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The 13th episode of the much-watched idol warfare animation “The Macross Δ” was broadcasted, and its wonderful content triggered the hot discussion of the masses. The active performance of my fish in this episode also made the fish party members ecstatic.

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“Time Macron Δ” 13th words: Passion DIVING

The fleet of the Kingdom of Wind, led by King Gramiya, approached the Laguna Star. Freya, who left her hometown in pursuit of her dreams, was appointed as the deputy of the Δ team, Miraji, who felt the temper of the value of life in flight. In the battle to defend the second hometown of Laguna, they were caught in their hands. It is…

Shaoxia sister

Feng Shaoxia is so rare in the recent male lord. I feel that even if there is a scene of selling meat in front of Feng Shaoxia, he will not be tempted by the mother, but it will not be as sloppy as the abnormal uncle. Very man has wood, I have to say that once such a boy attracts girls, it is difficult for girls to succumb to the deeper and deeper. – I haven’t thought about it yet.

The wind is less, this is just a life-threatening escape. ——rita_2

Climb the Mirage and go to the Ankang fish, the forklift smashes you to play 6 ah. ——commie_neko

In front of everyone, first hold the rice, then the squid, the young man is not shot and killed. ——killng

At the same time, Feng Shaoxia opened two, which is prepared to be worse than the princess who died….——zxc111

I feel that the blast is so good that it is more pleasing to the face than the princess’s stinky face. If you don’t have wings, how can I be tolerant of him… Oh, yes, please don’t be too slow. – 疵毛撅腚

Shaoxia change machine

Like the original generation, Feng Shaoxia really took the opportunity to die. ——koney

Or change the plane, Shantou is the fighting power! ——commie_neko

A unified reaction bomb, the demolition work for the wind kingdom, the replacement of the god of death for the wind, really good intentions! ——rita_2

You also said in front of Mesa how to sell the god of death. Hesen: You, the figure is broken. – suddenly empty

White knight eats 瘪

The White Knights will lose the two small planes that were mainly from the beginning and were knocked out by the three-person team. ——smcheny

Before the White Knight, Mesa was killed by a small plane. This time, the 3V1 of the small plane was completely blasted by the blast, and the blast added a full BUFF. ——lokifreya

This set of white riding performance is the biggest problem. In fact, it is a bit ugly when it comes to the face of the wind. It doesn’t feel like I’m a bit of a singer. I’m so happy that I’m happy. It’s reasonable to say that someone who inherits death should be happy. Ah, but the performance feels awkward. It turns out that they still have such awkward people. I don’t accept it, then I’m less windy + Freya is beaten…——xiv

After the white knight was hit, it was obviously not dead. It felt like an extra line would be opened… It would not be white. ——killng

The White Knight is estimated to be in ruin. ——qrlfafner

The white knight seems to be wearing a mask… this fucking is just big wood. – the sun is shining

I think that Bai Xia wants to be hidden. When the protagonist and the fisherman are just like a fisherman, they become a chaotic pilot with a mask. On behalf of the third party, the power is exposed to the black curtain. Then the protagonist and the Knights are killed together. You said yes. . ——Ouyang Yun

The result is the next episode… The fisherman big breast sister swims out of the water and reaches the white knight…——Pepsi 256

The fisherman’s sister was swept away by the water, why a bunch of people shouted for lunch………they are more like a fish in the water. Before, some people had to go to the white knight, and now the sister and other people walked away. Only the fisherman’s sister was picked up. ——皇神乐耶

The drifting white knight has fished a fisher-sister who likes Mesa, and then he is whitewashed by his sister. ==||| Still killing it. ——haruhiの

Mark Los Angeles is handsome

Did the captain throw a deck down or did the entire macros be thrown away? That card is too sensational. ——GJRstone

The whole down was hard and it was launched. – the soul of fire

The aircraft carrier that the Valkyrie took on the left hand first came over, and the other parts came over and blocked the shot. ——haruhiの

The original aircraft carrier is not a hand, it also has a hand, and then the aircraft carrier can be used as a gunship…. The new MACROSS is so fun to fly. ——langsheng

By the way, the paradise park fully reflects the superiority of the new generation of macros, but Zengli was killed by the same gun in the same position. This time, I also took the shackles and sneaked back to hit the bridge… whether it was a mirror or a tactical variety. – gray spread

The captain of MD is very sharp! ! Although I will see that there are not many double dog fights, but the team battle is very good, everyone is desperate, and they work closely together. This time, Mark Rose wants to buy it! ! The captain is handsome and dead. – juicy and juicy

