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The New Year holiday has passed, and I finally have to start losing weight every ten thousand pounds. Speaking and practicing! I will practice my back today! But this is the next day. . . . Backache, backache, hand cramps! This is how to do ah!

Today, let the rehabilitation teacher teach you a set of Meng Meng. Absolutely serious Massage big health – relax your back muscles after exercise. Generally speaking, After we finish our training, we need to relax. Muscles are: latissimus dorsi, great round muscle, erector spinae, trapezius.

First, let’s talk about the most widely trained latissimus dorsi.

1. Back skin

After the latissimus dorsi muscle training is completed, there will be a tight back and even pain. How should you relieve muscle pain and tension through great health care? Let us first look at the anatomical view of the latissimus dorsi.

The latissimus dorsi muscle originates from the thoracolumbar fascia, the 7th to 12th thoracic spinous processes and all lumbar spinous processes, the 10th-12th ribs and the posterior part of the iliac crest; Relaxation of the latissimus dorsi is required after training the pull-ups or rowing.

Massage method

You can use the palm of your hand to pull the opponent’s arm to an abduction of 170°. Pushing from the scapula to the tibia (direction of the thoracolumbar fascia) . Push the strength Have a sense of oppression but no obvious pain and discomfort It is appropriate. Excessive skin drying can use baby oil to increase the degree of lubrication of the skin.

Push 8-10 times, a total of 2-3 groups. Note that the left and right sides should be balanced to relax.

2. Large round muscle

In general, training the latissimus dorsi also uses another muscle on the back – the big round muscle.

The large round muscle starts from the lower edge of the lateral aspect of the scapula and ends at the sacral nodule.

In terms of function, the function of the great round muscle is very similar to that of the latissimus dorsi. Some people therefore call the great round muscle a “little assistant of the latissimus dorsi.” Therefore, while relaxing the latissimus dorsi, you should also relax the massage of the big round muscles.

Massage method

Use your thumb to press the big round muscle at the beginning of the lower edge of the shoulder blade and push it up slowly until the armpit portion. Note: Do not give the other party a serious pain, but have a certain soreness.

Push 8-10 times, a total of 2-3 groups, both sides should relax.

3. Vertical vertebral muscle

The erector spinae of the back is a long muscle that connects from the humerus to the occipital bone.

The erector spinae originate from the posterior aspect of the humerus, the transverse process of the lumbar spine and the posterior aspect of the ankle and the thoracolumbar fascia Forming three parts upwards: inner Spine muscle ,Middle Longest muscle And lateral Rib rib . These three parts are arranged separately on both sides of the spinous process.

Massage method

Prone position, standing on the head of the person being massaged, You can apply a little massage oil on your back to prevent skin irritation. From the first section of the thoracic spine (T1) to the fifth section of the lumbar spine (L5). Pay attention to the process of pushing Don’t overdo it Don’t press on the spinous process Instead, it is pressed against the soft tissue on both sides of the spinous process. by Top to bottom massage, 3 times for a group, a total of 3 groups.

4. Upper skewed skin

When relaxing the back muscles, don’t forget to relax our upper trapezius muscle. The upper trapezius muscle often produces fatigue in strength and other movements.

The upper trapezius muscle starts from the upper line of the occipital bone and the ligament of the cervical vertebra, ending at the outer third of the clavicle and the shoulder.

It should be noted that the tension of the upper trapezius muscle is sometimes only an appearance. For example, most people in modern society will use the computer for a long time, and they will feel sore and discomfort on the trapezius muscle on the shoulder, but in fact this soreness is often Due to the weakness of the lower trapezius muscle, the massage will be relieved, but it can not be eliminated. First, because the computer is used for too long, the second is that the lower trapezius muscle is not strengthened.

So although the muscles are tight, but the causes are different, the solution will be different. We only say today After training A great health care method to relieve the pain of the upper trapezius muscle.

Massage method

In the prone position, the head remains neutral, not to the left and right sides. The upper trapezius thumb presses the upper trapezius of the neck down and outward to the shoulder. Again: Be careful not to overstress! Massage oil can be used if necessary.

When doing massage, do not use excessive pressure on the cervical vertebrae (especially the upper cervical vertebra) because the cervical vertebrae are relatively fragile and extremely susceptible to damage.

Slide 6 times for a total of 2 groups. The left and right sides should be balanced.

Ok! Today’s big health is over! Are you satisfied with the guest officer?

Text | Yu Meijun

* Muscle anatomy picture from “Functional Anatomy – Anatomy, Function and Palpation of Muscles and Bones”