Raising metabolism is the key to losing weight!

Metabolism is crucial in weight loss. Why do some people drink fat? Some people eat and drink are not fat? The reason is metabolism!

With regard to the concept of metabolism, the role of content, in fact, I have written very carefully in the Tianya, and today write to you to improve some of the metabolic skills.

1、 Relax!

Why do I put this first? Because I think the most important! You are always afraid that fat will really be fat! Just like I used to eat before, the first reaction is not something good or not, but will not gain weight! In fact, the more you think about it, the easier it is to gain weight. This is equal to your own psychological suggestion! The more relaxed, the faster the metabolism! The most obvious feelings I and my fans will find out, go out to play and eat more, but no weight, even thin! Many fans understand my text, but they still fear losing weight when they eat. Being overly concerned about not getting fat, being overly concerned about your body, you will not be happy, so the metabolism is also low. Please believe that my energy is conserved. The body is not what you think. If you eat less, you will lose weight. It is not because you think that crazy movement will be thin. If weight loss is really a simple step, then why is it so How fat? Too strict on oneself, too harsh on the body, one day will erupt! – It is gluttony! The energy is conserved, and the coming out of the mix will sooner or later! Bulimia is the energy supplement to your diet!

2、 Regular drinking

Regular drinking is a safer way to increase metabolism. The body also needs to replenish moisture, but don’t drink it, sip it, drink slowly. The metabolism of slow drinking and cattle drinking in the body is not the same!

3、 Regular eating

The important thing to say three times is to eat less meals is an important means to increase metabolism, but the premise is to ensure that the nutritional needs of the day. Regular eating is not dieting, dieting the body and thinking that you will abuse it again, it begins to store fat like a camel for later use! And you eat regularly, the body will judge, there will be a steady stream of energy coming in, do not need energy, quickly metabolize! Dieting, overeating, and non-stop dieting will only make you less and more fat! Eat less and more meals, regular snacks to ensure that blood sugar is stable, will not eat and drink gobble, promote metabolism!

4、 Breakfast is rich!

In the article of the End of the World, I have also emphasized that breakfast must be sufficient, be nutritious and rich, and the emperor should have breakfast! Because the nutrition of breakfast determines your metabolism throughout the day!

5、 Keeping the stool smooth

Whether or not the stool is smooth is an important factor in the metabolism, and constipation slows metabolism.

6、 Chewing slowly

The role of chewing slowly before sharing specifically, please see from the historical articles!

7、 dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has the effect of suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism while being small but satisfying satiety! I lost a lot of chocolate and contributed more! Many people seek to lose weight and eat 100% dark chocolate. I do not agree! I always feel like eating something I like. Better-tasting foods can improve metabolism. Compared with whole fat, skim milk and taste are a lot worse. Why should I go for that crime? In the picture below, the brand of chocolate I’ve been eating is 70%, but it is 85% less hot than Lindt. 85% of the taste is very bitter. Merchants may have added other things to satisfy their taste, so the calories are higher. It!)

8、 coffee

Coffee can increase metabolism, and many sisters who lose weight will also drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach. But coffee is not as addictive as this thing. The following picture can be purchased organic freeze-dried caffeine!

10, L-carnitine

L-carnitine is misunderstood by many people. In fact, many foods are included. Baby milk powder is included! When many people listen to L-carnitine, they think that you will give me how much weight you can give me. I don’t recommend eating it! Injury! ! ! !

L-carnitine is an amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy and has no toxic side effects on the human body. Particularly suitable for people to do aerobic exercise to reduce fat. Half an hour before exercise, the effect is doubled! Its role is to provide enough oxygen when the wood is burning, just a carrier! Not medicine!

11、 Thick legs are also poor performance of metabolism!

Edema and fat legs, including easy edema constitution, red bean barley water boiled water amazing! (Don’t!) It’s that simple! In addition, DHC’s stovepipe pills to go edema effect is very good, muscle-type legs please massage their own, until the hardened block, the effect of taking the stovepipe pill doubled!

12、 enzyme

The earliest enzyme produced in Japan was actually a plant enzyme. In Japan, there was a book called “Sickness, Health, and Pregnancy,” which was translated “Lifeless Lifestyle”. It was about the role of enzymes in life. It also mentioned skin care and weight loss. In fact, many foods are fermented to produce enzymes. One of my friends is eating enzymes. The stools are very smooth and people are thin. Enzymes are mainly the effect of breaking down fat! This figure is very hot in Japan,

My metabolism is very strong, my appetite is very strong, and my appetite is high. Just as I had to eat buns and eggs before going to bed yesterday, I had to eat a cream cake before bedtime the night before yesterday, but I didn’t get fat because I ate too much, because you know!

Powerful metabolism is not established in one day or two, slow work, good living habits, and good mood, coupled with these small things to improve metabolism, you will eventually become a fat to eat!

Above dark chocolate, organic freeze-dried caffeine coffee, DHC stovepipe pills, enzymes, L-carnitine can purchase! The old powder knows where my supply comes from, and suspects a true detour! Thank you! Do not waste your time. I am not a professional purchasing agent. If you believe in me, I will bring it. I do not believe in detour! Thank you!

Let us go on with the grace of the United States and the United States :)!