Skin contact can make this happen to your baby’s brain. Don’t hug it again.

I have a lot of companions with my son, but for a while, he will always pester me. For example, if I code the code in front of the computer, he will climb my chair. In the summer, I would rather squeeze in a small space behind me than play. Many times, the moment before Ming Ming, it was his own and my mother who wanted my mom to accompany him to buy fruit. The next moment I stuck to me, and my mother refused to leave. I am a bit puzzled and will be embarrassed, is it necessary to take some time to accompany him.

Until one day, I found out that it was not what I thought. That day, he smiled and ran from the living room to the study, mother, you are at work. Then squat on my lap.

“Hey, the boy is so thousand. (Hangzhou, so mean.)” My mom can’t stand it, squatting beside.

My son is glaring at me; “Mom, can you hold me on the crawling mat? Come there, I will play by myself.”

Oh, it turned out that he came to hug. As he said, after that, he stayed there and played very well and focused: flipping through books and building blocks.

Later, similar situations often occur. For example, the son was still good and was preparing to do something. Suddenly he turned to look for me. I will understand that he wants me to hug and my mother hugs you. He will always meet me in satisfaction. And if I am busy with work, when he goes home, he just falls asleep. At this time, he will get up and call me. I will hug him immediately. After he has finished, he will lie down with a smile…

I met in the last month. Department of Neurology, Shanghai Huashan Hospital High school classmates, and she inadvertently talked about this, she said really, Don’t underestimate the hug, intimate skin contact is really helpful for the development of your child’s brain. Your son is great, he can tell you!

1 “Contact” is more important than giving your child a good meal.

Wow, really! That day, my classmates gave me a whole afternoon of science. I can’t wait to share with you today: If you want your baby’s IQ to be high, you must give yourself “intimate contact”! Let’s first take a look at an experiment that Dr. Rhein Spitzer of the French National Hospital once did:

Bring the babies thrown into the street to the hospital, feed them on time, change diapers, put on clean clothes, give them a good meal, and provide the best breeding environment. But they still get sick often, and they don’t physically move, and they are not sensitive to anything.

The children who are also abandoned are brought to the orphanage. Although the facilities are simpler, unsanitary, and unable to provide good food, the children who grew up in the orphanage are healthier than the children who grew up in the hospital. The study found that women near the orphanage came to the orphanage every day, hugged the children, listened to them, and sang to them. This means that it is better to give your child a better meal than to contact them more. US Children’s Health Consultant Dosali Lecesk said: People have a kind of hunger, and the sky is alive and little known. This kind of hunger is the need of people’s touch, especially for infants and young children. The demand for mutual contact and touch is more intense.

Therefore, if the baby is in a “skin-starved” state for a long time, they will become dull; they will not eat well, which will affect the development of intelligence; they are also more likely to get sick, knowing that in the human subconscious, illness is available. Care and hug, so the baby will often “active” to get sick.

2 “Skin contact” is the decisive factor affecting the growth of children

Unlike our birth, the current baby starts from the first day of birth, the doctor will give them a touch, and will slap us and go home to give the baby more massage and touch, which helps them a lot. I know that there are benefits, but when I read the brain science research of Korean experts, there are still some accidents, “skin contact” Physical development, brain development and emotional development In particular, it has a decisive influence on the development of the brain.

Skin contact activates the baby’s interaction with us. Because the baby is born with the brain in the mother’s skin, it is born from the ectoderm and developed. . Therefore, the newborn baby has a rich neural circuit connection between the skin and the brain. Even if we only have a slight skin irritation to him, this can be well communicated to their brains.

“Contact” is a catalyst for brain development. Without “contact”, the brain area that is responsible for children’s emotions will develop abnormally. If the baby is not in contact with the child for 3 years after birth, it will have serious obstacles to the child’s brain development, and this obstacle will continue for a lifetime.

3 It can also bring such magical changes to the brain

Even more amazing is that intimate contact can also cause changes in chemicals in the brain. Is it amazing? The classmates just found a research report related to this. It turned out that American experts really tested the baby who was doing physical touch and found that The vagus nerve activity in the baby’s brain is significantly increased, thereby promoting the secretion of hormones absorbed by their diet. This is why the more babies who receive the touch, the faster they will grow.

Still not finished, skin blindness can also trigger some kind of brain nerve conduction medium. This medium can soothe your baby’s nervous system and reduce the amount of cortisol secreted by your baby’s stress hormones. All of this will bring a message to the baby’s brain: I am safe.

So why is the baby getting smarter now and it is not unrelated to contact with the skin. Without intimate skin contact, the baby will become a small, empty eyeless god; his emergency response system will be destroyed. ……

4 We really don’t hug again

Every time my mother is studying, my son often cries when he is in the moon. At that time, I listened to my parents’ advice and insisted on not holding him. He thought that he was a masterpiece. It would be difficult to bring it after hug. Later, I realized that I was wrong with him. In fact, my breast milk was not enough. He didn’t eat enough at all. Bigger, he sometimes loses his temper, then cries and asks for hugs. I sometimes get angry and air him aside. Later I found out that he just didn’t express it. When I found the reason for his trouble, he In fact, very sensible…

I recently knew this and suddenly felt that there was something guilty. He just wanted to hug. How can I think about it and there are so many reasons to reject him?

Don’t worry about spoiling little babies, we used to Baby crying, hug or not? How much is the connection with security? I mentioned in the article, especially the children of 6 months ago, if they need it, just hold it 🙂

When I was a child, the physical contact of the child was highly correlated with the physical and mental health of growing up. At the same time as the skin touches, the baby will feel the breathing, temperature, heartbeat and smell of the parents. It is a comfortable and familiar touch, which will make the baby feel calm and safe, so he can concentrate on the development of other abilities. . If the baby fully enjoys the “skin contact” that we give, he will be satisfied with the love he has acquired, which will play an extremely positive role in his future confidence and emotional peace.

So from now on, give your child a hug and kiss!

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