Now, the two ships are called “CV/C”, the truth is clear, CV is Carrier Aviation, or Carrier Vessel, C is estimated to be Cannon (cannon), this new level of Macros is really not 6. – Wang Shi

New trends in the triangle, my fish victory

Main line: granddaughter, my fish, blast group

The man is holding the granddaughter hahahahaha. I almost won the game. –innovation

Pay attention to the look of the granddaughter here, pay attention to the eyes! ! ! ——simon~

I think the granddaughter would think that Freya would mind, and found that Freya was mindful. But I didn’t think so. ——Fog Summer Shadow

Didn’t let Freya sit on the body of the blast, I don’t want anyone to have an absolute advantage, and there is also the final blast and Mila’s confrontation, this triangle is slippery! ! ——rick6

13 words, it seems that the fish has a very strong advantage (there is a hug behind the soul), but in fact the forklift is still playing a two-line operation. The most nuisance is that the forklift is not awake to love the brain. – Ravy

In the triangle love, how can the wind behind the fish hold the wind and take the initiative to hold the rice medicine. However, the wind feels a little bit forced to cut into the love part. ——D-JoeII

Here, I still feel that it is a blast. I don’t want to go to the other side. I want to be a friendship. The first thing that Milajie went to see the fish’s reaction. I didn’t feel that I was wrong. I went to speak on the fish. It is. On the contrary, the blast and the fish are all in the same sense of overflowing with the body. The feeling of flying in the wind is brought by the fish. The fish does not sing. The wind is probably only 1/4 Mesa. One song is =1 Mesa. The first reaction to the leap of faith is also to rush to save the fish, to push the white knight and Mesa’s hatred, you can drive the god of death to feed. ——luna120225

I am afraid that Feng Shaoxia will come to one sentence: Freya also has songs, but Miraji only has me. Mirage is now full of brains with the spirit of Shaoxia as the benchmark of behavior: I am here to save the people of Feng Shaoxia, the wind and the Xia Xia hug me to collect, Feng Shaoxia’s plug-in I come to take, Feng Shaoxia’s concerns I eliminate, Thinking about it is really a perfect wife-in-law (although embracing is a passive act). Well, although this is still the most invincible and cute of my fish. ——Fog Summer Shadow

Branch line: Meiyun, my fish group

I thought that Meiyun was the original demon-level hidden boss. Every time I came out to block the gun, it turned out to be really concerned about Freya, and I was optimistic about the beautiful cloud fish. ——KuonjiClara

Conclusion: My fish is a big victory, you are my wings.

This episode seems to be going to break the defeated dog to catch this feudal superstition. – 疵毛撅腚

Both stocks rose in this episode, and the fish stocks stopped. – the field of God

My fish suddenly turned into a galaxy, and the young boy almost laughed and sprayed, and then the bird muscle has been until now. I am as stable as poi, you taught me how to lose to show me the next episode. ——starring

I am strong, invincible, the best in the audience! After reading the whole set of passions, the title of this episode is good. Now, Freya is more like a person with wings, Zuo Meiyun, right wind, and finally a Miraji, perfect! – white and white

Freya is really the owner of this real harem. In addition to the blast, Mei Yun and glasses saw that she was also shining in the eyes, and it would not be too much to add a Mila. ——cipher-lee

The victory of the fish party, how to lose my fish, the wind and granddaughter Meiyun is the wings of my fish. “My boyfriend is a female pilot” – luna120225

The lyrics can’t be said to be out of sync, but the character is a bit wrong w – D-JoeII

The fish king has been dead and shady

It seems that the big death is the black curtain on both sides. ——haruhiの

This new integration and Galaxy have py trading. One responsible for bombing a responsible use. ——mengjun

How did the prime minister look at his face? -dida

Feeling the death of the fish king has a conspiracy, the prime minister must have moved what hands and feet, not a mastermind or a staff. ——HACHIMAN

The prime minister is determined to change the glasses table (after all, the holy wind circle has been achieved, although the current anti-integration and the new integration are not well-intentioned, this will not be pitted after the start of the holy wind circle) or plan to pass and then reveal the true face Now. ——stygianlunar

When the man finally said this, I had the feeling that the eunuch had a false impression of the emperor. ——绫魂h

Before the death of the fish king, he called a half-Heinz. The little prince had been screaming, and finally he called a father who was also sad. ——luna120225

Gifts: This episode will die

My fish big forehead

There are also bloomers

Also on the big screen, everyone enjoys

… etch

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