Regarding the so-called practice and spirituality, talk about your own experience |

In addition to work, you can’t write too much at a time, just write a little.

At the end of the article, I talked about volunteering at the Zen Temple. The friends and experience of the volunteers in the process of volunteering are described in detail later. Here, let’s talk about the paragraph that insists on adjusting the interest and sitting on the heart for a few years.

At that time, the static sitting was reverse breathing, that is, the breathing was slow and constant, and the end of the tongue was licking the upper jaw (the position of the inner root of the upper incisor). When the inhalation was inhaled, the abdomen was evenly received, and the anus was lifted. The lungs were full of inhalation. I don’t stop, I breathe evenly, I can’t breathe out the lungs from the nose, and relax the levator process when inhaling. The abdomen is evenly drummed out. When the air in the lungs is over, the abdomen is also swelled. . Repeatedly, the method is simple, and you insist on it. Describe here how to breathe is just to make a clarification, to avoid doubts, and to encourage you to practice before the screen.

Before using this method of breathing, it is best to practice with natural deep breathing for two months to adjust your body and mind.

After the method is finished, talk about your feelings. It’s very painful to sit still in the first two months. It’s all boring. When you start practicing for only ten minutes, you feel like you’re going to spend the next year. When you don’t do anything, you’ll start to blame, and countless thoughts arise at the same time. The mind is cluttered and there seems to be a messy galloping. This time it feels very bad, but it is the time to refine your heart and mind! No matter how messy, distracting thoughts, just sit patiently, just don’t interfere and don’t bother to look at the messy thoughts….. Don’t try to stop them, stop them, you can’t stop, the more The more you want to try to intervene and stop, the more rampant it is. Just look at them like that~

Nan Huai’s poem on this piece is in place:

“The autumn winds are scattered,

Sweeping back thousands of times,

Take a smile and sit down,

Let it be self-made. ”

It is this kind of attitude of “sitting at leisure”. It is very important and very interesting. It is enough to look at it patiently. It is a messy day, two days or three days…. Two months later, it will be clearer. The messy thoughts are much more simplified, just like the muddy water that no one disturbs it and precipitates itself. People who have come through seeing this place will be very clear about the state I am talking about.

The abstract ethereal rhetoric, implemented in your own practice, will appreciate the words of the speaker beyond words. Maybe then I really understood what the speaker said.

I wrote it here first, and I have a lot of stories in my heart. I will continue to do so, and the time will come.