Symptoms of kidney deficiency in women

1. Obese people:
Kidney deficiency is more than 90% of people with obesity, so 90% of obese people can lose weight.
The amount of food has not increased, and life has been as usual, but the weight has been rising. Even if you exercise for one or two hours a day, the results are not satisfactory. Although few people associate obesity with kidney deficiency, the fact is that one of the main culprits of your fat is kidney deficiency, which you have to admit.
2, people with increased hair loss:
Have you ever had a long black hair that is loved by people, but has it gradually dried up and tarnished recently? The best shampoo and hair care products, once a week of professional care, can not save the embarrassing situation above your head. . Then you have to consider whether your problem is related to kidney dysfunction,
3, people with eyelid edema:
When you wake up in the morning, your eyes are dry. Maybe you think that it was too long to work in front of the computer the day before, and it is slow. Look carefully. Is your lower eyelid swollen? Be careful, these are the signs of kidney deficiency, indicating that the kidneys can not discharge the toxins in the body in time with the generation of urine, and the function is declining.
4, people with libido:
The age of thirty is supposed to be like a wolf, but you become a nun in the temple. Kidney deficiency is the culprit.
5. People who are harassed early in menopause:
Flushing, night sweats, delayed menstrual cycle, mood swings… If you find a 30-year-old symptom of these menopausal symptoms, you should check if your kidney has a problem. Chinese medicine believes that the essence of deficiency syndrome is aging. People who have suffered from kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency have a faster aging rate.
6. People who are afraid of cold:
Whether the temperature that others feel appropriate in the office always makes you squat, making it difficult for you and your colleagues to agree on the temperature of the air conditioner. And whether the clothes you wear are always more than others, do you have a diarrhea when you are cold. Chinese medicine believes that these are caused by kidney yang deficiency (kidney deficiency).
7. Chloas:
Insufficient kidney, can not moisturize the skin, often appear butterfly-shaped pale yellow, yellowish brown or light black plaque in the ankle, the boundary is clear, and often accompanied by irregular menstruation.
8. Black eye people:
In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, black represents kidney, and black circles indicate kidney deficiency. And not only kidney deficiency, many other organs are sick, and will accumulate in the kidneys for a long time. It is what we often say that “long illness and kidney” will show dark circles.
9. People with irregular menstruation:
Chinese medicine believes that kidney gas can make the blood and blood, and the pulse pulse function is normal, so that the menstrual cycle can be normal circulation, so kidney deficiency is an important factor of irregular menstruation. Women with kidney deficiency are often accompanied by dizziness and weakness, waist and legs are soft, and small abdominal distension.
10. Infertile people:
Insufficient kidney yang, can not be photographed into pregnancy, often accompanied by menstrual color, backache, dizziness, cold, fatigue and fatigue.
11. People with backache:
Chinese medicine believes that “the waist is the house of the kidney”, and the kidney deficiency can be reflected as back pain, which is characterized by dull pain after exertion.
12. Osteoporosis:
Reason: Kidney bone, kidney deficiency is prone to osteoporosis, which is especially common in middle-aged women after menopause.
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