Prepare for the November CATTI translation – ScalersTalk translation training camp (the second half of 2016)

In the second half of 2015, we formed “Prepare for the November 2015 CATTI Translation Training Camp” The group’s small partners insist on training and continue to act every day. In the end, 3 people pass the CATTI translation second-level examination, and more than one person passes the three-level translation examination. Other small partners also said that the progress is not small, and the results are gratifying. See “Prepare for May CATTI Translation – ScalersTalk Translation Training Camp Launch”.

In the first half of 2016, we set up again. “Preparing for the May 2016 CATTI Translation Training Camp” At the start of the training camp, hundreds of applications were received. After screening, 65 people were admitted. Among them, there are plans to apply for two strokes of 31 and three for 34. In the training camp, there were two 16 people and three pens 19 people who did not continue to practice cleaning out. The rest of the people did not take the test for two, two, three and four. That is to say, among the 65 people who actually took the test, there were two 13 people and three three. The number of passing exams is two 4 Person, three strokes 3 people. I believe this achievement is enough to explain everything. See “[喜报] 4 people through the second-level translation, ScalersTalk prepared for the May CATTI translation training camp record! 》

Therefore, we are ready to form again “Prepare for the November 2016 CATTI Translation Training Camp” And add some new ways to get everyone to prepare for the exam more fully.

Prepare for the CATTI translation training camp in November, mainly for the CATTI two and three exams in the second half of 2016. The training camp is based on continuous action and continues to strengthen training on translation. Strong firepower, high intensity, playful life, continuous training for three months, let your progress stop the car, you are bold enough to come.

“Prepare for the November CATTI Translation Training Camp” Relying on the ScalersTalk 100,000 word translation training team, the latter is a translation team under ScalersTalk. The CATTI in November is just a small piece of our growth path. Our goal is to translate and translate 100,000 words and do thousands of thousands of dollars in translation.

Two training modules:

1. Daily training: The administrator will send the questions to the task group of the translation group and the group forum at the same time. Each person will send his own translation to the group and his own translation training post. Due to the preparation for the November exam, the number of tasks per day will increase.

2, weekend limited time training: 8-9 points every Saturday night to carry out limited time training, English and Chinese translation of each article (the training will provide a reference translation).

The materials are all derived from CATTI Zhenti, foreign journals, government work reports, white papers, etc.

Operating rules and joining requirements:

1. From the beginning of this training camp, we changed to a paid form. First you have to pass the group test (test see below), and then pay to enter the group. The cost of the training camp is 200 yuan. The service period will be from the date of the group to the end of the CATTI exam in November 2016. After the exam is over, it can remain in the group, but the other operating rules of the translation team are still applicable. Note that after passing the test and paying, no refund will be made. Please read this sentence.

2. This training camp introduces a scholarship system. Scholarships are available to all members of the training camp who passed the CATTI translation exam in November 2016. The scholarship is calculated by the following formula: Assume that all members who pay to participate in the training camp are N, the number of people passing the exam is a, the total amount of the scholarship pool is Y=(Na)*200*15%, and the number of scholarships each person receives is b=Y/a.

3. Members who are originally in the translation training group can enjoy free priority and participate directly in the training without having to apply. However, only students who give up their free priority can enjoy the scholarship system. That is, if you want to get a scholarship, you need to pay 200 yuan first. But you can also participate in training directly without paying, but after passing the exam, you will not receive a scholarship.

4. You must pass our group test before paying into the group. Test link at Please carefully complete the application according to the requirements, submit the application according to the text in the link, please be patient after the submission, there will be a reply within three working days, and the payment method will be provided after the test. It is a Alipay QR code, which can enter the group after entering. . We only look at your translation level, don’t accept selling and swearing, please don’t copy.

5. After entering the group, you must participate in training every day. Since you are the person to prepare for the exam, then you should follow the standards of the day walker. We will also provide a guide to action after you enter the group. At the same time, if you do not act for 7 days, we will remove the group and do not accept any form of excuses.

If you are planning to prepare for CATTI, the best way is to start practicing and practice with a group of people who are very combative but not at all! And we have played two rounds, and the record is good, this time will only be more experienced.

Ok, I finished, I want to come to work quickly, get ready for the silver, and enter the group.


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