Seeing what kind of position you are suitable for from the flexible skills

In many of the concepts of fresh graduates, there are only specific positions in personnel, administration, legal affairs, sales, marketing, IT, production, quality, etc., but Many times I don’t know what job I am suitable for.

If you want to have a preliminary systematic understanding of the classification of jobs, you can go to the major mainstream recruitment websites to view. However, if you want to study in depth, you will find that there are many jobs, some of which are unheard of by ordinary people, and it is not difficult for us to confirm what we are suitable for. So, how do you judge? What is a simple and actionable method for the individual?

Jenny knows and thinks that the flexible skills mentioned in “What color is your parachute” can be used. That is, job seekers can find the right position by analyzing the flexible skills they have. It is feasible to classify positions with alternative skills, because the classification is clear, the criteria for judging are clear, and the most important is that it is easy to understand and apply. Here is a separate introduction to the flexible skills for friends who need it.

According to the object of the action, the work skills are divided into three types of skills: data (information), pair of people, and object. Each type of skill has different levels from simple to complex. . As shown below:

(Source: “What color is your parachute?”)

Job seekers can judge the position of the position through the flexibility skills required for a position. Data processing Processing person still is Treatment Position. Even if a position requires the use of three skills at the same time, the proportion of each category is usually different, and the level of skill required for each type of skill is usually different.

I don’t feel empty, let’s take a look at the examples. The topic is very simple, just for further explanation.

What are they suitable for?

Personal situation:

a. Xiao Huang

After graduating from college, I went to a 4s shop as a maintenance worker, and was promoted to the maintenance supervisor because of the excellent technology. He feels that working in a 4s shop can only deal with a faulty vehicle, and the field of vision is narrow. He likes to drive, and if he has a job that allows him to learn more systematic knowledge and have more time to do some technical analysis.

b. Little blue

A clerk in a company. She felt that the work was too leisurely. Later, she took the initiative to transfer to the customer service department to do customer service. She also felt that it was easy to be frustrated to accept complaints every day. She studied accounting at the university, but she didn’t like to deal with numbers all day. She wants to transform and doesn’t know what she can do. The hobby on weekdays is also a variety of flowers. A typical house girl.

c. Xiaohong

When she is doing a sales plan at a company, she finds that she prefers to deal with people rather than dealing with numbers all day. However, she does not want to be a sales representative. She feels that the work pressure of indicators is too great for herself.

Skill needs of the post:

(1) Recruiter

In this position, the skill share of the person to be processed is the highest, followed by the skill of processing the data, and the skill of the object. Recruitment is obviously a job of dealing with people. In the process, some salary calculations and comparisons are needed. At the same time, it is necessary to use a printer to print resumes. But the level of skill in dealing with data and things is obviously slightly lower than the skill level that the handler needs.

(2) Vehicle road test engineer

In this position, the skills needed to process the data are the highest, followed by the skill of the processing, and the second is the skill of the person. Because the results required for the test are required to do a lot of data analysis; secondly, this person needs to have “the skill of the object” (that is, driving), but the car repair experience is not necessary (although many testers are also Good maintenance personnel); in the end, such positions require skills to deal with people, and deal with some arrangements and coordination.

(3) Flower shop manager

In this position, there are three types of skills, such as objects, people, and data, and the difference between the three is small (slightly higher for people and things). The professional skills in dealing with “things” include the trimming and packaging of flowers and the floral layout of the store; the processing skills of the customer, that is, “people”, are not much different from the level of skills required by general marketing and customer service personnel; What is needed last is the skill of dealing with “data”: the store manager needs to count the revenue of the day and confirm whether replenishment is needed. Because the flower shop produces far less data than the hypermarket, the level of skill required is lower.








It can be seen that although a basic position will combine three alternative skills, it does not mean that there is no difference in these positions. It is better to entangle in the job classification, from the perspective of three flexible skills “Anatomy” post, after comparing with his own skills ,real What is the job position for judging yourself? What kind of position can take advantage of their skills?

It must be pointed out that the initial stage is naturally based on existing skills and even talents to seek positions, and then whether to strengthen their own superior skills or improve their own weak skills, in short Skills must be cultivated, cultivated, and cultivated Otherwise, it is impossible to talk about promotion in the workplace, and it will be difficult to establish a foothold in the workplace.

Note: This article is selected from my book “Jumping is a blind date” and has been slightly modified.

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