[T-99d] 200 days of personal experience (four)

//200 days personal experience series last one~

// Countdown to double digits!

// author: One of the members of the second batch of the cabin, 2016 Boshi Yi Chih-hao

Imagine living in a space of 500 cubic meters for 200 days. The diet is isolated from the outside world. It is incredible that the plants in the space are the main source of food. But we just came over like this.

Like astronauts living in space stations, cultural backgrounds of different nationalities will cause them to disagree on the same thing. Our four volunteers have different personalities. There are also some differences in the regional cultures of their respective provinces. Even in normal life work, there will be some differences, let alone in a small confined space. In the early days, I was very worried about whether I could hold it down. Later, I found out that it was not the first thought. Not only did there not cause any major disputes or conflicts to trigger other psychological chain reactions, but the relationship was “more and more iron.” So how is this done?

On the one hand, this is related to the regular psychological counseling of the extra-vehicular personnel, but on the other hand, everyone has formed a tacit understanding in life and work. Sometimes, one eye can understand. The main thing is that everyone has their own problems, and they have to complete the work at the same time. We all have a wide range of topics, mainly health, plants, micro-organisms and solid waste, and these are the work we are doing, and the belief in working and researching the end gives us great courage and encouragement.

Especially during the window covering, there was no light around, as in the deep sea. Before the experiment started, I was worried that I would be anxious and madly pull the window cover off. Faced with all kinds of pressures, everyone cheered each other, and everyone initially weakened the work intensity and increased entertainment to cope with change. Psychophysiological measurements were performed several times a day, and the facilitators also continued to watch video calls to escort. In the end, everyone did not have a strong anxiety and anxiety, but they were more able to calm down and work and live. This may be related to everyone’s concerns, and I am thinking about various plants, health experiments, and solid waste recycling, but I don’t care too much about window covering. After the end of the window covering experiment, everyone was relieved, and later learned that the team had already prepared for possible situations and multiple sets of solutions.

When I was in the cabin, I was looking forward to going out. Today, 200 days have been successfully completed, but I have some disappointment. When I handed over before leaving the cabin, I looked at the familiar things in the cabin and looked at the little friends who were getting along with each other, inexplicably sad. Due to the different research directions, after leaving the cabin, everyone will return to their research team to deal with things, it is difficult to restore the kind of in the cabin. However, the brother and sister who lived together in the morning and evening will always stay in the heart! In the final stage of the “Yuegong 365” experiment, we will continue to glow outside the cabin…

Finally, I would like to thank the team Mr. Liu for his encouragement and trust, and thank you for your support and concern! Thank you!