Shenzhen blockchain training: Blockchain technology will enhance the in-vehicle data access experience and microservices

Blockchain technology will bring significant upgrades to vehicles, causing major changes in future driving. It is said that centralization is easy to generate data vulnerabilities, and real-time data communication exchange cannot be realized, resulting in lowering its utility. However, blockchain technology can significantly improve this situation.

One of the great advantages of blockchain technology is that its data dissemination is more efficient and faster. The decentralized ledger of the blockchain means that the user can simultaneously access each node on the network, that is, each vehicle node and data node, with higher precision. Creating a decentralized network enables seamless data transfer to all nodes, which is the first step in creating a secure, unmanned ecosystem.

Bring microservices into the blockchain

The use of blockchain technology in driverless vehicles includes increasing the volume of transactions between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure. This area is very important, involving microtransactions in the workshop communication. With this strategy, the blockchain creates a closed shop communication ecosystem that provides incentives and incentives for participants to facilitate the completion of such transactions and the sharing of shop floor data.

In terms of vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, the blockchain provides a streamlined payment ecosystem designed to simplify every aspect of driving. In addition, blockchain technology or automatic payment will be realized thanks to smart contracts.

It is worth mentioning that the UBI system requires a large amount of data entry to ensure accurate accuracy for the driver. Insurance Quotation and premium. However, when introducing a public blockchain, the insurer may be able to immediately calculate the driver’s premium, and simply perform a pre-set smart contract to complete the automatic payment.

In addition, blockchain technology may also boost and provide an automated driving experience. Many car companies and infrastructure businesses have discovered new integration directions for blockchain technology, and may witness more transformations in the transportation industry in the future.

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