[Program Yuan wear] What to prepare for the tropical beach on the 5th?

Some sisters and friends have suggested that I start to write and write, mainly because the aesthetics of the program Yuan may be different from the fashion bloggers who are more popular nowadays. I prefer simple, comfortable, practical, mother-man combination, attention to detail. style. In this article, the puffs are writing up late to write a pre-departure preparation for the trip to Cancun, Mexico, starting tomorrow morning.

Do you know Fashion? Still not good to learn!

The trip was a temporary move. I decided on Friday afternoon that I booked the ticket hotel at night. I got a visa on Tuesday and I will leave on Friday morning! Seven months of crazy overtime without taking a break, finally can go to blow the sea breeze! Kaixing!

Loose high-waist shorts are the preference of this year. When you are older, you don’t like tight denim shorts. On the left is Alexander Wang’s T-shirt with UNIQLO white shorts. I didn’t buy my number. Slightly larger, I have a pink and purple suede belt from Acne Studio. On the right, Arizta’s off-the-shoulder waist-white top with light yellow linen high-waist shorts, this year’s new Uniqlo, has a lot of good-looking and practical colors. These two sets of shopping out of the hotel, go to the restaurant or club are more appropriate.

These two sets are purely easy to put on and take off, and can overcome the guilty feeling of wearing only the swimsuit. On the left is a sock strapless cotton skirt (suitable for Anne Baby Girl), and on the right is a cardigan chiffon pajamas shirt skirt with a belt.

After preparing the above four sets, I found that the color was slightly monotonous, and I turned out this red bow suspender skirt. I can take a pair of red earrings. It should be popped out in the middle of the blue sky and blue sea. It is quite lively. The skirt is super dry. Cancun is wet and the swimsuit is difficult to dry. Plus, you may have to go swimming a few times a day. If you don’t want to wear a wet swimsuit, bring a few more. I prepared two days a day, two days.

The hotel is a bit high-grade, there are four restaurants, including French and Italian restaurants. If you want to come, there will still be a dress code. It is estimated that I will not be able to wear a bikini to eat, so I still have two normal skirts. spare. On the left is the skirt of Victoria Beckham (yes, the brand of the spice girl), I like the part of the middle belt; on the right is Aritza’s emerald chiffon dress, the color is a bit strange, but for the Asian girl, somehow The upper body is particularly effective.

Prepared some accessories. Now the hair is in a sturdy length, and the wind will be messy, with four scarves, tied to the hair as a hair band. Jewelry, it is recommended to bring k gold, Cancun wet, salinity is big, silver jewelry and pearl jewelry is best to stay at home. I brought a rose gold infinity earring + rose gold crystal pendant, which can be worn with that green skirt; a set of jewelry in k gold and amethyst, can be worn with a black skirt. Light yellow acrylic earrings with a set of light yellow shorts, red with a red skirt, a pair of earrings in the middle can be easily equipped with more colors, can match any set of clothes, I plan to match that white cotton dress.

glasses! Two different styles of sunglasses, the above is Dior, slightly exaggerated; below is Dolce gabbana, simple and cool, the two are actually very versatile. Also don’t forget to bring contact lenses, myopia glasses, and swimming goggles.

Then, with a mobile phone, headphones, ipod, you can have a little music when you are lying on the beach. The camera, I brought a 24-70mm and 10-18mm lens, the two heads are not very heavy. Gong Da said that the camera is a layer of salt a day, preferably with a uv filter as a ghost, so I seriously bought two of the cheapest uv filters on amazon.

Two pairs of shoes, all super wild. Black sandals from Belle, white Muller shoes are Clarks, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes to go shopping for a few days ago, I want to die for half an hour, ran to temporarily buy this big 20% ​​off Muller shoes, accidentally noisy And comfortable. Black sandals can be worn with two shorts and a red skirt. It is the part of the man who balances the man inside. The white Muller shoes are equipped with two sets of small formal skirts. I have to worry about whether I want to bring my pair of high heels or give up. I just want to relax, why bother to wear my own high heels? ! ! !

Sunscreen! ! ! On the left is a new product sold by Nordstrom. It is also available in Safera. After using it, I will send another evaluation. The right side is waterproof and durable. Then bring skin care products, masks, cosmetics, and most, most importantly, passports, 1-797 originals! I also printed the information about the hotel. I am not convenient to take pictures of my underwear pajamas.

The Bay Area is still a bit cold. The 5-hour flight is estimated to freeze people. The left side is ready to go to the airport, the cat shirt, bought at shopbop, and a high-waist boyfirend jeans with UNIQLO, but there is still a need to The feeling of wearing a coat, the United States to open air-conditioning is really no money, no fear of environmental pollution! ! This tote is also the only bag I have, which can be easily lost, and has a large capacity. It is very good with several sets of clothes, perfect!

I took four books, “Living in Other Places” and “I and the Earth” were read by my childhood. I have read it again in the past six months. I have read half of it and I have not read it. This vacation is a good opportunity to put these two books. Read it. I liked Milan Kundera for the first time since I was in junior high school, but I missed Shi Tiesheng. He has experienced the suffering of life, and he wants to die. However, he is an extremely self-conscious person. His understanding of life is too narrow. He takes himself too seriously. I don’t think he has the courage to really die. San Mao, Van Gogh, and Hai Zi, who really loved me but also died, cannot be compared. However, I really like this book, probably because of the altar, all the ancient gardens in Beijing, which I love. One of the most anticipated is “the long goodbye”, “what we talk when we talk about love” is to read to enhance the understanding of love in certain cultures.

Finally, bring 1dollar bills! Be prepared to pay tips! I went to the bank and took 50 sheets of 1 knife~~

Flashing people! ! After four hours of sleep, you have to get up and take a taxi to the airport! !

Kaixing! ! ! 88 friends~~