Sitting on a tatami drink Starbucks? This is just one of many tricks that Star daddy has done in recent years.

Starbucks’s shop design is a hot topic in recent years. The iron-plus-wood American style assembly line cannot of course satisfy people’s increasingly diverse tastes. Moreover, there are so many rising boutique coffee shops as rivals. So Starbucks had to put a few big surprises from time to time to surprise you, Xiu Xiu’s own old strength. From The boutiques that cooperated with Kengo and other architects went to the ultimate white flash shop and then to the concept shop on the Zurich train. As long as they are serious, they can come up with new tricks every time, without repeating them. After opening the news, I unconsciously tapped into one of the “Starbucks of the world’s first xxx.” Recently, their destination was a century-old house in Kyoto, Japan.

Dining in Kyoto, Japan, is a characteristic alley full of Kyoto, adjacent to the famous Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple. On both sides of the alley, there are old-fashioned traditional shops, such as local shops, pottery shops, and Japanese food kiosks, which are full of tranquility and peaceful atmosphere. In short, all this seems to be incompatible with Starbucks? It doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily.



Δ lined up for tourists

This is the new store that Starbucks officially opened on June 30th, “Kyoto-Nirin Tea House Shop.” If you don’t look closely, you might consider it an ordinary hot spring hotel or one of Kyoto’s oldest houses. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this idea, because this new store is indeed not a newly built building, but is an ancient folk house built more than 100 years ago in the Taisho era. Looking closely, the familiar mermaid LOGO is reflected on the blue-and-white Japanese-style warm curtain, which perfectly matches the surrounding street-view style. Each corner fully expresses the high respect for traditional culture of this new store.

Of course, Starbucks opened in ancient streets, so why should we say it is a member of the “world’s first” series? You will understand this by opening the curtain. That’s right, this is the first Starbucks in the world that has been designed in traditional Japanese style from the inside out. Entering this quaint Japanese-style home, you will first be attracted to the narrow corridor leading to the inner courtyard, and all the sunshine will be projected into the room along this corridor. The entire promenade is as striking as a lantern.

The bar is located at the deepest level of the first floor, with a faint yellow warm light from the ceiling to the bottom of the counter, as if the candle of the old house is warm.

△ Adjacent to a Japanese-style dry landscape garden, which is very Kyoto.

After finishing the drinks and boarding the second floor, you will see 3 tatami dining areas, the world’s first Japanese-style tatami-style Starbucks. Guests can take off their shoes and sit on a seat made from the “Tango crepe” traditional high-grade fabric from Kyoto. Enjoy a cup of coffee and experience the special experience of modern life combined with traditional elements.

With another Dongfeng in the world’s first series of screens, we come to appreciate a few other special Starbucks shops.

The most beautiful Starbucks on the outside

@Prague, Czech Republic

This so-called “world’s most beautiful Starbucks” branch is located in the Prague Castle District of the Czech Republic. Since Prague is the world’s first city to be designated as a World Cultural Heritage City, this Starbucks is also ranked in the eyes of the world’s most loyal fans. The first pilgrimage site. All the way up the ramp leading to Prague City, you can reach this fantastic little world. While sipping coffee, one of the world’s most beautiful old streets overlooks the dreams of the world. It is definitely the most memorable memory of your life.

Have a coffee in the cruise

@Japan, Kobe

This Starbucks is part of the 150-year commemoration of the opening of Kobe port in April this year. It has built the first in-park shop in the Kansai area in the newly renovated Kobe American Park’s Prospect Plaza. The two-story building concept of a single building is “KOBE HARBOR COFFEE CRUISE” (Coffee Cruise in Kobe Port). It has 71 seats and 34 seats of outdoor seating in a spacious store of more than 300 square meters.

The second floor of the floor-to-ceiling pane is striking, allowing guests to look at Kobe Harbour in a superb view from the waterfront. On both sides is a vast expansive green meadow. It is as if it is a stunning cruise ship around the world.

The largest Starbucks

@United States, Seattle

This superbly large shop is the famous STARBUCKS RESERVE, ROASTERY & TASTING ROOM in Seattle, USA. From its lengthy name, it can be seen that this Starbucks is not small and full-featured. Indeed, it is said that this is the largest in the world, even directly to the baking workshop moved to the store.

The whole baking process of coffee beans is clearly visible here. The scent of coffee that has just been smashed is floating throughout the store, making the coffee in the hands even more mellow. Anybody will indulge in the ocean of coffee. In addition to the processing site, there are also multimedia libraries where customers can learn more about coffee culture through multimedia presentations and books.

The most diversified Starbucks

@Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Arabic-style Starbucks is located in the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is one of the most beautiful Starbucks camps in the world. The regions of the Six Kingdoms Mall are dotted with characters of India, China, Andalusia, Persia, Tunisia, and Egypt. They also give this Starbucks, located in the center of the dome, a sacred atmosphere. You will experience the extraordinary coffee atmosphere of Arabian Nights in this multi-national cultural fantasy space.

The most “broken” Starbucks

@New Delhi, India

This Starbucks in New Delhi, India, may be a branch of its iconic wood elements. A variety of wooden furniture needless to say, even the concrete walls, under the light and the overall tone of the background shows the natural imprint of the forest giant wood-like, broken and without losing the personality of the design feel left behind Special impression. As a result, customers who come to feel the atmosphere every day are in a constant stream and are often packed.

The most tropical Starbucks

@ Indonesia, Bali

Starbucks Ubud store is located in Bali, Indonesia, from the temple-style location you can feel the atmosphere of a strong holiday island. The unique tropical landscape and Asian flavor are the signature characteristics of this store.

The Starbucks LOGO on the outer wall wood carving is eye-catching and stylish, giving a relaxed and comfortable impression. Into the store, the open and grounded room in front of the eye also makes people feel relaxed and exhausted. In addition, there is a spacious long pavilion terrace where visitors can leisurely lean against the pool and admire the greenery in front and the lotus in the pool.

What do you think of a star father?