Power Ledger — Conquer the traditional energy industry with blockchain

Dear friends, if you look at coinmarketcap (the most authoritative market website in the world) in the middle and late November, you will be amazed at the crazy rise of a project. His project code is called powr.

That’s right! It is Power Ledger, a power system distributed solution for the energy industry. The ultimate battle sent by the blockchain industry to the traditional energy industry!

What is Power Ledger?

Power Ledger is a decentralized, transparent and interoperable energy trading platform. The platform supports the ever-expanding energy application suite ecosystem through the tradable and cost-free energy trading token SParkZ. This system establishes a direct link between producers and users of electricity, who can trade directly, rather than through a power company acting as an intermediary. The advantage of direct trading is that it saves money, saves money, and maximizes the use of clean energy. Power Ledger is committed to enabling direct energy trading between consumers through a new platform, creating an energy trading model that does not require an intermediary.

Program features:

P2P energy recovery:

Power Ledger’s P2P power trading system allows residents to sell surplus electricity directly to other households at a higher price than directly to the power company. Obviously, in this way, the producers of electric energy have gained more benefits, and consumers of electric energy have also obtained lower electricity costs, which is the best of both worlds.

Using its proprietary blockchain-based technology, Power Ledger can determine the owner of the energy at the beginning of the power generation, followed by a series of transaction agreements to complete the transaction between the energy owner and the consumer. This mechanism does not add additional costs, which makes lower electricity costs possible.

The first environmentally friendly blockchain:

Power Ledger will be the first to store power information in the Ecochain, and Ecochain is the world’s first low-energy, environmentally friendly blockchain. Most of the energy required to operate the Ecochain comes from solar energy, using the latest POW mining mechanism, which consumes far less energy than other blockchain products.

The centralized grid that drives most of the world’s homes and businesses is actually quite inefficient, and it also brings huge pollution. The data shows that in a centralized grid, the process of electricity transportation and distribution consumes 6%-8% of the total electrical energy. If a P2P microgrid structure like Power Ledger is used, the remaining power is likely to be used in close proximity, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the grid.

Project parameters

Market value ranking: 32

Market value: 28,467.92

Total Issues: 1,000,000,000 POWR

Number of circulation: 349,949,266 POWR

Block Browser: ethplorer.io/


Token mode

POWR is the fuel for the Power Ledger ecosystem. A custom private trading application creates Sparkz in exchange for POWR. The market flexibility of the ecosystem is facilitated by deploying a dual token ecosystem (POWR and Sparkz) in the two blockchains.

POWR tokens are blockchain tokens with non-blocking costs that allow application hosts and participants to access and use the platform (like limited software permissions).

Sparkz tokens are issued via smart bonds in a hosted POWR token and loaded by the application host into their customers.

The project is good:

1. Australian Government Measures $8.6 Million as a Power Ledger Energy Project Bonus

2. The project becomes the official entry of CES2018 (Global Entrepreneurship Competition)

Online exchange:

On November 14th, Power Ledger got the most rigorous exchange on the current review. Bittrex is definitely on the b-net.

In late November, online China Exchange

project member

Jemma Green, co-founder and president. Jemma provides Power Ledger with strategic external relations, risk management and leadership development. Jemma has worked in investment banking in London for 11 years and has over 15 years of experience in finance and risk consulting.

David Martin, co-founder and general manager, manages the day-to-day operations and commercialization of Power Ledger technology and is committed to increasing market acceptance of P2P transactions to achieve the regulatory reforms needed to democratize electricity. David has nearly 20 years of experience in the power industry and has held senior management positions at two state-owned power companies. For the past six years, David has served as a senior consultant for industry partners, specializing in the management of distribution networks.

John Bulich, co-founder and technical director. John provides strategic direction for Power Ledger’s concept, system and application design and development. John leads the technical development team at Power Ledger Platform. He is the general manager and co-founder of Ledger Assets.


Vector Ltd: New Zealand’s largest energy infrastructure company with more than 600,000 consumers. With more than 400 residential batteries and solar systems, Vector is installed and deployed on its network and provides smart meters for more than one million homes in New Zealand and Australia.

Synergy: owned by the Western Australian government, the state’s largest natural gas, power generation and retailer serving more than one million residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

Western Power: The Western Australian government-owned company establishes, maintains, and operates a power network (allocation and transmission) in southwestern Western Australia. The network has more than 100,000 kilometers of infrastructure and serves more than 1.1 million customers.

Power and Hcash’s cooperation.

Recent trends:

Prices have soared and risen. This week, the price has risen and dropped. It is not suitable for starting in the near future. You can enter the market when the price of POWER is adjusted downward.

Send the current POWR price:

Bittrex:¥ 4.479 up or down: +6.3%

Coin security: ¥ 4.379 Change: +3.24%

Cryptopia: ¥ 5.12 up or down: +14.67%