Overcome inferiority and build confidence

A typical and extreme case.


Serious self-esteem is very harmful. Need to overcome, can also be effectively overcome.

He was once inferior because of his poor birth and short stature. He was also stimulated by the worst “mixed” and he was extremely low.

The family is poor, rarely and shy about mentioning the family and the parents’ career. I am embarrassed to invite friends to the house to play. If you don’t talk about it, you will always brag because of vanity. I was also afraid of people laughing at clothing problems, feeling inferior and worrying. Who doesn’t want to be born in a wealthy home?

Self-confidence is built on self-reliance and self-improvement, not on the body. Otherwise, it is a good bear to be born. It is precisely because of this concept that the family is not so inferior in poverty, but strives hard and strives for self-improvement. Although there is still a little inferiority, the degree is controllable.

The figure is short, only one meter six or six meters, less than one meter seven, which is relatively short among men. I always wanted to grow a little longer, even if I was five centimeters taller, I also thought about increasing the pad. There is some inferiority with a group of “senior people”, but it is already adult and can only be so high.

For men, career, love, etc. are the most important, height is not what, not to mention those who engage in art, pursue beauty, pursue shape, and value height. If you focus on important things, you will not be so inferior, but only occasionally think about a little regret. It is normal to have regrets in life. Whose life is perfect without regrets? Very few.

After work, compared with the people around me and the people I have heard, I have the worst mix of “mixed”, often stimulated, and often doubt my ability to make myself very low and very poor. I have always insisted on dreams and pursuits, but I have not succeeded yet. On the other hand, at work, others have developed very well, and they have developed very poorly. They are almost the worst, repeatedly stimulated, and their self-esteem is frustrated. He was mocked and disobedient, doubted and gave up dreams and pursuits, complained about his talents, dissatisfied with social reality, degraded others’ ability and success, and was full of worries and anxiety about the future. Economic failure, poverty, buying lottery tickets, imagining a rich night, this society, everyone sees the money very heavy, and feels very lonely.

Now, there are very few self-depreciation. First, the pursuit of interest as an interest, not giving up, while working hard to do a good job, although also tired, but after all, it is related to the life and family responsibilities; the second is to understand and appreciate the ability and success of others; It is moderate anxiety, low self-esteem or necessary, which can be turned into a survival motivation, regardless of work or pursuit.


Because the family and height are inferior, but on the whole, I am not a person with inferiority. At first, I lack a little self-confidence, so I lack a personal experience of inferiority.

The inferiority habitual self-denial and self-criticism are rooted in excessive self-expectation and self-requirement. For example, those who are in other countries have inferiority, such as those who are very good, and also have inferiority because of their self-expectation. Self-request, or perfectionist self-requirement. In fact, this is not entirely true. I have high expectations for myself, and I am not very high. It is extremely high, even to the point of near delusion, but overall it is not inferior, and almost never feel inferior, at most occasionally I suspected my ability, even if I think about it, but I don’t feel inferior in my heart and bones. I am not inferior and more confident. This self-confidence is based on a more objective self-evaluation. Self-confidence has extraordinary ability. However, it has not yet been recognized by the society. why? Why is self-expectation so high that it does not lead to inferiority? I finally found the answer.

From childhood, all kinds of negation and dislike, saying that this child is too stupid, there will be no interest in the future, etc. In fact, I really lack the care of my parents, but I don’t feel inferior. When I was young, I didn’t have any kind of parental blows and lack of care. Inferiority, but seems to have never agreed with their evaluation because of rebellious psychology, and deeply disapproved. In my study, my mother set a goal for me from a young age, which has a great impact on my development. But apart from this, my parents have no counseling and help. I am totally dependent on myself, and I have created my independence regardless of whether or not I ask. Independent can be self-reliant, self-reliance can be confident This may be the biggest reason why I don’t feel inferior at all.

Independence may not be self-confident, but not independent, it must not be self-confident.

How to overcome self-esteem and build confidence?

The first step: independence – this is the first step to overcome inferiority and build confidence. It is a major premise. The logic behind it is as follows:

The second step is to reduce the high self-expectation and self-requirement to make it conform to your own reality.

The third step is to change negative self-evaluation, self-suggestion as positive self-evaluation, self-suggestion; look at your own strengths and advantages; if you have perfectionism requirements for yourself, you need to abandon; positive attribution to failure; accept not Change, take the initiative to break your own fantasies, change what can be changed, and lower expectations.

Taking the retreat into the future, the above methods can not only help you overcome inferiority, build self-confidence, stay away from pain, and face life with happiness, but also promote your better development and achieve your goals faster.