Regain your feelings and meet the style. The heart of the birth, the matter of joining the WTO. ——Jiuhuashan·Halfout·Meisu

A calm heart, a calm attitude.

The heart of the birth, the matter of joining the WTO.

More important than hard work is a happy life.

– Half out · Meisu

Jiuhua Street, a small town with an altitude of over 600 meters in the mountainous area of ​​southern Anhui.

More than a thousand years ago, an exotic athlete came to the foot of the mountain and wanted to find a clean place to practice.

A local Mr. Wu surnamed him and gave him a way to go up the mountain. A few decades later, the sorghum was considered the embodiment of the Buddhist Bodhisattva, and he was the Golden Land.

For more than a thousand years after the practice of Jindi Tibetan, it has gradually developed into a mountain town with many monasteries and thousands of inhabitants.

Here, it is the most familiar place for young Yimo after the 1980s, and it is also the most ideal place in his heart.

Yi Mo is also surnamed Wu. In the early years, Yi Mo taught in the mountains and often went to Jiuhua Street to take a look.

In a few years, he traveled through every mountain road in Jiuhua Mountain and visited the sheds of every temple in the mountains. He also used the sweet spring water in the mountains to get used to the humid air in the mountains.

In his thirties, a pair of children, neither frivolous nor old.

At the age when everything was just fine, he decided to open a homestay in Jiuhuashan.

Some people say that young people should go out, but he said that he has to listen to his inner arrangements.

His half-out of the United States, neither selected in the mountains, nor placed in the street, but in a small stone alley in Jiuhua Street Old Street, hidden in this white wall black tile residential and yellow wall red tile In the middle of the monastery.

There are dozens of meters from the endless roads, and there are dozens of meters from the Huacheng Temple Square where people come and go.

Out, one minute to the most important temples in Jiuhua Mountain, the Temple of the City and the Great Depression Building; enter, you can enjoy peace and quiet.

A two-story small building with nearly 600 square meters, no more than a dozen rooms, can accommodate a group of friends, and will not be busy.

You can greet friends from afar without any slowness, drink tea with them, and talk about somewhere in Jiuhua.

Ten designs of ten rooms, named after the spring, summer, autumn and winter and the eyes and ears, mean that the four auspicious, six clean, perfect.

At night, Jiuhua returned to peace early.

She lives leisurely during the day. If you can hear her breathing at that time, then I can feel her meditation at this moment.

Sit in the public space on the first floor of the hotel, and talk to the most loved ones around you, or call a long-lost old friend.

At this time, you can not run for a living, you can not worry about the world.

Old oak flooring with beautiful texture,

a chandelier made from a mottled old wood,

a hand-painted porcelain cup by an old craftsman in Jingdezhen,

Floor lamp made by tree roots,

Or delicate or rough flower,

Carefully selected each book,

Nothing hides the careful thoughts of the owner.

Urban people who are busy in high-rises and crowds all day long,

Come here to learn to let go of yourself,

Listen to the morning bell and drums,

I would rather take a book and do it.

Also throw away the phone and let go of work.

Leaning on the sofa or in the bathtub,

There are amazing surprises everywhere.

It is best to wake up in the birdsong and the bells.

In the ancient temple of the mountain, worship the Buddha, listen to melodious chanting,

Stone path, flow once and dripping sweat.

Make a cup of Buddha tea and drink it with the closest people.

Wild bean sprouts are fragrant,

The wooden boards are all safe.

Holding a book,

Count the stars in the tweet.

Spring picks tea, summer catches fire,

Autumn osmanthus, winter snow.

The most beautiful look of the seasons,

Here, there are.

Yi ink always sighs,

The best time is the moment.

Because it is more important than making a career,

Every day is trying to be a better self in my own mind.