Speed ​​8 brief full slot point

First of all, as a large-scale entertainment action film, Speed ​​8 is very qualified, once again refreshing our understanding of audio-visual stimulation. Under this premise, I have nothing to do with a critique of nitpicking. It is just to pick out some unreasonable things to avoid being confused as a reality. Of course, it does not rule out personal questions about the plot setting and character.

Regarding the pursuit of the soldiers, no matter how to chase, they can’t catch up with a group of protagonists. How can the machine guns not be swept or so? The hacker is knocking on the keyboard, and the screen puts some inexplicable animations to get everything, etc. It is basically a cliché, it is not counted. In its list.

1. The film begins with a car show in Cuba. Although weight reduction is a method of speed increase, it also destroys the outer casing. According to fluid mechanics, the wind resistance of the car is greater. The car exploded in a fire, and the front windshield had been destroyed by the fire. The entire engine structure has been damaged, and it can still operate. In the end, in order to avoid the oncoming fire burn, the reverse line was used to hit the line. There is no gear in the reverse, it can only be accelerated by stepping on the throttle, and the maximum speed is limited. This story can be said to be surreal.

2. The electromagnetic pulse weapon that Berlin’s mission robbed. It should be a tactical-level non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse. There are no officially-produced weapons of the same type in the world. From the plot in the movie, a strong man can move the device. Its miniaturization is already in place. Launching an electromagnetic pulse weapon that can affect such a large range should require considerable energy as a basis, and the film does not account for the source of energy for this weapon. Whether it’s a built-in battery or a car’s power supply, it’s a bit surreal. And there is also a big BUG, ​​that is, electromagnetic pulses can destroy various semiconductor originals, thus destroying electronic devices. The pure mechanical structure of that car is not a problem. The problem is that the mobile phone that Dom is holding is destined to escape this robbery. After all, the story did not explain that Dom also prepared an electromagnetic shielding shell for this purpose.

3. When Johnson was released from prison, he encountered a close-range attack by the prison guard’s anti-lethal ammunition. The shooting distance in the play will not exceed 10 meters. Even within 5 meters. Whether it is a rubber bullet or a wax head bomb. At this distance, it can be seriously injured or even fatal. Even if the skin is thick and thick, the muscles are superhuman, and there will be a large area of ​​subcutaneous bleeding, causing severe pain. It will definitely not be silky, and it can also be sprayed with the words of B. The biggest mistake is to use rubber bullets.

4, Dai Kexiao, if I remember correctly, the former work in the hands of the dark and Han and the small beauty, is a family that does not share the enemy. It’s so easy to smile and enmity. If you say that because of the hero’s sympathy and the help of the rescuer, the suspicion of the ice can be understood. It is difficult to understand that it is necessary to work closely together at the outset without any private conflict or even retaliation. Or the so-called family is actually not so close, just a community of interests.

5, Saifu, beauty is beautiful, but the characters are a bit too pale. Inexplicable appearances are always self-proclaimed. I am a high-ranking person. I am a high-powered singer! The endless self-monologue is all in the state of B. I have been swearing that I can count everything and control the existence of everything. Just drop the keyboard a few times and you can black out any target. After attacking the base of Anonymous, I threw a few shock bombs and took the eyes of the sky and left. This is to swear by my own eclecticism and extraordinary. And after the whole show, her ace is just a LOW, no-grade activity. You can hold your baby together and you can tear up the ticket at any time. Why don’t you end up with Anonymous and a group of people? Then it can only be explained that she is a schizophrenic person and a pervert.

6, Dom’s betrayal is very sudden, do not give any explanation to relatives and friends. It can be understood that Saifu does not let it be said. And Safir’s ability to monitor is super strong, and if Dom reports, he may tear up the ticket. So keep silent and be careful everywhere. However, it is impossible to explain how Cubans who can contact a car can contact Dykeshaw’s mother. And also carefully planned the time and place of the meeting and the method of cover up. These all require detailed communication. Can IWATCH send emails? Send emails with WIFI. Saif will let Dom connect to the WIFI on the plane. Then, when you are not on the plane, it is even more impossible to monitor every move. The film is unclear, and I really don’t know how to do it.

7. Safir’s shadowless aircraft, first of all, is a special aircraft modified by a large passenger aircraft with powerful electronic equipment and radar. Explain in the plot that if you can master the laws of the satellite, you can hide your eyes and ears, so that countries can not find the trace of the aircraft. Ok, even if you can do it, you can hide into the dead end of the satellite. This aircraft always has to be replenished and always maintained. People on the plane always eat and drink. Then the plane must land. Landing requires a runway airport of sufficient size. Moreover, it is impossible for Saif to land at any civil airport or military airport. Even if it can be invisible on satellites and radars, it can’t be seen in front of people. Such a swaying aircraft cannot be ignored and suspected. Unless Safir can have a private airport that can land a large passenger plane. One should not be enough. For example, starting from her base, flying for 12 hours to perform the task, not to refuel in the air, it is necessary to fly back to the base to supply, the difficulty is imaginable. For example, the farthest broadcast 777 currently on the voyage can fly more than 20,000 kilometers. The distance between China and the United States is about 15,000 kilometers, and the round trip is 30,000 kilometers. This plot is difficult to round.

