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In the world of “heavy social” animals that are traversing the world, same is a maverick plant. It is silent, emotional, confused, and even lonely. It turns out that in this kind of social society without any purpose, there is comfort and warmth.

1. Maverick, the distance between people and people is just right

“I don’t need a social app!” But the same is so different, it redefines a sincere social model that starts with the heart of the heart rather than the amount of attention. You can feel the same thing about me, you can talk to me, but you can’t pay attention to me. You may only find me in a specific place. We are so close but so far away. When you first arrive, you will be confused, you can’t find direction and usage, and it will not wait for you to slowly explore.

2. Inclusive like a grassland

For example, the potted plant in the movie “Léon” is strong and stable, always watching and growing. Same seems to be the intersection of multiple parallel universes, each of which is a distinctly small world. Every piece of text, every picture, a piece of music, or a movie in the channel is filled with a person’s secret and true feelings, full of its unique taste, you can find the person who shares his own taste. Some people use it to write love letters, some people use it as a tree hole, some people share positive energy every day, some people just look at other people’s stories, what it is, completely defined by you. It is worth mentioning that the premium channel will get a customized icon, and it will be true.

3. Like life, there is a surprise

When you add a filter to the photo, the expression of the villain changes at the bottom, the flower delivery villa at the bottom of the menu, the small egg after the card is picked up early, the face that hurts when the picture is loaded… The same intention and sincerity always give warmth Feeling, under the clean interface, is a rich and sentimental heart. At present, the same is difficult to use in the case of poor network, and the novice guidance is relatively incomplete. If you are not willing to pay a little patience, it is likely to miss it.

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Entrepreneur says

By Vin,same Product Designer

The original intention of the same is to abandon the reality of the relationship to form a social environment, (the social products of the relationship are basically saturated), using a kind of aggregation and information such as emotions, emotions, state, pictures, movies and music, etc. Flow direction.

At present, the team has three people and two cats, two uncle programs after the 80s and a female designer after 90s.

There is a graffiti artist in the studio, stubborn like a child, who loves to capture the ugliness of the life around his friends. This guy has been plagued me for many years. I can basically face him with confidence, but our designers are unacceptable. Once she took a photo of her ugly to a certain realm, people were crying, but the guy insisted on sending it to the social network. People say that if you let go of your face, you will let go of everything. The big tongue is shameless.

In this way, our designers have opened the arrogant mode in the era of shamelessness, catching whoever hurts, and giving a guide to the same without a bottom line. I hope that you don’t feel that you are giving up the smell when you are guilty of guiding bad things. It is innocent and even lovely. It only expresses the meaning that same is coming out.


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