Practice is the second

There are often friends who spoke with me: Buddhism often talks about “prasta emptiness”, “quietness and strength”, not enough grounding, and the clouds are too deep.

That’s because the order is messed up. Let me make an analogy: Kindergarten children, studying the university’s courses, what do you think will be learned? Obviously I can’t learn. You should find a primary school nearby, sign a name, pick a good teacher, listen to the lesson, and go to school step by step.

Another is that you have never really stepped into the door to understand, and you can understand the “Buddha” by reading a bookcase book on your own. You can learn thoroughly without the help of a master. This seems to us to be “self-righteous” and to be less.

The above two points, the end of the school feels that the crux of modern people’s practice is difficult.

The development of things is gradual, and no one can eat fat in one go.

The same is true of Buddhism’s practice. The practice was first unfolded, and absolutely did not get the nine yin school, and suddenly became a secret method of becoming a ancestor. This is also true in Zen. First of all, you have to go to the monastery to participate in the conversion ceremony, to be ordained (one ring and two rings, to the best of the best, that is, the five rings, then to the Buddha ring), follow the Master, often with good friends, and do a good job in the five rings and ten good, earnestly study It is possible to get the unmistakable heart of the unmistakable compassion, and to raise the true compassion.

Not to mention the brothers and sisters who have been practicing in the world. They can get Inca in this life. They are all a little bit of good-heartedness. It is not the merits of the world. And they are still today Obsessively stick to his position, earnestly be an honest man, and do his part for the motherland’s construction. Usually, where do you come from, where to go . It’s that simple.


Therefore, I advise you: although we can stand tall on the hill, we can leap like a bird.

But look back, this picturesque river and mountains.

Go deep into this endless crowd of people like the deep sea, and move forward silently. Forward.