8. I can’t imagine any reason to support a Russian ambassador who can hold and nuclear lockboxes in New York, USA. Is the Russian ambassador treason? Such treason is tantamount to declaring war. Even if it is a treason, the nuclear lockbox cannot fall into the hands of diplomats like the ambassador. How can diplomats get involved in nuclear weapons? This brain hole is too big. The security guard inside the car had only one bullet clip, which was so ridiculous, and after the light was shot, he would inform: No bullets, it was an undercover performance.

9. I don’t know when the cars in the streets of the United States have already achieved automatic driving. And in the state of being turned off and off, the network is also connected from time to time. The hacker is no better, and there is no way to break through the physical layer link to directly establish a data link to the remote control device. I don’t know what Severus has.

10, the plot of the five-horse car, the visual points are full. In fact, the logic is mentally retarded. Since the situation of encirclement has been formed, why do you want to pull each other? Knowing a little bit of physical common sense, you know that the two opposite directions work out each other. Then if Dom’s GTX is strong enough, even if these cars are bombarded with their own cylinders, it will have no effect. If everyone wants to disintegrate the car in the middle, it is tantamount to the possibility of personal injury to Dom, and perhaps death. At this time, it is obviously most advantageous to break the impact and destroy the ability to act after the formation of the encirclement. Simple and effective.

11, Dai Kexiao, was killed by Dom, because Dom can not have a fake gun or a fake bullet. Then, because of the lens of Sefer, the shot should also be a real hit. Dykeshaw was saved by a shot. It can only be assumed that Daikshaw is wearing a body armor. Close-up pistol shooting caused a sudden death from cardiogenic shock. The old lady gave him a needle of adrenaline before he woke him up. This design is really extensive. Direct injection into the heart, I think it is not unprofessional, an untrained old lady can do it. Then maybe this old lady is a retired medical staff or an addict.

12, Xiao family two brothers, sneak into the Safir aircraft with winged flight. First of all, this winged flight, with or without power, could not catch up with a subsonic passenger aircraft. And the distance of the wing is not unlimited, it must be taken off from another aircraft nearby. The Safir’s aircraft is capable of warning, and even without any notice, this is not reasonable. On the other hand, Owen Shaw was seriously injured. I don’t know how many bones were broken, how many ligaments were broken, and there was nothing like a human being. Well, since the movie can be used against the riot gun, the super-recovery ability can be understood.

13. Russia’s military base, please be optimistic, it is a military base, and it was controlled by a group of miscellaneous hairs. This base also has nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines. There are hundreds of people holding light weapons, more than a dozen vehicles, anti-vehicle missiles and rockets, and two or three helicopters. If it is an abandoned military base, will there be a dynamic nuclear submarine and a nuclear bomb that can be launched? Russians are not mentally handicapped.

14, the temperature of the ice and snow is not good, the ice shell is not too thick, maybe not very cold. So we don’t have to worry about dressing up. A negative ten degrees is also possible. Therefore, it is reasonable to drop the mouth of the cannon into the water and pull it on the land, and it does not show that it is frozen. But super-running and muscle cars can fly on the ice, and freedom of control, I really can’t understand. Can technology change the laws of physics? And can a door block close-range automatic rifle shooting? Is it bulletproof Lamborghini?

15, high energy, please note that the biggest slot of the film is coming. This is the biggest shock scene of this time, the nuclear submarine appeared. The visual inspection is an Akula-class submarine. Basically, they were all products of the 1980s. The latest one was built in 2001. It is conceivable that the Internet did not know that the mobile Internet was a gadget. In 2001, there were only a few websites on the Internet that sent emails. The Russian military’s electronic, data, and informational level has not been a strong point. I don’t know what it is to make a nuclear submarine, the country’s strategic strike force, and the threatening device become a toy that can be remotely controlled. Putin is also assured! Nuclear bombs can be launched directly without remote intervention. In general, some films involving similar plots, at least there will be a need to open multiple insurance, two people can press the button at the same time to launch the plot. Look at the interior of the submarine, but also filled with the taste of analog electronic products of the last century, the one panel should be the master’s stuff. I did not know how to suddenly connect with the ultra-modern Safir aircraft.

Is the spit of the submarine finished? Of course not, after all, is the biggest slot. The Akula-class speed is 30 knots underwater and 20 knots on the water. , 1 knot = 1 nautical mile / hour, and 1 nautical mile = 1.852 km. Conversion, that is to say, the Akula submarine, at most, is about 55 kilometers per hour. In the movie, you can catch up with the speeding sports car. Then this must not be a serious Acura-class submarine.

Still not finished, Seifer was in a hurry and fired a heat tracking missile to attack Dom. Maybe this missile is overhead. It may not reach the speed of Russian-made high-speed missiles of 800-900 meters per second, or 3,000 kilometers per hour. Then the sound speed should be no problem. Counting the acceleration distance is shorter, and the conservative estimate is 1000 km/h. Such a bomb can actually be played by a sports car, which is what it is. Ok, I can only say that this is not a serious missile.

Moreover, the missile’s ammunition department has a small visual inspection, and even if it succeeds in hitting the submarine in the end, it cannot cause such a huge explosion. The Acura-class submarine is also designed with a double-layered shell, and the structure of the submarine in the tail is still complete. It can be seen that it is impossible to hit the nuclear reactor. If it is really the destruction of the protective shell of the nuclear reactor, these few people have already seen Jesus in heaven. Is it concentrated on the ammunition warehouse? Vertical missile launcher? Torpedo warehouse? In short, this piece is also very embarrassing.

Above, listed some relatively large slots. The details are no longer complained. In short, after reading the fun is the most important thing, Tucao is a matter of everyone’s enjoyment.