Suffering from feelings

It is a pathological psychology to suffer from loss in feelings. It will inevitably hurt yourself, and it may hurt the feelings of two people. On the one hand, if you suffer from loss, you will lose your self-confidence. On the other hand, if the other person is constantly improving himself, and he has been wasting his mind and time on the suffering and loss, in his own thoughts, self-development is stagnant. Over time, we may be at each other. The heart slowly loses its value and status. The reason why I suffer from loss is usually because we feel that the other person is too good and too good in our hearts. I feel excessively admired and dependent on each other. I feel that there is no better person than the other person, so the departure of the other party will make me unknown. Take measures. Not to live, but will disrupt your normal life rhythm to some extent. The first step in the response is to constantly improve yourself on the basis of the present, to make yourself more excellent, and in essence to enhance self-confidence. Instead of being trapped in the quagmire of suspicion, suspicion, and thinking all day long, it is better to spend time on the appearance of strengthening and shaping, and strive to enrich at the internal level. When you face a better self every day, your mood will be comfortable and your confidence will naturally increase. The second step is to change your mindset, discover your strengths, and become more confident. Tell yourself that even if two people are separated one day, there is actually nothing. Such a good self will inevitably encounter people with excellent people. Do not let the other party’s good possession of their own, cover their eyes, narrow the living space, influence, hinder, and even forget the self-development. In life, in addition to love, there are family and friendship; in addition to the partner, there is self and self.