Soft Packing | How to make customers fall in love with your plan at first sight!

Soft loading plan layout considerations

In the field of soft-pack design, when we need to display the soft-pack design, we usually use the PPT form. A well-organized text layout can add points to our entire soft design, and it is also very beneficial to the expression of our own design.

So the layout of the soft-packing scheme is very important for the designer, so what do we need to pay attention to when planning the layout? Let’s see—-

1, typesetting to catch the eye

Many customers don’t know much about soft clothes. There is no way to quickly understand our space plan, so we need to make them feel the beauty visually.

A soft-packed product is good-looking and suitable. If you don’t show it in a good way, the customer doesn’t necessarily understand its beauty, so the space layout must be attractive enough.

At the beginning of the program, first you have to have a tall cover!

First improve the force! This is the first step in bringing them to appreciate the program.

Then we need to come up with some beautiful intention maps, for example

artistic conception:




This allows customers to open the door through the intention map, which is the second step in their appreciation of the program.

Then there is the space plan. We don’t always get a very clear white product map every time. Blindly trying to piece together sometimes makes our plan look LOW.

It’s really a sofa that slides down when it feels like sitting up. .

At this time, we need to use some atmosphere maps and hard-fit renderings as an aid, and make the scheme look more neat and clear by neatly placing it.

Look at the above pictures, is it that people look clear and comfortable!

When it comes to space solutions, the space plan is the most important part of the plan. If the previous pages are used to improve the force, then the space plan is a real solution.

So what do you need to pay attention to in the space plan? Let’s see—-

2, according to the customer type to determine the template of the space program

The PPT program that can’t be home improvement looks like a model house. The plan for doing public places is like home improvement, and the home decoration looks like a hotel.

We must pay attention to analyzing their differences.

Here are some notes on the layout of different customer plans.

1, model room

The model house is a very important and important tool for real estate developers to sell the house. The most important thing for Party A’s father is whether the effect can catch the owner’s eye and seize the owner’s heart!

There are many types of typesetting in the model house:

The first is the layout of the map. In the case of good product map conditions, this scheme will be more intuitive and spatial.

The second is the atmosphere map + map layout, which enhances the weapon.

The third is the effect map + map layout.

The fourth type is a full-environment map, which is generally used in bathrooms and kitchens.

2, office space

Office space is a public space, office space. What the program needs to do is:

1. Visual presentation;

2. Atmosphere map;

3, highlight the space atmosphere, accessories, do not need to match too many accessories.

3, family customers

Most home customers don’t know much about softwear, so we’re going to show the space plan for home customers as much as possible.

You can also use hard-spaced space renderings to make layouts of accessories on the space renderings, allowing customers to understand our solutions more intuitively.

The space plan not only needs to pay attention to the template of the space plan according to the customer type, but the small details of the layout in the plan cannot be ignored.

So what are the small details of typography? Let’s see—-

3, the details of the typesetting

1. The primary and secondary typesetting

Every page of PPT must have a focus, and other things are foiled, in order to create a better atmosphere, let the program more beautiful and richer to show customers.

Remember that not every item is the same size, it makes people feel very scattered, there is no primary and secondary can not see what you want to express.

In this picture, the lights are as big as the sofa, the TV cabinet is as big as the coffee table, and the three-seat sofa is as big as the single sofa. . . . The space looks uncoordinated.

Let’s take a correct demonstration

Like the above picture, the volume ratio of each object should be clear, and the size of the object in the scheme should be determined according to the actual proportion, so that the space scheme will have a spatial feeling.

2, appropriate amount of page display

Do not list the program, do not force too many objects in the same page program. Appropriate pagination helps us maintain the aesthetics of a one-page solution, and it is able to more clearly show the content of each program.

3, typesetting fonts and layout format

Before we do the program, we must understand the customer preferences and style as much as possible.

First of all, the program template should echo the positioning of the model room style.

Then there is the font, the font belongs to the small details that many people will ignore. The font size, style, and color must have a unified standard.

The template that follows the style will make the whole PPT look more orderly, and the uniform and neat font will make the whole PPT look more serious and professional.

Many friends who are in the near future may have a soft-packing plan, but many times they have to do more model houses or do more home-loading customers, and it is inevitable to leave some inherent habits that are not easy to find.

I am in the three provinces, I hope this article can give some useful advice to new friends.