website applications to improve your productivity.

Language class

  • Duolingo – The Chinese name is “multiple neighbors” and it is said that the learning style is very effective. I feel that its app is well designed. Mainly recommend English and other European languages. ( @秋东 supplement)
  • – Before the Esperanto language course in many neighboring countries, this should be the best website to learn Esperanto. However, it has a very fun community in addition to the course, and some reading materials. ( @秋东 supplement)
  • @玛雅蓝 I wrote a website, app collection stickers: [Discussion] Learning app collection recommendation (language class)