Red rice 6 Getting started: as long as the balance of 799 yuan entry

At the price of 799 yuan, the red rice 6 retains the popular features of 18:9 screen, double shot, etc. The new Helio P22 gives it a good performance.

Xiaomi mobile phone recently launched a new rhythm very fast, after the continuous launch of Xiaomi 6X, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8 SE three “Millet” mobile phones, Xiaomi turned his attention back to red rice.

On June 12th, Xiaomi released two new products, Red Rice 6 and Red Rice 6A. The former price is 799 yuan (3GB + 32GB), while the latter price is only 599 yuan (2GB + 16GB).
In this hand, this is the red rice with the color of “Bali Blue”. Let’s take a look at it.

The red rice 6 is packaged in the iconic red carton of the red rice phone, with the number “6” printed on the box.

Although the price is low, the Red Rice 6 still uses the popular 18:9 screen.

The corners of the screen are rounded and the control of the frame is the normal level of the thousand yuan machine.

The red rice 6 has a screen diagonal of 5.45 inches and a resolution of 1440X720. The 295 ppi gives the screen a clear guarantee of clarity.

The back cover of the red rice 6 is made of plastic, but since the surface is frosted, there is no particularly obvious “plastic feeling” in the hand.

In addition, the body of the red rice 6 also adopts the “Yangliu waist” design, the back cover is narrowed on both sides, and the middle frame part has a certain curvature. With the compact body, the hand feels good.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack is retained on the top.

At the bottom is the Micro USB port.

The rear is equipped with a dual camera, in which the main camera is 12 million (single pixel 1.25 micron) and the sub camera is 5 million, which is used to record the depth of field for background blur.

When the battery capacity of Red Rice 6 is 3000 mAh, the power of the charging head is 5V 1A which is common in the same price.

Red rice 6 What makes us more pleasant is its performance.
The SoC of Red Rice 6 adopts the Helio P22 (the CPU is 8-core, 12-nanometer process) released by MediaTek. The overall performance of this SoC is roughly the same as that of “One Generation God U” Xiaolong 625, which is used at the price of 799 yuan. Exceeded expectations.

As a 100-yuan machine, the Red Rice 6 retains the popular features of 18:9 screen, curved body design, and dual-camera. The new Helio P22 and MIUI give the red rice 6 better fluency than the same price opponent. Features (such as pre-single-camera AI portrait blur, AI face recognition, small love classmates), and this is the biggest competitiveness on the red rice 6 product level. ■