Scars and talks (1)

“Suddenly, the dream is in the atrium, and sighs: “My life is like a fine porcelain bowl, and it’s broken…” The words were not smashed, and they fell from the empty bowl and burst into tears.”

——The whole truth teaches “Danyang Real People” Ma Wei, “Evolutionary Collection·Volume”

☹ At the end of last month, the monks repaired the truth, the flight failed, and the left shoulder fell.

Above, the dark cosmic swearing map is an X-ray after the major surgery.

Right side of the screen That is, the left side of the main body From the shoulder joint, what is the shin bone, the fork is the steel nail; the long ellipse and the porous hole is the steel plate. The bones are broken into pieces and have to be reinforced. One-handed witty typing ~ /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Alright alright,” gravity “…now knows now ~ fear ~ You are! ! !

As Rilke’s poems praised it –

Center, you are from everything /
Lead yourself, and from the things that fly in /
Regain yourself. Center, you are the most powerful. /
Standing people: If the drink flows into the thirst /
Gravity passes through him. /
But from the sleeping person, /
But it drops the abundant rain of gravity, /
As in the clouds from the dense. /

(Rilke, “Gravity”, translated by Li Yongping)

Everything depends on gravity “exist, so it is called “center”

However, people are used to it, but they never even feel it. gravity The existence of the movement is often only when the thing is “flying” off the ground. gravity The existence of it, as if it was forgotten, it is like “disappearing” gravity “Regain yourself”

I turned to help gravity In order to “stand” on the earth, so “If the drink flows into the thirst”

However, however, for “Sleeping person” The fatigue has been unloaded. In some respects, the moment of sleep is the most “light” moment of ours, and we are flying in our dreams. Control our gravity From our tired and tired body “going away”, just like “Fengpe rainwater” , descending from the dense cloud.

As Lacan said, Signifier with Alleged Not necessarily fixed, sticky, often, a corresponding Alleged With the expansion of the index finger, it is in the corresponding Signifier “Slide” underneath and change.

At the beginning of the poem, for the signifier of “gravity”, the initial reference is only a simple physical phenomenon. But the narrative proceeds to the end of the poem, under the “gravity” The initial correspondence is quietly slipped over and replaced with the new one, which is like a heterosexual possession. At this time, the so-called “gravity”, the metaphor is the earthly shackles and their fatigue and suffering. It is said that what we usually call “heavy body” refers to this or one of these meanings.

I was too slow to type with one hand. I couldn’t help but use the injured arm. It’s a bit of a pain now, take a break first. Advertising –

After watching the advertisements, the female friends should know what they are going to do now. O(∩_∩)O~

Go back to the text. Usually people have the illusion that the signifier and the sign are always relatively fixed, although they are closely studied, even if we use it everyday. The reason why this kind of illusion arises, because the ordinary life, the inherent customs, the social routine, and so on, greatly limit the sliding changes under the signifier, and the stability of the society requires the stability of the language. The more a society that is stagnant and old-fashioned, the more conservative the language is, the more fixed and sticky it is. It is precisely because of the poetry, especially the modern poetry, that the language is liberated. It is precisely the main feature of modern poetry that highlights the free sliding of the finger under the signifier. The meaning is always in constant or even hysterical change. In the middle. Always refer to the signifiers that can be attached to the body as much as possible, and constantly associate, associate, and swim. Relatively, the signifier can’t always anchor the specific one, and let it slide underneath. Language gains unprecedented freedom in poetry. Therefore, poetry is getting closer to the expression of music, because music (especially classical music and jazz), the signifier and the signifier are as described above, are freely changed, slipping and sliding. If you really open up, even if your knowledge of classical music is zero, you can understand classical music and grasp its core. The appreciation of classical music is actually not so difficult to cut? The hand is inconvenient and the energy is limited. I am not prepared to talk about this in depth. Some idiots, as long as you insist on listening to classical music, one day you will understand what I am talking about. The comprehension is such a way to enter the room.

Hand pain, take a rest. Oh, everyone hasn’t read this article yet. Title Right?

╭(╯^╰)╮ The following is the title replay of this article –


After the operation, some big things can’t be done… This also includes the previous series of “The Journey of Comprehension”… because it is too energy-intensive to write. However, everyone is worried that it is not a break, but only a little later. Now there is a ride without a ride, write a little text to entertain yourself.

Blackbird is lying naked in bed and reading. “Wang Shimin Antique Landscape Book”.

One of the albums, “Imitation of Beiyuan.”

The magic of the “four kings” is definitely not detectable by the Muir. The ignorant superficials often think that they will only imitate and lack creativity, because they write “like this” and “like that”. They do not know that this is the end of the Ming Dynasty, especially since Dong Qichang. A conscious self-black ethos popular in the world of calligraphy and painting, the hidden in the ground is barely proud. The painting title says “Who is the imitation of anyone”, in fact, with the help of such “control”, the person who has the basis of reading is guided to show “no imitation”. Their so-called “imitation” is not a imaginary imitation of the ignorant. The main point is that “the imitation does not imitation.” In other words, in fact, the so-called “a big copy of the article in the world”, there are many people who advertise their “original”, many times “imitation” is no less than them. The “four kings” generation, do you really don’t know the price of “original creation”? If you really think so, take a closer look at their related paintings.

