Some words for the insurance salesperson

  1. The core of insurance sales is sales, so your profession is sales, not insurance. Amway a good article: How should insurance sales be properly carried out? – Know almost
  2. Insurance knowledge is enough, don’t think about it

    Better than actuarial

    Than academic. Microsoft sales staff will not be able to write their own code to the customer show.

  3. Learning excel helps to understand insurance, good at ppt helps to sell insurance. Have time to beautify the chart and make a beautiful template.
  4. The salesperson speaks on performance, not on the development of the downline, and wants to start with the pyramid scheme.
  5. Maybe you add group is to learn something, but found that most of the people who talk are idle, the level is not as good as you.
  6. Ning Yu sweet peach does not eat a basket of rotten apricots. Adding groups is not to see how many people there are, but how high the level of people inside is.
  7. The platform can only determine its own lower limit, and can decide its own upper limit.
  8. Jumping from a 10-point platform to a 30-point platform doesn’t make a person reborn, and ultimately depends on himself.
  9. Maybe you think the platform of 30 points is quite good, but most companies in the society are above 60 points.
  10. It is the responsibility of the underlying salary to be abnormal. If you feel normal, it is because your environment is not normal. The normal sales salary structure is the default salary + sales commission.
  11. The insurance commission ratio is never 30% or 40%, but 1% or 2%. Don’t tell the insurance company what you believe. The so-called first commission is just a reward for early overdraft. The so-called “continued commission” is only a commission for partial payment.
  12. More verification, less blind letters, what multiple calculations for the double ten principle. Lies often say only part of the truth, or nine truths mixed with a false statement.
  13. Five insurances and one gold should never be linked to sales performance, as long as the labor relationship exists, it should be paid according to law.
  14. The “team” you are in is just a collection of loose individuals. Don’t expect what can be helped at a critical moment.
  15. The broker/agent of the same company is not a colleague relationship, but a competitive relationship. In a limited space, competition is easy to cause tears, such as knowing.
  16. Business is business, like to spread love and responsibility, should do charity and social security instead of commercial insurance.
  17. Insurance companies are never charities, and salesmen should know this more than insureds.
  18. Therefore, social security is far more reliable than commercial insurance. Whether it is medical care or old-age care, it is not the conflict between the two, but the social insurance after social security, regardless of medical care or pension.
  19. Frenzy tends to move people from one extreme to the other. Later, the most embarrassing black insurance is often the brainwashing.
  20. A good master is better than a good product and a good company, but most people only encounter a line.
  21. Insurance sales is a career that can be supplemented, but there are always people who are more talented than you. Some people sell insurance and like to sell insurance. Some people sell insurance and can only sell insurance.
  22. Therefore, the success of others does not mean that you can succeed. Since the turnover rate is so high, it is not you who is going.
  23. For an industry without a threshold, full-time does not mean professionalism, and those who are lost are “full-time”.
  24. Because there is no threshold, it is destined to be affected by cross-border attacks from “lawyers”, “doctors”, “insurance staff”, P2P or financial practitioners, right, and Internet insurance.
  25. Everyone is coming in across the low threshold, so don’t laugh at others without raising their legs. Really ask LOMA + CFA + practicing doctor + judicial examination to sell insurance, everyone has to get out.
  26. Compared with the large laid-off in the 1990s, 7 million or 8 million is not a big number. The state will not let the marketers lose their jobs, because these people are not counted as employment, and of course, they are not unemployed.
  27. Only novices like to persuade people not to buy a safe blessing, the veteran will be happy to see someone buy a safe blessing.
  28. The agent’s ridicule for the agent is only a fifty-step laugh. Everyone’s commission is given by the insurance company. No one but the insured can represent the interests of the insured.
  29. Low premiums and high security are just means not an end, your purpose is to make money. It’s better to save money for the insured person…
  30. If you can only get customers at low prices and do porters for cheap insurance products, then you will eventually embark on the old road of rebates.
  31. More high-quality customers, less tangled in low-quality customers. In the face of “more money, more requirements, more demanding”, decisive “next”.
  32. Information brokers should transparently convey information, and it is contrary to professional ethics for insurance companies to mislead policyholders and help policyholders to choose insurance.
  33. Insurance claims are only fulfilling the obligations stipulated in the contract. The obligation is not credit, and it is not worthy of a book.
  34. Insurance is not a panacea. Don’t have any financial risks to go to insurance. The one that cures all kinds of diseases is called dog skin plaster. The dog that sells dog skin plaster is called Jianghu.
  35. Put down the commission to get the commission, and not sell anything but sell what. The insured can feel your eagerness to make a deal.
  36. Even if it is insurance, it is divided into many categories. Don’t ask what insurance is “I can do it”, it will only give the other party an 18-year-old martial art. People in property and casualty do not seem to love to point out their lives on life insurance.
  37. Others can praise you as “a clean stream in the insurance industry,” but it is funny to say that you are yourself. Objective and fair neutral professional conscience, the same reason.

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