For example, Wang Shimin himself said: ” The painting is not in the same shape, there is a pen that is wonderful and the ink is not good.

And Wang Shimin’s life-long mentor Dong Qichang, who was deeply in his heart, advocated the ancient and the ancient times, but he said: The ancients can’t change, it’s the fence, and it’s just like the ear. “and many more.

In fact, it is precisely because he is deeply aware of the so-called “a big copy of the article in the world”. He is proud of the way of “self-blacking”, and publicly declares its “imitation” on the bright side, secretly showing that it is “not imitation”. Or 曰 “original” . In addition, “who is imitation” is precisely the kind of love and respect for who, and is also a kind of sincere treatment of art.

Another monk, the declaration “the art that can’t be understood is the stool”, saying that the above-mentioned “simple” painting, does the person really think that he can understand it? If you think that there are mountains and waters and trees, you think that you understand the painting. It is just a picture of painting as “talking to the picture.”

Simply explain the picture.

First of all, everyone looked at the hills.

Here, I emphasize that when you look at Chinese painting, you should pay special attention to it. “Do not look at it”

That is, you must learn to withdraw from the imagery of the scene from time to time. use body To feel the meditation of the imagery and beyond the figurative Rhyme “Italian”, “Important”, “Situation” . When the painter of Enlightenment paints, he often only uses a small amount of attention on the current figurative depiction. The more important attention is to observe and follow the specific “qiyun” in the first place. Determine the related objects and inks. In other words, what the painter paints is “what” (signifier), which is not important to some extent. Or 曰 is not the “subject object” that is really concerned at the moment. The image of the picture is nothing but a carrier of “temporary borrowing”. I have to wait for the painter to forget the fish. If you can understand the “qi” (referred to), you don’t have to care about “figure” (signifier). The so-called ” Intention to the pen first “,here” meaning “The meaning of non-meaning, but the meaning of “meaning”. Wang Jieyu Shi Yun: The meaning of the way can not be painted . He is not a person who knows painting. Because “the state of mind” is precisely painted. The so-called “south-south division”, scholars have many criticisms, but in fact, there is no glimpse of the Taoist school. The “North-South Separation” has its own basis and cannot be scorned. Passing the heart and heart, is in the “intention to the pen first.” The so-called Nanzong Yimai, the biggest feature of its creation, is to focus on the “Italian/Italian” or “Gen”, which is the “dominant” of the picture and the “pilot” of the next pen. Taking the creation of novels as a metaphor, anyone who is committed to plot promotion in narrative can be regarded as “Northern Buddhism”; whatever is driven by feelings and emotions This is also the “fading plot” that people often say. But it is not that you don’t want to “plot”, but the structure of the plot is only for the corresponding sense and emotional flow. The plot is not for storytelling, but for strengthening, weakening, fading, fading out, transforming, transposing, and coordinating the current flow of consciousness. Can be regarded as “Southern Zong”. I think this metaphor, we should be able to understand what the meaning of Dong Qichang’s rumors of “North and South Separation” is, and it is not a deception.

Look at the picture hill. Wrinkles and contractions, and the deep-spotted moss of the wrinkle gap is more heavy and convergent. In general, everyone thinks about it. bun “The folds on the buns, such a kind of (heart) uplifting “kneading”, “tangled”. Looking at the picture hill, do you feel a similar kind of “qiyun”? Remember, learn From the surface of the mountain, there is a kind of “feel”.

Ok, (after watching the hills) Now your heart is “tightening”, “convergence and entanglement”; then look at that “waterfall”.

In Chinese painting, waterfalls, currents, and the like are often used as “qi”. Vent guide Relieve

Just now, where the hills are, “qi” is tight, convergent, and entangled. Because of the setting and connection of this waterfall, “qi” began to slowly Vent Relieve …… The heart that you just tightened with it has also relaxed, and the lotus petals stretched open~

When the waterfall falls, the “qi” will also shed (using the “body” to experience the picture, you will feel that your “body” is like “squatting” down…) Attention! note! Because of the squatting Stunned The mist of water, instantly filled with mountains and plains, the viewer’s blood is rushing with it… Can you feel a beautiful atmosphere like a song while you can’t help but marvel? Didn’t your ears sing a beautiful humming at this time?

Let us review the “qiyun” that has come to an end. First of all, “qi” is Tightening Then, (with the waterfall) slowly relax and relieve… Russia, the airflow rises and swells into a beautiful singing-like atmosphere, and the whole moment is “transformed”… The moon and the flamboyant spring are full of praise and beauty, and they are moved like a beggar.

The painting title “Imitation of Beiyuan”… Yes, Dong Beiyuan is the painting of Mozart at home. Or skill is higher than him, but he can’t do “harmony”, “beautiful” and “natural”. For the heavens and the earth, for the moving, admiring and comprehending between the heavens and the earth, no one can surpass Beiyuan, the kind of beautiful lyrics with a sandalwood singing style. This is the essence of Beiyuan. The painting title “Imitation of Beiyuan” is the essence of Beiyuan, or the method of heart.

However, the following is different. When he changed his tone, he did not imitate it. Wang Shimin began to reveal his own “峥嵘”… or the hidden “狰狞”.

Handache… continue to smash tomorrow~

Good night, what are you? (to be continued)